2008 Olympics Betting News - US Basketball Team Favored To Win Medal -325 Betting Odds

2008 Olympics Betting News - US Basketball Team Arrives in China

July 28, 2008. The star studded US Olympic Basketball team has arrived in Macua, China with a strong team focus on defense emphasized by coach Mike Krzyzewski. NBA super star Lebron James arrived at his first US Olympic practice with a taped ankle. Lebron is expected to be ready to play for the main tournament. The US Basketball squad has underachieved in international competition with a bronze in the 2004 Olympics and 2006 World Basketball Championships. The 2008 US Olympic team is similar to the 2006 World Championship Team, however, they have added Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd.

The US Olympic Basketball Team is heavily favored by odds makers to win the Gold Medal in 2008 at -325. You will have to wager $325 to win $100.

Olympic Future Bets: Mens Basketball

To Win Mens Basketball Gold Medal

USA -325 Spain +350 Argentina +700 Russia +1000 Greece +1500 Lithuania +1500 China +6500 Brazil +10000

Spain is the second favorite at +350 meaning that for every $100 bet on Spain pays out $350. Spain is the defending 2006 World Champions and have NBA stars Pau Gasol and rising star PG Jose Calderon. Argentina provides great value at +700 betting line. Manu Ginoboli will lead the Argentinan Basketball squad.

The US Basketball Team opens up the tournament against China. China will have NBA players Yao Ming and Yi Jianlin playing for them. The opening betting line on the game is:

USA -28 1/2 (-105) China +28 1/2(-115) Total 178 1/2

The US is favored heavily to beat China in the opening game. The betting line may provide some value for underdog China as the US may not want to embarrass the host nation in the opening round in a game they are expected to easily win. For current Olympic betting odds, visit BetUS.

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