2008 Beijing Olympic Betting - Futures, Match Ups, Previews

2008 Beijing Olympics Betting

Beijing Olympics The 2008 Beijing Olympics betting options are truly enormous to reflect the games in the world's most populous nation in China. Top online Sportsbooks will have Olympic betting odds over the 16 days of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The world will truly be watching. Sharp eyed bettors will be keenly watching for profit opportunities from this once in 4 year event. Recreational bettors will be looking to wager on their national pride so that they can also profit on their nation's glory when their country reaches the medal podium. Olympic betting odds will be on 28 sports over 302 events scheduled over 16 days from August 8-24.

The magnitude of betting options can overwhelm the average punter with betting odds on obscure sports like BMX, Badminton, Equestrian and Table Tennis. This provides a great opportunity to bettors because bookmakers are unfamiliar with posting betting lines on Olympic events. Lines can be misposted due to lack of information on top athletes or teams. The advantage can go to bettors in home countries with local information. The major online Sportsbooks are posting lines because the Olympics fall in a dead spot in the annual Sportsbook season. The Olympics fall in nicely just before NFL and NCAA Football.

Olympic Betting - Fair Matches

The 2008 Olympics organizers have created a special investigative unit to ensure that there is no match fixing in any of the events. The special investigative unit has agreements in place with major online gambling firms to monitor for suspicious betting activity on matches. This is great news for bettors. National pride, live TV and the security operation of the Olympics will ensure that the games will be fair.

Olympic Bet Types - Futures, Match ups

Future Proposition Bets - One of the most interesting bets that is getting a lot of media attention is "Which Country with more Gold Medals?" China -300, USA +165, Russia +1500. Pundits have spilled a lot of ink about how China has invested heavily in their athletes since they were awarded the Olympic Games. For China the Olympics are showcase for the world to show China is now a superpower in all spheres of influence which includes athletics. The betting line for the USA at +165 offers great value for the bettor. Over the history of the Olympics, home pressure has often defeated a favourite athlete. This prop bet will also provide great value for the recreational bettor as it will keep you watching and cheering the games until the last medal is awarded.

Olympic odds will be posted on the team events like Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, and Basketball. New odds and interesting proposition bets will constantly be added running up to the August 8 start date. Bettors will have no shortage of betting options for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

For example, a betting line on Olympics Men Soccer will look like:

Football Olympics

Beijing Olympics 2008 - Soccer - Men

Outright Winner. All wagers have action.

Nigeria 20/1
Belgium 25/1
South Korea 33/1
Japan 25/1
USA 28/1
Australia 50/1
China 66/1
Honduras 100/1
Serbia 20/1
Ivory Coast 15/1
Cameroon 14/1
Netherlands 7/1
Italy 7/1
Argentina 2/1
Brazil 11/4
New Zealand 150/1

Books will be posting lines on individual soccer team match ups and will post them closer to their start time. Future bets like the one above need to be bet on before the tournament starts.

Bettors will also have the option to bet on individual winners in premium events like Track and Field and Swimming. For example, the early betting odds for the men's 100M Gold Medal:

Athletics Olympics

Beijing Olympics 2008 - 100m Men's Athletics

Gold Medal Winner. Others on request. All wagers have action.

Walter Dix 14/1
Francis Obikwelu 50/1
Olusoji A Fasuba 50/1
Jaysuma Saidy Ndure 33/1
Wallace Spearman 25/1
Darvis Patton 16/1
Mickey Grimes 50/1
Samuel Francis 50/1
Joshua J Johnson 66/1
Richard Thompson 50/1
Darrrel Brown 66/1
Edgar Tyrone 100/1
Clement Campbell 100/1
Yongyi Wen

Marlon Devonish 80/1
Churandy Martina 80/1
Joshua Ross 66/1
Derrick Atkins 12/1
Asafa Powell 11/4
Usain Bolt 7/4
Tyson Gay 5/4

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