2012 NBA Finals - Heat v. Thunder Game 2

2012 NBA Finals - Heat v. Thunder Game 2

OKC Thunder is a 5 1/2 point favorite going into Game 2 with the moneyline bet at (-250). Place your NBA Finals bets at BetOnline Sportsbook

Oklahoma City rallying from a 13-point deficit to win by 11 points was the story of the fourth quarter and Game One of the NBA Finals. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had huge games with 36 and 27 points respectively. OKC did what they do best, they created fast turnarounds for points. Surprisingly the Thunder did not share the scoring amongst the team as they usually do, whereas Miami did, but the Thunder slowed Miami scoring to a near halt late in the fourth quarter. Coming out of the gate fast, the Heat have been criticized for not having enough production outside of their starters to be a threat late in the game.

Game Two will have to bring out something new from within the heart of Miami. The Thunder are again odds favorites at a 5.5 spread. Or maybe what the Heat need is something new, maybe they just need Dwyane Wade to score points again. When asked about his low scoring game Wade defended himself with by suggesting that playing aggressively sometimes means he gets the ball to someone else and at other times it means he pushes for the shot. None of us make millions to play basketball, but most of us can figure out that, in the NBA Finals, the second best player on the team needs to be making lot of shots. If Dwyane Wade is being told to pass the ball off, Erik Spoelstra might want to change that...just saying!

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a slow start but the team cohesion and confidence they exhibited pre-game was the glue that held them together through all four quarters. They also got their match-ups right while guarding LeBron James. Durant did a decent job of watching James but Thabo Sefolosha did even better. In Game Two look to see Miami’s stars pull up a little earlier and shoot from further back than they were in Game One to adjust to Oklahoma’s great defense. On the topic of slow starts, OKC has been starting slow all post-season; it seems to be their modus operandi. The Thunder’s lineup of Westbrook, Fisher, Sefolosha, Durant and Collison were especially productive; starting these guys in Game Two would help fix the slow starter. Then again why fix what’s winning games.

Kevin Durant is expecting the Heat to pressure him in Game Two, but at what cost to Miami? Giving Durant more coverage will only open things up for other Thunder players to make some plays. What Miami needs to do is to do a gut check and, to a man, ask themselves who is going to play championship caliber basketball. Again the right match ups and the right substitutions will be critical if the Heat want to keep the pressure on when Durant or Westbrook are off the court.

Game One drew the highest ever ratings for a Finals game one on ABC. With the excitement we got Tuesday night there is sure to be more to follow from Game Two. OKC has the home court edge and the odds behind them, the good bet is OKC.

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