2013 NFL Week 3 - Giants vs. Panthers Betting Odds Preview

Line: Panthers -1

The Giants looked as if they were ready to go toe to toe with Peyton Manning and the Broncos until the end of the 3rd quarter when things began to unravel and then all of a sudden the game is a blowout. The team is now 0-2 and Eli Manning threw 4 more interceptions on a night that once looked so promising. The Panthers went into Buffalo as favorites on the road which seemed a bit odd right up until the end when rookie quarterback E.J Manuel threw a touchdown pass to an inexplicably wide open Stevie Johnson. Both teams come into this game as a must win if they want any chance of making the playoffs.

The Panthers will only go as far as Cam Newton will take them, allowing him to be sacked 6 times in unacceptable and if it continues their season will go down the drain sooner rather than later. The Panthers got some production in the running game from DeAngelo Williams with 22 carries for 85 yards. However not much else was productive in an overall disappointing performance. This game may very likely come down to the offensive line of the Panthers versus a thus far very underperforming defensive line of the Giants. If the line can protect Newton, it will allow him to get a look at multiple receivers downfield as well as survey the land for possible running lanes. The job of head Coach Ron Rivera could very well be on the line.

The Giants have looked like they were going to win both games this season. They just continue to turn the ball over at a rapid rate consistently ending promising drives. There is also nothing even resembling a running game. Starting RB David Wilson fumbled twice in week one and has looked like a shell of himself ever since. Things have gotten so bad that running back Brandon Jacobs who hadn’t played a down in over a year and wasn’t even on the team until Tuesday, received several carries including a touchdown run. The last time this team went 0-2 they won the Superbowl so there is room for optimism. They will need to be able to establish some time of ground attack to open up the play action passing game. Victor Cruz is off to an amazing start, running the ball will only open up more opportunities for him and an apparently healthy Hakeem Nicks.

This game has the potential to be very fun to watch with 2 top notch quarterbacks. Newton will look to keep his team’s playoff hopes alive while Manning will continue to be the composed veteran that he is. Coach Tom Coughlin’s brother passed away this week and yet their Coach has not left the team once and wont until after the game on Sunday. Situations like that tend to motivate people.

Pick: Giants +1

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