2013 NFL Week 6 - Colts vs. Chargers Betting Odds Preview

Line: Colts -1

This matchup features the 4-1 Colts who have found a variety of ways to win their games. Andrew Luck has been nothing short of sensational despite having a revolving door at running back. Vic Ballard was the week one starter and was soon injured and knocked out for the season. Ahmad Bradshaw was the next man up and performed extremely well. Then the team pulled off the stunning trade for Trent Richardson and he shared the backfield with Bradshaw for one game with tremendous success. Unfortunately Bradsaw then sustained a neck injury that will knock him out for the remainder of the season. So know they are left with Richardson, who is getting acclimated to the system and former first round pick Donald Brown who has been a bust thus far in his career. The Chargers have made many changes in recent years with coaches, coordinators, front office personnel, and players on the field. Despite all of these changes the main reason for their strong start to the season is a combination that has worked incredibly since day one but had missed many games due to injury and that is the quarterback/Tight End combination of Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates. These guys have been turning back the clock and are setting up for an interesting game on Monday night.

The Chargers have struggled in the running game since the departure of future Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. Ryan Matthews was supposed to be the next star tailback but he has yet to put together a consistent season. Free Agent pickup Danny Woodhead has proven to be a wise move for the team and a great compliment to Matthews. He excels catching passes out of the backfield and can be used as a reliable pass protector capable of turning a draw into a big play. The defense has improved on a weekly basis and recently gained rookie linebacker Manti Teo who made headlines for things that happened off the field, however the reason he is here is because he is an instinctive football player capable of making all the plays on the field.

The Colts have looked tremendous of late and a lot of it has to do with the weekly improvements of an already elite Andrew Luck. He has proven to be able to handle all of the pressure’s that come with being the number one pick. He has handled a change at offensive coordinator that meant a rather significant difference in philosophy. It does help that the new coordinator was also his coordinator in college. The Colts defense which fro years has always been seen as a rather “soft” defense has become ore aggressive this season and is putting more pressure on the opposing quarterback as well as being able to stop the run.

Monday Night Home underdogs are hard to bet against. Andrew Luck is starting to look like it’s almost silly to bet against him.

Pick: Colts -1

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