2013 NFL Week 8 - Seahawks vs. Rams Betting Odds Preview

Line: Seahawks -10.5

Two teams that are headed in completely different directions face off on Monday night in St. Louis. While their baseball counterpart may have reached the World Series, it looks like the Rams are miles away from a Superbowl. Former Number one overall pick Sam Bradford who had been inconsistent at best for most of his career was lost for the season with a knee injury. The Seahawks last played on 10/17 in the Thursday night game so they will be well rested coming into Monday. The Rams find themselves with a 3-4 record, however they now have a huge question mark at quarterback and have not been able to generate much of a running game all season. The Seahawks are 6-1, have no significant injuries and have the added rest in between.

The Rams have had an up and down season and this injury to Bradford may result in things spiraling down quickly. The NFL has become a passing league and when your starting quarterback (Kellen Clemens) hasn’t started a game in three years and your backup quarterback (Brady Quinn) has literally only been with the team for 5 days, you are going to have a rough time. It has been reported that they reached out to 44-year-old retired quarterback Bret Favre in an attempt to lure him out of retirement. Favre who “retired” several times before finally ending his career 3 seasons ago apparently declined the offer. The team as a hole seems to be losing its cool as evidenced by its 5 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the team as a hole and the ejection of defensive end Chris Long. This is not the week the Rams want to be facing a tough Seattle defense.

During last weeks win over Arizona, the Seattle defense did not allow a Cardinal drive to go any further than 26 yards until late in the 4th quarter when the game had already been decided. Arizona as a team had a measly 30 yards rushing on 18 carries. They had 2 interceptions to go along with their season high seven sacks. They are a tough and physical defense that is capable of carrying the team when the offense struggles. The biggest weakness that was on display last Thursday night was the holes in the offensive line. Russell Wilson was sacked 3 times and was under constant pressure all night long. If Wilson weren’t the elite athlete that he is there would have been several more sacks. The success in the running game had a lot more to do with the incredible abilities of Marshawn Lynch who gained most of his yards after first contact and with defenders hanging all over him.

Clemens is being put in an incredibly difficult situation and will need the team to establish some kind of running game if they want to have a realistic chance. Seattle will be looking to put the pressure on early and often so they can end this game quick.

Pick: Seahawks -10.5

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