2014 NFL Week 12 - Rams vs. Chargers Betting Odds Preview

Line: Rams -4.5

The 6-4 Chargers and the 4-6 Rams will do battle this weekend in San Diego for week 12 and these 2 teams seem to be going in much different directions. Although both teams are coming off wins, the Chargers barely hung on at home to beat the dreadful 0-10 Raiders, the Rams played their best overall game of the season in a surprising 22-7 drubbing of the Denver Broncos and their mighty offense. To take it back even further, both teams have played 4 games since week 7 and the Chargers are 1 -3 with their only win being against the winless Raiders where they almost lost. On the other hand the Rams went 3-1 beating 3 teams who can all be viewed as super bowl contenders (49ers, Seahawks and Broncos). Their only loss came to the 8-1 Cardinals and the Rams had the lead in that game after 3 quarters.

There have been some whispers out of the Chargers camp that maybe Philip Rivers isn’t playing at 100% health wise. Antonio Gates may have let the cat out of the bag about rib issues Philip Rivers may be having and although he backtracked on original comments stating Rivers has a “severe” rib injury, where there is smoke there is fire. The last 2 games the chargers have played have been against the Dolphins and the Raiders and San Diego was only able to muster a combined 13 points in those games including being shut out 37-0 by the Dolphins. The Rams have been sack machines the past couple of weeks with 18 total sacks since week 7 which could cause major trouble for Rivers and San Diego’s surprisingly mediocre offense.

Both squads had players come back from injury last week that had impacts in their teams victory. For the Chargers, Ryan Matthews came back from an MCL sprain to run for 70 yards on 16 carries and his return will certainly be a boost to the running game which has been lacking and can take some pressure off Rivers and help the offense as a whole get back on track. The Rams got back starting quarterback Shaun Hill who has been out since week 1 and didn’t look shaky at all in his battle with Peyton Manning and the passing game was very efficient with hill completing 20 of 29 passes and 0 turnovers.

While this is a home game for the San Diego Chargers and they are 4-1 at home, their recent slide and offensive troubles coupled with the fact that Rivers may be hurt gives the Rams a good chance at pulling off the upset, if you could even call it that. The rams have beaten 3 teams that are much better than the Chargers in the last 5 weeks and beat the 49’ers in San Francisco. The Rams will undoubtedly be trying to build on their very impressive win over the Broncos while the Chargers are still struggling to find their way.

Pick: Rams -4.5

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