Atlanta-Phillies 3-Game Series Tied

One more game between these two rivals will determine who will take first place in the National League East Division. As you know, the Midsummer Classic between these two teams is giving fans the opportunity to bet on MLB for its final series. The Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies have one more game to go. With two and a half games separating them from first place, anything can happen. After all, it’s baseball!

Bodog Sportsbook has posted the Phillies in the top position to win the World Series with odds at 1-1/4. Conversely, the Atlanta Braves are currently posted at 15/1 odds. If you look at the stats of these teams, in the last 12 games, the Phillies won 8, whereas the Braves won 15 of their last 19 games. Perhaps the line at Bodog will change dramatically depending on who wins the third game of this series.

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