Betting on College Basketball has increased in popularity as March Madness has gone to Super Bowl level of interest with the mainstream bettor. We have made NCCAB bets at all our recommended online sportsbooks. College Basketball Odds will differ slightly at each online sportsbook as betting handle may be very different at each online sportsbook and they will adjust their odds to balance betting action. Each sportsbook will have slightly different college basketball odds posting times and policies posting college basketball totals. It pays to have more than one online sportsbook so you can get the best college basketball betting point spreads and odds. Our recommended betting on College Basketball at

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Best Online College Basketball Sportsbooks

College Basketball Odds to Win 2010-11 NCAA National Basketball Championship

For hometown college basketball betting fans, we have posted NCAA College Basketball Future Odds prior to the season. It is always interesting to look back at the future odd just before the March Madness tournament. College Basketball Future Odds are used reposted with updated odds once a week at online sportsbooks. Top Sportsbooks with College Basketball Odds:

College Basketball Team and Moneyline To Win Odds

Alabama +10000
Arizona +10000
Arizona State +10000
Arkansas +20000
Auburn +20000
BYU +7500
Baylor +3000
Boston College +20000
Butler +4000
California +10000
Cincinnati +10000
Clemson +7500
Creighton +20000
Dayton +10000
Duke +600
Florida +2500
Florida State +20000
Georgetown +7500
Georgia +20000
Georgia Tech +10000
Gonzaga +5000
Illinois +3000
Illinois State +20000
Indiana +20000
Iowa +20000
Kansas +3000
Kansas State +2500
Kentucky +1500
LSU +20000
Louisville +4000
Marquette +7500
Maryland +5000
Memphis +3000
Miami Florida +20000
Michigan +10000
Michigan State +650
Minnesota +10000
Mississippi +10000
Mississippi State +10000
Missouri +4000
Missouri State +20000
Murray State +20000
Nevada +20000
New Mexico +10000
North Carolina +1000
North Carolina State +20000
Northern Iowa +10000
Northwestern +10000
Notre Dame +10000
Ohio State +1800
Oklahoma +10000
Oklahoma State +10000
Old Dominion +10000
Oregon +20000
Oregon State +20000
Penn State +20000
Pittsburgh +2500
Providence +20000
Purdue +700
Rhode Island +20000
Richmond +10000
San Diego State +10000
Seton Hall +20000
Siena +20000
South Carolina +20000
South Florida +20000
Southern Illinois +20000
St Johns +20000
St Louis +20000
St Mary's +20000
Stanford +20000
Syracuse +3000
Temple +10000
Tennessee +5000
Texas +3000
Texas A&M +20000
Texas Tech +20000
U Conn +4000
UAB +20000
UCLA +5000
UNLV +10000
USC +10000
USCB +20000
UTEP +10000
Utah +20000
Utah State +10000
VCU +20000
Vanderbilt +10000
Villanova +3000
Virginia +20000
Virginia Tech +20000
Wake Forest +20000
Washington +3000
Washington State +20000
West Virginia +3000
Western Kentucky +20000
Wichita State +20000
Wisconsin +5000
Xavier +5000

Source: Bovada Sportsbook October 26, 2010

NCAA College Basketball Betting - Spreads, Moneyline, Totals

Spreads are posted for the major conferences and larger schools. Online sportsbooks do not get a lot of handle on college basketball during the regular season. Most will post college basketball odds on the day of the and sometimes just a few hours before the game to limit risk. Totals are available on the larger teams and will usually be posted on the day fo the event. You can check with your sportsbook. Pinnacle Sportsbook is an exception in that they post most college basketball betting lines because they are such a large sportsbook.