NFL Preseason Betting Tips

NFL Preseason Betting Tips

August brings the heat of late summer and what football fans have been waiting for since the February Super Bowl - NFL Preseason Football! NFL football fans are hardcore as can be seen in the thousands of fans that attend NFL training camps. Online NFL sports bettors are taking advantage of Internet research to better handicap NFL preseason games where you could have 30 new NFL players on a pre-season game. Here are some NFL preseason tips to keep in mind when you are laying your first NFL action of the year.

NFL Preseason Betting Tips - Home Field

Home field is a big factor in the NFL regular season and playoffs and counts about 3 points depending on where they are playing. Home field is not as important in the NFL preseason and especially in week 4 for many teams that have set their depth charts. In the previous 4 years the visiting team has gone 29-17-1 ATS.

NFL Preseason Betting Tips - Coaching Strategy

Try to understand what a coach is trying to achieve each week of the preseason. Coaches often increase the length of time that their starters play each week. Short passing plays and fundamentals are the standard fare in week 1 for most coaches and that is why you see dramatically smaller Totals in Week 1 around 33-37 point mark for most match ups. Most teams will stick with basic plays and short passes for Week 1 and 2.

NFL Preseason Betting Tips - Local Newspapers and Internet Research

Local sports beat writers are the best source for your local team as they have direct access to the coaches regularly and need to provide content on a regular deadline. Coaches will often provide a general direction of the game plan in the upcoming week like “we are going to establish the passing attack this week.” Some new coaches will let out they want to set a winning tone early and play their starters almost the whole game in week 2. Yahoo Sports is a nice NFL sports new aggregator that compile local links. Finding reliable websites in the preseason and bookmarking them will help you set up for the 17 week NFL regular season.

You may have your preferred web browser. Handicapping NFL games and getting quick and organized access to your Internet sources is research process. I personally like using Chrome by Google - their browser is arguably the fastest and when you are opening up 5-10 sources for each NFL team it helps to be fast and organized. Chrome also has a great Bookmark ALL function that you can use when you find you core sources.

NFL Preseason Tips - Quarterback (QB) Play

QB is the most important position in football is an understatement. You can see why the top end QBs are getting $100 M contracts. Evaluating the quality of the 2nd and 3rd string QBs is critical to handicapping NFL preseason. A veteran NFL QB who is a second stringer like Mark Brunell can often outplay a highly touted rookie like Sam Bradford in the NFL preseason. Never buy the hype of NFL rookie QBs in the preseason. They still need to adjust to the faster speed and larger size of NFL players at every position.

NFL Preseason Tips - Coaching Strategy

Coaches have different philosophies and goals in the NFL preseason as they are trying to teach new schemes and plays but also establish depth charts. Some place a greater emphasis on winning in the preseason. Mike Shanahan, the new Washington Redskins’ coach has an August record of 43-26 SU, 37-27-2 ATS. Bill Belichick is 34-23 SU, 32-22-1 ATS all time in preseason. Dolphins head coach Mike Sparano and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin are 2 young coaches that place an emphasis on winning in the pre-season.

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