NFL Betting News - Shockey Trade to Saints

NFL News: Shockey Traded to the Saints

July 21, 2008. Jeremy Shockey the 4 time Pro Bowl TE has been traded by the New York Giants to the New Orleans Saints. Can you say TD New Orleans fans. The Big Easy will salivating at the Over/Under Totals on the point spread. Shockey was doggedly pursued by New Orleans head coach Sean Payton like a teenager finding Pamela Anderson on the Internet for the first time. Shockey was acquired for a 2009 Second Round and 2009 Fifth Round draft pick by New Orleans.

One man does not win the NFL Super Bowl but we should look at the current line value of NFL Futures for the New Orleans Saints.

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII New Orleans 22/1

Odds to win the 2009 NFC Championship New Orleans 8/1

Odds to win 2008/09 NFC South Division New Orleans 1/1

Shockey has shown that he is an impact player when he his healthy. Remember Sean Payton was the Offensive Coordinator when Shockey came in with the New York Giants. Shockey will be able to juice an already dynamic New Orleans offensive. Shockey will be able to take pressure offWR Colston and be able to protect Drew Brees in pass protection schemes. In the Red Zone, New Orleans will be lights out. For latest NFL Future Betting, visit Bodog .

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