Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 5

Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 5

The St. Louis Rams will play host to the Arizona Cardinals for Week 5 Thursday night football. Arizona is entering this game as one of the few teams still undefeated this season. The Rams are 2-2 and fresh off a big win over Seattle. This Thursday’s game will be the second week in a row the Rams play a division opponent. After beating Seattle 19-13, the Rams will have a tough time beating the Cardinals (4-0) who need to beat the Rams to keep their first place standing in the NFC West. San Francisco, second place in the NFC West, is 3-1 on the season and will likely beat the Bills in their Week 5 matchup.

When you look at how the Cardinals rank against other NFL teams it would seem a surprise that they are 4-0. The Cardinals are the 24th best passing offense, the 30th best rushing offense, the 21st best passing defense and the 15th best run defense; and yet they are 4-0 after beating NFL notables, Seattle, New England and Philadelphia. Only their defeat of Philadelphia was substantial, Arizona’s other wins were by 4, 2 and 3 points. None of their games have passed 45 points.

The Rams have lost big and small, but only ever won by a small margin. Their defeat last week of Seattle can be used as a point of reference. In Week 1 Arizona beat Seattle 20-16, last week St. Louis beat Seattle 19-13. During Arizona’s win over the Seattle, Seattle’s productivity numbers were not as large as they were against St. Louis. This suggests that, if St. Louis beat a more productive Seattle team by the same margin that Arizona beat a less productive team, then St. Louis might offer the undefeated Cardinals a good challenge.

St. Louis QB Sam Bradford has thrown for 881 yards, 4 TDs and 4 interceptions this season. Arizona QB Kevin Kolb has thrown for 752 yards, 7 TDs and 2 interceptions this season. The Cardinals’ running backs and Rams’ running backs have failed to score TDs. These facts’ indicate something important: Arizona’s ability to get the ball in the end zone is greater than St Louis’ ability to do the same. St. Louis has scored a total of 79 points but 41 of those points are field goals. The Cardinals have scored 91 points but only 31 of those points are from field goals.

Arizona is favored to win this game by a 1 point spread, with an over/under of 38.5 points. Both teams have basically the same total offensive yards and the same defensive yards allowed. Average points scored are Cardinals 22.8 and 19.8 Rams. Average defensive points allowed are 15.3 for Arizona and 22.8 for St. Louis. Which numbers to take is hard to pick. Maybe take Arizona’s 15.3 points allowed and add St. Louis’ points scored of 19.8 as a salute to Arizona’s ability to keep other teams from winning and St. Louis’ performance against Seattle. That gives a total of 35.1 points and just before the over/under. Arizona to win makes sense but by 1 point would be a first for either of these teams. Although given how the spreads have been this season 1 point is not unheard of lately.

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