Atlanta Falcons vs. San Diego Chargers Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 3

Atlanta Falcons vs. San Diego Chargers Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 3

The NFL is buzzing after Atlanta’s defense intercepted Payton Manning 3 times in Atlanta’s Week Two defeat of the Denver Broncos. In Week Three the Falcons are going to San Diego to try it again against the Chargers. But both teams are undefeated; the Falcons beat Kansas City 40-24 then Denver 27-21, while San Diego defeated Oakland 22-14 and Tennessee 38-10. So both teams have won by a small and a large margin and lead their divisions.

The Falcons and the Chargers are two of six teams currently undefeated after a Week Two that produced many underdog wins. Atlanta is living in a division of teams that should be better than they are but are not playing up to their potential. A win for the Falcons this week will keep them well out front of Tampa Bay and Carolina. Moreover, Atlanta and Carolina will be meeting in Week Four. San Diego has Denver in its division so a win this week would demonstrate that they are the early favorite to take the AFC West. A loss would not be devastating as the Chargers do not meet the Broncos until Week Six on Monday night but it would make that later match up difficult to predict.

San Diego is the current favorite to win this game at a spread of 3 points and an over/under of 47.5 points. These two teams have an average points scored total that exceeds the over/under; Falcons 33.5 and Chargers 30. Defensively Atlanta has allowed an average of 22.5 points a game while San Diego has allowed an impressive average of 12 points per game. In fact, San Diego has the best run defense in the league and the 12th pass defense in the league. Atlanta, despite their three interceptions let the Broncos pass for 241 yards on 24 passes. Furthermore the Broncos, who have a running game in Willis McGahee, pushed for 118 yards last week against the Falcons. Edge to San Diego’s defense.

San Diego’s run game is slightly better than Atlanta’s and their passing stats are equal. Atlanta’s offense looked good in Week One but never really came on hard in Week Two against the Broncos. San Diego’s offense has done the opposite, looking sluggish against the Raiders in Week One (1/5 in the red zone), the Chargers put the electricity back in their offense in Week Two (5/6 in the red zone). It would seem like the Chargers offense is on, led by Philip Rivers they will continue to play well moving forward. While many would argue that Atlanta’s offense should have done better last week, given the turnovers their defense produced for them, they are still led league’s best QB this season in Matt Ryan (QBR 94.2).

Injuries are unlikely to play a factor this week; both teams are healthy and ready to go. However, Atlanta RB Michael Turner was arrested for DUI after the Monday night game against Denver, no word yet whether he will be allowed to play this week. San Diego will likely shut down Atlanta’s run game anyway forcing Ryan to the air where he is comfortable and productive. Atlanta was able to score against Denver’s high rated defense and the strength of Denver’s defense might account for a slowdown in Falcon offensive performance. Trust the average points earned to tell you the score will go over 47.5 points and the spread is tough but probably correct. This will be a close game.

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