Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 5

Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 5

Baltimore will be walking into Kansas City this Sunday on a two game win streak to face the troubled Chiefs. Baltimore is 3-1 thus far and Kansas City is 1-3 to this point. To most this would seem like a probable win for the Baltimore Ravens, and that may be the case as they are favored to win the game, however, the odds could be opportunistic for this matchup.

The Ravens have a very aggressive passing game that is ranked 4th in the league averaging 310.3 yards per game. Joe Flacco has provided the Ravens with 1269 yards on 156 pass attempts (99 completions) and 7 TDs. Five of their receivers have over 100 yards on the season and Torrey Smith alone has 332 yards receiving on 16 catches. Kansas City has been allowing an average of 216 passing yards per game this season.

Baltimore’s run game has been active as well. Ray Rice has carried for 317 yards on 68 attempts and Bernard Pierce has added 88 yards on 17 runs. That has been good enough for a 12th overall run ranking in the NFL. Kansas City’s defense allows an average of 118 rushing yards per game. Bottom line is that Baltimore is powerful, 2nd in the league for total offensive yards per game.

Kansas City’s offense is fairly powerful too but as you may have guess by now, they aren’t winning because their defense cannot hold things together. The Chiefs are ranked 4th in the league for total offense per game, led by a 2nd overall rushing ranking as they average 173.5 yards per game with the run. The Ravens will be hard pressed to slow down that run behind Jamaal Charles (415 yards this season). The Ravens had very close games (a 1 point difference) against New England and Philadelphia who are both top ten rushing teams this season. The Chiefs’ passing game is lackluster ranking only 17th in the league but the Ravens tend to bleed passing yards as their defense is 29th in the league against the pass.

The point spread for this game is 5 points and the over/under is 46 points. Baltimore has allowed an average of 20.8 points a game and scored an average of 30.3 points a game. Kansas City has scored an average of 22 points and allowed an average of 34 points a game. Given Kansas City’s propensity to allow points scored assume the Ravens will get their average of 30 points this game. Given Baltimore’s difficulty with the run the Chiefs will likely get close to their 22 points. That beats the spread and the over/under, still favoring Baltimore.

Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith both sustained ankle sprains during last Thursday’s game but are expected to be ready for this week’s game and given the longer rest they have had they should be in fine shape. Some of Kansas City’s wide receivers were banged up from the game against San Diego last week but are expected to play this week. Given the Raven’s extra time to rest and prepare for this week’s game against the Chiefs, that’s just another reason to think Baltimore will win by a solid margin this week. Game time is 1pm ET carried on CBS.

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