Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 12

Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 12

Carolina will be looking to improve their record at the expense of Philadelphia this week on Monday Night Football. Unfortunately for Eagles they are on a 6 game losing skid and their season is all but over. Carolina has not fared much better this season coming into this game at 2-8 having beat New Orleans earlier in the season and Washington more recently. But that 2-8 record of the Panthers could very well change to 3-8 this week because of poor performance by the Eagles and injuries to key players.

Most bookmakers are not setting odds on this game as of yet because of key Philadelphia injuries. But one sportsbook has offered a 2.5 point spread and an over/under of 41 points with Carolina the favorite.

Philadelphia’s biggest problem is that QB Michael Vick is listed as doubtful for this Monday’s game. He is reportedly still in phase one of concussion testing and recovery. Also, starting RB LeSean McCoy is listed as questionable but is reportedly further from being ready to play than Vick. This will be a disaster for the Eagles who have already struggled enough in the latter half of this season. Last week without Vick, and with McCoy sustaining a concussion, the Eagles scored just 6 points against Washington. In defense of the Eagle’s poor record lately they have been playing very good teams, however, they have not been able to make the games close.

Carolina on the other hand has also been playing very good teams but the games have been close. For example, Carolina lost 30-28 to Atlanta; Philadelphia lost 30-17 to Atlanta, Carolina lost 19-14 to Dallas; Philadelphia lost 38-23, and Carolina beat Washington 21-13; Philadelphia lost to Washington 31-6. Carolina has an average offense yards production per game lower than the Eagles but they score more points on average than the Eagles: 18.4 points to 16.2 points. Defensively the Panthers allow an average of 24.3 points per game and Philadelphia allows 25.2 points on average.

Really, there is no reason to think Philadelphia will win this game. Carolina has proven by their numbers that they are on average a better team. And even if the Panthers have an average day, there is no way that the Eagles will have an above average day without Vick and McCoy (all other things being equal).

Eagles back-up QB Nick Foles went 21-46, 204 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs and 4 sacks last week. Even if you give the Eagles twice what they got last week a conservative score would be 18-12. That covers the early spread but does not break the 41 points. It is hard to imagine a generous score going above 41 in this game without Vick and McCoy. The Philadelphia defense may be sloppy at times but they are healthy and should be expected to hold Carolina to a maximum of 25 points. Therefore a generous score would be 25-12 for the Panthers.

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