New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 8

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 8

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Here comes a big matchup in Week 8, a rematch of the season opener, the New York Giants against the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas went to New York for the season opener and dominated the Giants, holding the lead through the entire game, and won by a score of 24-17. However, since that game the Cowboys have faltered on many occasions while the Giants seem to be rebuilding the momentum they finished off with last season. The Giants are now 5-2 and leading the NFC East. The Cowboys come into this game with a 3-3 record which makes them tied for 2nd in the NFC East with Philadelphia.

Here’s the biggest problem for Cowboys fans, you never know what you are going to get from week-to-week from this team. In Week 1 they looked brilliant against the Giants; then in Week 2 they were crushed at home by Seattle. They then went on to beat Tampa Bay and Carolina by small margins. New York left Week 1 and beat Tampa Bay 41-38 in Week 2 and Carolina in Week 3 36-7. Then in Week 4 the Giants lost a close game to Philadelphia but went on to stomp San Francisco a few weeks later. The Cowboys lost to Chicago and Baltimore, two of the AFC’s best. All this is to say that the Cowboys do not really seem to be the great team they were in Week 1.

Both of these teams have faced good opponents this season so it seems reasonable to compare their rankings for and against the pass and the run. Starting with the favored Giants, they are ranked 3th in the league for average passing yards per game (295.3); the Cowboys’ pass defense is ranked 3rd in the league (187.3). The Giants’ run game is ranked 12th (116.3); the Cowboys’ run defense 15th (105). The Cowboys’ passing game is ranked 7th in the league (277.7); the Giants’ pass defense is ranked 21st (253.3). The Cowboys’ rushing offense is ranked 20th (97.2); the Giants’ run defense 23rd (126.4).

This means that the Cowboys’ defense matches up very well against the Giants’ offense; this is probably why the Cowboys managed the win in Week 1. The Giant’s defense is consistently soft and might continue to have trouble against the Cowboys’ passing and running game. But looking at their most recent games, Dallas QB Tony Romo has struggled to get the passing game going. Against Chicago the Cowboys’ receivers could not catch a football to save their careers. Then against Carolina Romo was good but as a team they did not make enough happen and almost lost the game. New York, however, showed they could stop the 49ers’ run game, one of the best in the league, then hosted Washington and won in the dying minutes even though Washington ran for 248 yards on them. The big story was Eli Manning’s ability to get the job done, something Romo has been lacking.

The Giants are favored to win this game by 1 point and the over/under is 47.5 points. A 1 point spread is not very hard to cover and neither team has had a 1-point game all season. As for the over/under, this may also be a little generous to the Cowboys. The matchup seems to favor the Cowboys on paper but the Giants have been playing very well. Going with the under is probably the more likely scenario as the Giants score an average of 29.3 points a game and the Cowboys 18.8 points, but the Giants allow an average of just 19.6 points and the Cowboys 22.2 points.

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