EURO 2012 Semi Finals - Germany v. Italy Betting Odds

EURO 2012 Semi Finals - Germany v. Italy Betting Odds

Betting Odds are favoring Germany going into the semi final match with a moneyline of (-130) to Italy's (+400) at Bovada Sportsbook

Germany has sailed through the Euro 2012 tournament to reach the Semi-Finals where they will take on the Italians who secured their place in this match after beating England in penalty kicks. These two teams have a very interesting history of competition that is worth considering. First, Italy has never lost to Germany in a competitive match. Second, Italy has twice beaten Germany in semi-final action. But third, Germany has won all but one of their EURO semi-final matches, winning the tournament three times; while Italy has never won the UEFA European Championship.

This makes for an interesting and anticipated match-up but the odds are favoring Germany with a Moneyline of -130 (Italy +400).

The Germans are staying tight lipped about their tactics going into this game against Italy but we can expect much of the same from the German team. They will play their brand of soccer, and they will remain confident in their ability to take down all opponents. Having believed before the tournament that they had the personnel to win a title, the Germans have gone about the task of proving it. They have scored a total of 9 goals to get to this point and have yet to tie or see defeat during this tournament. Italy, on the other hand, has scored only four goals in regular time, tied twice and just beat England on penalty kicks to advance to the Semi-Finals.

Perhaps then it is silly that Italy’s Andrea Pirlo has claimed that Germany fears Italy. But Pirlo’s comment was related to the history between the two teams. If history is a good indicator of this year’s match-up, the Italian style of play will unhand Germany and give the Italians the edge. It makes sense then that German coach Joachim Löw has said he will ask his team to “seize the initiative” thereby preventing Italy from playing contrary to German style. Boasting a healthy line-up with Bastian Schweinsteiger ready to play again for Germany, Löw will start whoever can expose the weaknesses he feels Italy carries. Recognizing that historically Germany has been weak against Italy, the German coach and players alike have pointed to the fact that both teams have transformed themselves in the past few years making historical extrapolations unjustified.

Italy will look to Pirlo to control the tempo and to setup the team to score. Italy’s coach has said he believes that the game is now demanding a more forward defensive line and a strategy hinging on attack. This strategy showed up against England as Italy outshot England 35-9. Of course, criticism has been levied at Italy for making so many shots but scoring so little. This is a true problem that requires correction if they are to beat the competent scoring squad from Germany. Perhaps Germany will break from the past with a win against Italy.

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