Green Bay Packers vs. Houston Texans Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 6

Green Bay Packers vs. Houston Texans Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 6

More than just a Sunday Night Football game, Green Bay Packers fans will be desperately hoping their team can stun the league with a win when they travel to Houston this weekend. The Houston Texans will give up the win easily; they have a 5-0 record and are 2-0 at home. Meanwhile, last year’s dream team, Green Bay has struggled to find any consistency this season arriving at a 2-3 record and 0-2 on the road.

In case you had to ask, Houston is the favorite for this Sunday’s game. Houston averages 143 yards on the ground; Green Bay allows an average of 114.2 yards on the ground. Houston passes for 228.8 yards a game and Green Bay allows 230 yards a game against the pass. Green Bay passes for 242.2 yards a game; Houston allows an average of 189.6 yards against the pass. Green Bay runs for an average of 95.6 yards a game and Houston allows an average of 86 yards per game.

Green Bay will be without their starting running back Cedric Benson for this game and the next 8 weeks because he suffered a Lisfranc foot injury last weekend. Another Green Bay running back James Starks is listed as out but keep updated on his status to see if the Packers push him to return. That leaves them with Alex Green and Brandon Saine, both have two years of experience in the NFL. However, neither of these two RBs have more than 70 yards rushing in their NFL careers. Green Bay’s already weak run game will not get any stronger this week. Green Bay has also lost Greg Jennings to injury and it is unlikely that he will play this weekend, or contribute much if he does.

Houston was not without its share of injuries last weekend. Their star linebacker Brian Cushing tore his ACL and is unlikely to return this season. Houston’s defense will feel the loss despite having a solid group of LBs. Cushing has 29 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 interception this season.

The point spread for this game has been set at 4 points and the over/under is 48 ½ points. There is one very important factor favoring those who think Green Bay could win this game. That factor is strength of schedule. Yes Green Bay is only 2-3 but they have played much tougher opponents than Houston to this point. Green Bay has played San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans and Indianapolis. Houston has played Miami, Jacksonville, Denver, Tennessee and New York Jets. None of Houston’s opponents have a winning record. That said, Houston has won by clear margins in each game as a championship team should.

Green Bay has averaged 22.4 points scored a game and 22.2 points allowed a game. Houston has averaged 29.4 points scored a game and allowed 14.6 points. It does not seem sensible to think that there will be a 4 point spread and a 48 ½ point total. That means Green Bay is going to score 22 points and hold Houston to 26 points. Given Green Bay’s injuries and struggles this year, it seems that if the total reaches 49 points the spread will be greater than 4 points.

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