Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 3

Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 3

Neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Seattle Seahawks have had it easy this season. Green Bay opened up the season against the 49ers losing 30-22 while the Seahawks had to face the Cardinals losing 20-16. Then both teams came back with a vengeance in Week Two to win, Green Bay over Chicago a convincing 23-10 and Seattle over Dallas an equally convincing 27-7.

Green Bay is being favored to win this game with a 3 point spread and the over/under is set at 46.5 points. These two teams do not usually play each other so past matchups won’t offer much help. Looking at average points scored this season the teams are separated by just one point with Green Bay at 22.5 and Seattle at 21.5 points. Then in points given up Seattle has the edge in large part due to their stellar performance against Dallas last weekend. The point spread may be the odd that is off in this game.

The point spread could be off simply because this matchup seems to favor Green Bay’s passing offense. Seattle has a terrific run defense; they have proven against Arizona and Dallas that they can stop the run. However, Green Bay does not lean on their running game nor do they need to do so. So take Green Bay’s run game off the table and offensively Green Bay will look like they did in San Francisco, passing to move the ball, except Seattle is definitely not San Francisco. Seattle does depend on its running game and the verdict is still out on Green Bay’s run defense. But Green Bay does have a terrific pass defense and a good pass rush. Green Bay will likely neutralize Seattle’s passing game. To be dominant in this game Green Bay must stop Seattle’s run game because Seattle’s defense will struggle against the Packer’s passing attack. On the other hand Seattle must find an answer to Aaron Rodgers and the Packer’s passing attack.

The way the NFL is right now, passing teams seem to be able to pull out to at least a touchdown’s lead. Aaron Rodgers is 52/76 this season and 522 yards, 3TDs. And Green Bay has nearly twice the passing yards of Seattle. Therefore there is a good chance that Green Bay can win this by more than 3 points. However the over/under seem pretty reasonable with the thinking that Green Bay might put up a score in the mid-to-high twenties and Seattle will come in just below twenty. Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson will have to face the pressure of the Packer’s pass rush who have 11 total sacks on the season.

Nothing to be concerned about as far as injuries go for either team; Seattle might even return a couple offensive line players this week or very soon which will only serve to strengthen the team. Upsetting Green Bay at home would put Seattle back in the running for the NFC West or a wild card position. Green Bay still has a good chance of taking the NFC North with or without this game but winning this game guards them against Detroit.

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