Larry King is on fire picking NFL spreads this year

79 year old Larry King, well known TV and radio talk show host has accomplished many achievements that are really uncountable. However, according to Forbes Magazine, Larry King also has a special gift at picking NFL spreads. So far this season King has hot on14 of his 16 picks and has a betting average of .875 and his streak continues hitting the last 11 right on the money.

King's Secret

King chose the New York Giants to cover the five-point spread against the New Orleans Saints because the Giants were coming off a loss against the Washington Redskins and the Saints’ defense is weak. He was right again! What is King’s secret? You can follow him on Twitter where he shares his weekly picks with his 2.3 million followers. He does admit that he looks for spreads first that are out of whack, in his words. He also never bets on the Miami Dolphins, his home team. King usually bets $500 on the game but sometimes will bet a grand.

King's Strategy

King’s strategy starts by looking over the spreads, adding up the numbers, and analyzing the circumstances for both teams leading up to the games. He has his own way of choosing the spreads but whatever he is doing it is working thus far!