London 2012 Olympics Medal Count Odds

London 2012 Olympics Medal Count Odds

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One of the most interesting wagers to make during the Olympics is on which country will take home the most medals overall. But what really means the most is who will take home the most gold medals. At the last Summer Olympics the Chinese took the most gold medals with 51. USA and Russia came in second and third, respectively, with 36 and 23 gold’s.

This year the odds are favoring the USA at -175 to win the most gold medals while China is second at +140 and Russia third at +2500. To spice up the action a bit more look for over/under betting options and head to head odds for gold medal counts between two countries.

The USA has always had strong sports development organizations with sizable rewards for medaling at the Olympic Games. This year a USA gold medalist will receive a minimum of $25 000 in bonus money and some athletes such as the cyclists will get money from multiple sources pushing their cash windfall to $100 000 for a gold medal.

Look for USA to show up in the track events, basketball, the swim pool, the volleyball court and even some less followed events like the combat sports and the artistic gymnastics.

China is generally strong on the table tennis events, gymnastics, swimming and diving. Russia will show up strong in the athletic field events, gymnastics, combat sports and weightlifting. Both the men’s and women’s sides of both these teams will be extremely competitive.

Taking a bet on a head to head between Russia and China would be a good, or even a China-USA bet as both the Chinese and the Russians have been setting some new world records in their highlighted sports as of late.

Russia has averaged roughly 27 gold medals in their last four summer games. China has averaged nearly 34 gold medals in the past four summer games. Finally, the USA has averaged around 38 gold medals in the past four summer games; and interestingly has been very consistent in the last three summer games with 36 (2008), 36 (2004) and 37 (2000).

The over/under for 2012 is USA at 38 ½ gold medals, China at 36 ½ gold medals and Russia at 25 ½ gold medals.

Most of the events that China and Russia would specialize in will come up relatively earlier in schedule than the USA’s specialties so it should be interesting to see if early wins by Chinese and Russian athletes will buoy their countrymen or will they slip out of contention early on.

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