Mayweather vs Ortiz - The Aftermath

In the aftermath of Mayweather vs. Ortiz many fans are questioning the future of Pretty Boy Floyd Money Mayweather (or whatever he likes to call himself these days). While heavily favoured (Mayweather (-675) / Ortiz (+475) at Bodog ), after a sixteen month hiatus due to injury and facing three felony counts of domestic violence this October, many were questioning if Mayweather would be prepared for this fight.

After dominating the first 3 rounds, Mayweather came out in the 4th just as he had in the first 3, with lighting fast hand speed, while ducking and dodging every attempt made by Ortiz to score a punch. Visibly rattled by the quickness of the champ, Ortiz cornered Mayweather throwing a barade of punches, while thrusting his head in what looked like a blatent attempt to headbutt. Now here's where things get interesting. After referee Joe Cortez splits the 2 fighters and deducts a point from Ortiz for the headbutt, Ortiz goes in to hug and apologize to Mayweather for the foul, even kissing him on the cheek. Mayweather, clearly angered by the situation brushed it off and was ready to fight. As Cortez came ready to start the fighters again, Ortiz moved back in for another hug in a very sportsmanlike fashion; however, this time Mayweather was not having it. As soon as Ortiz backed away, Mayweather unloaded with heavy shots, dropping the defenseless Ortiz for the count.

In boxing there will always be some overreactions by fighters and responses to dirty shots - we all remember Mike Tyson's famous ear bitting reaction after being headbutted by Evander Holyfield; however, where do we cross the line? Is anyone surprised that Mayweather retaliated for being butted numerous times? No. Could he done it in a better way, so as to not cheapen the sport and make himself look like the bad guy? Most defintely yes! In a sport as raw and barbaric as boxing, there's usually a mutual respect for the opponent. When a retaliation like this happens, it does nothing more than cheapen an already dying sport.

Hopefully Mayweather gets his sportsmanship in check before fighting Manny Pacquiao.

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