Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 4

Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 4

Minnesota and Detroit are two teams that have been involved with surprising outcomes as of late. While the NFL has been rife with many surprises this season, last week these two teams both played in surprising games. Minnesota beat San Francisco 24-13 when they were the 7-point underdog with an over/under of 43. Detroit lost to Tennessee in overtime 44-41 when they were supposed to win by 3 ½ points and the over/under was 47 points. This week, Week Four, Minnesota rolls into Detroit for a 1pm ET game that has the odds makers , and everyone else, perplexed.

Minnesota really should not have beat San Francisco last weekend to put the Vikings at 2-1. However they did and Minnesota quarterback Christian Ponder looked composed and sharp delivering two passing touchdowns, one touchdown on foot and averaged 5.7 yards passing with no interceptions. The Viking defense gave Aaron Smith of the 49ers his first interception in 249 consecutive regular season passes; they also managed to scoop up two fumbles and force the 49ers to go 4-10 on 3rd down.

By the numbers Detroit should have beat Tennessee last weekend. Detroit had more passing yards, more rushing yards, more time of possession, more red zone attempts made, and fewer fumbles lost. The problem was that Detroit could not convert their drives into touchdowns in the first half. They went into the locker room down 20-9 having kicked three field goals. But what gave Tennessee the greatest advantage was two special teams touchdowns and one long fumble return for a touchdown.

Coming back to this week the comparison of these two teams sheds light on a possible winner. Detroit has the best passing offense in the league and the 14th best rushing offense in the league. Minnesota has the 18th ranked passing offense and the 9th best rushing offense. Fortunately for the Vikings, their pass defense is strong at 9th overall which will really help defend against Detroit’s passing game and Detroit has the 11th best rush defense which should aid against a strong Vikings’ run game. Therefore this should be a terrific and close game as each team’s offensive strengths play into the defense strengths of their opponents.

Last season Detroit beat Minnesota twice. It is then not a surprise that Detroit is favored to win this game. On average Minnesota has scored 23.3 points per game and allowed 19.7 points. Detroit has scored an average of 29 points a game and allowed 31.3 points. Traditionally Minnesota finds a way to beat Detroit; the series is at 17-5 for the Vikings. This game could very well be a shoot out, a high score totally would be reasonable and a spread of a touchdown makes sense.

Detroit’s starting QB Matthew Stafford has been listed as questionable for this week after leaving the game against the Titans with a strained muscle in his right leg. No word on how his MRI results came back or whether he will be able to play this week. In Minnesota, their safety Mistral Raymond left last week’s game with a severe ankle injury and will be out for some time. However this will not make a huge impact on this week’s game if Stafford does not play. Detroit’s backup QB Shaun Hill looked good when he came in for Stafford throwing at 76.9% for 2 TDS and 172 yards.

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