NCAA Football Betting - Clemson vs. Florida State

NCAA Football Betting - Clemson vs. Florida State

Clemson (#10) versus Florida State (#4) will be one of the most watched games this week as these two Top 10 teams face off on ABC this Saturday night. Not only is this a game of two ranked teams but this is also an ACC Conference game and both teams are undefeated. The game will likely define whether one team or the other will have a good shot at a national title. After this game, Florida State will not play another currently ranked team until the last game of the season; likewise with Clemson.

The stats look pretty good for Florida State as they are the 1st overall defense (3 points against) and also the 2nd overall offense (average 58.7 points/game). Clemson has been solid in each of their three wins but have averaged only 39.7 points for and 17.7 points against.

Clemson will likely try to have an answer for Florida State’s outstanding defense in wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Last year Clemson defeated Florida State 35-30 before winning the ACC. Watkins caught 7 passes for 141 yards in that game which was only his fourth college game. Watkins makes Clemson’s receiving core a multi prong threat in which Martavis Bryant and DeAndre Hopkins (Heisman candidate) have been producing multiple touchdowns; collectively the Clemson receivers have 894 yards.

But Florida State has strong receivers as well who have earned 794 yards this season. Where Florida State outpaces Clemson is in the run game. Florida State has earned 837 rushing yards this season to Clemson’s 658 yards. Chris Thompson and James Wilder Jr. are tearing up a path in the ACC with 254 and 220 yards each, respectively, for the Seminoles. And to add to the Seminole running game hype, their fullbacks score nearly as many touchdowns as their tailbacks.

The spread is 14 points favoring Florida State which signals a big vote of confidence in what Florida State is doing this year as both teams are fielding nearly identical squads as last year. Florida State has benefited from three straight games at home. This week’s game being another home game means Florida State should be completely comfortable. The 14 point spread is likely a nod to Florida State’s tremendous defensive showing with an acclaimed defensive line and then on offense a strong and diverse running game. By way of comparison, Clemson beat Ball State 52-27 and Ball State has the 14th ranked rushing game in the country. Florida State’s rushing game is 11th in the country suggesting that Florida State’s rushing game will be highly effective against Clemson.

It will then come down to how Florida State’s defense can play Clemson’s offense. 14 points is a bold spread but probably one that can be covered if Florida State’s defense holds tight. If there’s a reason for Clemson fans to think Florida State’s offense will not get the job done, that reason is that Seminole QB EJ Manuel is 1-3 against ranked opponents throughout his career. Seems the problem is that he throws too many interceptions in these types of games. Potentially the ACC conference title and Florida State’s shot at a national title will be decided this weekend.

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