NCAA Football Betting - LSU vs. Texas A&M

NCAA Football Betting - LSU vs. Texas A&M

LSU (#6) is in the middle of a five game stint against ranked opponents as they travel to Texas to take on the Texas A&M (#18) squad. Both teams have one loss with LSU at 6-1 and Texas A&M at 5-1 (their first game was postponed). The Aggies had an early season loss to Florida 20-17 but beat Louisiana Tech (then #23) last week by a score of 59-57. Two weeks ago LSU lost 14-6 to Florida (then #10) and last week they beat South Carolina (then #3) 23-21. After the Aggies, LSU will host #1 Alabama then #12 Mississippi State, Alabama being the critical win. This is also a divisional game this week; LSU is 2nd in the SEC West while Texas A&M is 3rd. For a title shot Texas A&M must win this game, LSU might still get there if they lose this week but beat Alabama next week.

Texas A&M’s greatest strength is their passing game, they have to attack hard on offense with the pass this week. Nationally they have the 20th best passing average at 307.8 yards per game. That is far superior to LSU’s 103rd ranking averaging 188.9 yards. LSU has yet to see anything close to the Aggies’ passing game. Closest was South Carolina last week with an average of 217.9 passing yards a game and the Gamecocks still passed for 177 yards against LSU’s defense.

The Aggies’ offense is not limited to their passing game. They also average 235 yards rushing per game this season; good for 13th in the country. LSU is 31st in the country with a 206.9 yard average. LSU lost 14-6 to Florida and was way out rushed by Florida who has a 14th national ranking for their run game (and only a 118th ranked passing game). Texas A&M’s powerhouse offense will offer LSU a challenge they have not yet seen.

Looking at points for and against national rankings should also make some doubt LSU. The Aggies are ranked 5th overall for points scored with an average of 47 points; Florida is ranked 50th overall with an average of 32 points scored. In points allowed is where LSU shines, allowing an average of 14 points a game good for a 8th place ranking. Their defense is LSU’s strength. Texas A&M is just 37th with an average of 21.8 points.

The point spread for this game is 3.5 points favoring LSU with an over/under of 52.5 points. The line makers must be expecting both offenses to have a field day assuming that the Aggies offense is highly effective but their defense will give up points. A close game makes sense if Texas A&M is the real deal and are as good as their numbers say they are. However if they are the real deal then there’s a very good chance they could beat LSU and stun the nation.

Think about what happened in Week Two between Texas A&M and Florida, Florida won 20-17. Florida had already had a game in week one to kick the rust off and gel in the game environment. The Aggies having their first game postponed hosted Florida in Week Two and lost by only 3 points. Now looking back two weeks LSU loses to Florida 14-6 and fails to score a single touchdown. That has to make you wonder if Texas A&M is poised for a big upset here in Week 8.

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