New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 8

New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 8

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Two weeks ago on Monday Night Football Denver upset the San Diego Chargers before heading into a bye week. Now coming out of their bye week Denver is looking to keep themselves at the front of the AFC West with a win over New Orleans on Sunday Night Football, Week 8. New Orleans is on a two game win streak, their only two wins of the year, after beating Tampa Bay last weekend and three weeks ago beating San Diego. That both teams have played San Diego is a good point of comparison. New Orleans won 31-24; Denver won 35-24.

In fact, offensively, the Saints are much like the Bronco; very strong on the pass and weak on the run. However, defensively the Broncos should be much better. Where the Saints are nearly last in the league against the run and the pass, Denver is 10th against the pass and 18th against the run. New Orleans QB Drew Brees will need a big game here to surmount the relative strength of the Denver defense as Denver QB Payton Manning will certainly try to take advantage of all Saint defensive mistakes.

The spread for this game is 6 points favoring Denver and the over/under is 55 points. While that may seem like a huge over/under it is really quite reasonable given the match up and the average points scored and points against for each team. New Orleans scores an average of 29.3 points per game and allows an average of 30.3 points a game. Denver scores an average of 28.3 points a game and allows an average of 23 points a game. Considering the general weakness of each team’s defense, going with the high points scored seem correct. The total points in the last three Saints games have gone to, or past 55 points. Denver is usually in games less than 50 points but a few have gone to 55 points. Might want to say over assuming this game turns into a shoot out.

Saints LB Jonathan Vilma and DE Will Smith can play in this game because their bounty suspension is still on hold while they wait for an appeal hearing which is scheduled for October 30 of this month. The Saints will need this kind of pressure against the Broncos and these two players played a strong role in holding together the Saints’ defense in their game against the Buccaneers last weekend. However Saints’ tight end Jimmy Graham is still listed as out with an ankle injury but will try practicing on Wednesday, if he could play that would help open up the Denver defense against the pass. On Denver’s side, CB Tracy Porter is listed as questionable with very little information given. Denver will be hoping for his return.

Last week in San Diego Payton Manning put together a comeback victory after Denver was down 24-0 at halftime. The second half of that game also saw Denver return a fumble and an interception for TDs. The Broncos could be about to burst forth, they would be a good pick to win this weekend against the Saints. They just seem to have more going for them right now. Furthermore the Broncos are 2-1 at home and the Saints are 1-2 on the road. The Saints’ defense gives up over 100 yards a game more than Denver’s defense on average, and a good deal of that difference is against the pass.

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