New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 4

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 4

Week Four, Sunday night, and the New York Giants go to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in what will become an important NFC East game for both teams. Dallas, Philadelphia and the Giants are all tied for number one in the NFC EAST at 2-1. The Cowboys host the Monday night game against Chicago which they are favored to win.

Philadelphia is 2-1 coming into this game with a loss to the undefeated Arizona Cardinals last week. Philadelphia beat Cleveland in Week One by a narrow 17-16 and then had another narrow game as they beat Baltimore 24-23 in Week Two. Michael Vick has thrown for 905 yards on 125 attempts this year (3 TDs), giving the Eagles the 8th best passing offense in the league. Interestingly the Eagles also have the 8th best rushing offense in the league with LeSean McCoy and Vick combining for 355 yards this season. The dual passing and running threat of Michael Vick adds that extra dimension to the Eagles offense that keeps them a threat every week. Importantly, the Eagles also have the 3rd best passing defense in the league which will really matter this weekend, averaging 172.7 yards allowed per game.

New York likewise is 2-1 but they lost in the first week to Dallas 24-17 then went on to beat Tampa Bay 41-34 and Carolina 36-7 last week. The Giants were questioned after they lost to Dallas in Week One but the defending champs have gotten back to form recently. As a point of reference, Dallas managed to beat Tampa Bay by a score of 16-10. This goes to show how unpredictable the NFL has been this year. The Giants are ranked as the 2nd best passing offense in the league averaging 325.7 yards a game. Their running game is average but they shine on run defense allowing an average of 103 yards per a game this season. The Eagles’ offense has averaged 135 rushing yards a game this season. Payton Manning has quarterbacked the Giants for 1011 passing yards this season and 5 TDs.

The Eagles are the favored team for this game with a 2 point spread and an over/under of 46.5 points. The Giants and the Eagles split regular season games one apiece in the 2011 season. The score was dramatically different in each game as it is in all Giants-Eagles games. This competitive division rivalry is always a difficult game to call. Picking the Eagles to win is probably about home field advantage, picking the Giants to win acknowledges they have played tougher teams and still have the same record as the Eagles. A final point spread between these two squads hasn’t finished at two points since 2001, it has always been at least three but more often a greater number.

The Giants have averaged 31.2 points a game and allowed an average of 21.7 points. The Eagles have scored an average of 15.7 points and allowed on average 22 points a game. All that said, the Eagles are 16-8 in games between these teams since 2001. So who knows how Vick and the Eagles will do it but they have a good game ahead of them Sunday night. That the Eagles have stayed in and won close games is a good sign if they get behind on the Giants.

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