New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 15

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 15

This should be a strange game to watch on Monday Night Football as the Jets travel to Tennessee hoping to keep some playoff hopes alive. Strange may not be the best word but it is close because both teams are horrible right now. We just do not know what to expect out of either team. The Jets are 6-7 right now but their last two games they barely won. The Jets beat the Cardinals 7-6 after scoring a touchdown in the 4th quarter; then last week beat Jacksonville 17-10 after scoring 0 points in the first half. In the past 3 games, the Jets have scored 3 points total in the first half. Tennessee has lost its past three games: Jacksonville 24-19, Houston 24-10 and Indianapolis 27-23.

Tennessee is actually favored to win this game. The spread is 2 points and the over/under is 41.5 points

NY has TE Dustin Keller and WR Stephen Hill listed as questionable for this game. Keller is a top target for QB Mark Sanchez and Hill has contributed a number of TDs for the team this season. The Jets are a run orientated team but if these two receivers do not play it can only affect the team’s ability to move the ball. Tennessee TE Jared Cook tore his rotator cuff last weekend and is out for the season. Cook was a top target and point scorer; he will be greatly missed as the Titans favor the pass.

Tennessee scores an average of 20.8 points a game and the Jets score an average of 18.8 points a game. However, Tennessee allows an average of 29.7 points a game and NY allows an average of 23.5 points each game. Therefore we can assume both teams will score at least their average per game. A minimum score of 21-19 for Tennessee can be expected based on season averages. The odds make a score of about 22-20 for Tennessee.

These numbers suggest it will be a question of whose offense will play the best this week. As stated, the Jets have been slow and weak on offense lately. With the exception of St. Louis in Week 11, the Jets have not passed 20 points since October 21, 2012. That’s 1 of their past 6 games in which they have scored over 20 points. Tennessee, over their past 6 games has averaged 20.3 points to NY’s 14.3 average over the past 6 games.

So perhaps a better guess on the score of this game is 20-14 for Tennessee based on the average over the second half of the season. Looking at who Tennessee has played these past 6 weeks it has probably been a tougher crowd. So the offensive edge has to go to Tennessee. Whether you should pick them to cover the spread is questionable. As shown, there is a great discrepancy in how both these teams play each week and over the season. With no consistency from either team the spread should be avoided; or if you must, take Tennessee to cover the spread because they are at home. Two of the three prospective scores discussed here were over two points so the bet not to cover the spread is less likely to be successful. The under bet is much more likely to be the correct choice, that is clear.

If you are thinking NY can win this game then it has to be on strength of defense relative to Tennessee, which is the case.

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