NHL Stanley Cup Finals - Game 4 - Devils v. Kings

NHL Stanley Cup Finals - Game 4 - Devils v. Kings

If you watched Game Three of the Stanley Cup finals this past Monday night you understand why the Kings have a strangle hold on the series. If you did not watch the game here is what you need to know, the Kings scored four goals shutting out the Devils, the Kings showed in force with great contributions from all players, and perhaps most importantly Jonathan Quick was outstanding.

Jonathan Quick may very well be the reason why you should expect the Kings to sweep the series Wednesday night in LA. Take a look at the stats from last night’s game and here is what you should notice, both teams had nearly identical shots on net. The Kings put 21 shots on net while the Devils put 22 shots on goal; and yet Quick managed to stop all 22 when Brodeur did not. The Devils were on the power play six times and yet Quick held strong. But with their two power plays, the Kings capitalized with two goals.

Expect the Kings fans to be wild for Game Four. There is always a risk that a team in the lead of the series at home will find its players a little overwhelmed by the media and fan mayhem surrounding their success. However, we have already seen the Kings management to take steps to prevent that and therefore the crowd will be a positive factor for LA at Game Four. Even if the Devils can mount a lead, would you as a Kings fan at the game be deterred? Unlikely! The LA players will be riding high all game long, they just need to win and the Cup is theirs.

The Devils can make a good go of Game Four if they could just start scoring. Brodeur, for all his trouble Monday night, has played well all series. The Devils need more goals and there is no easy answer. That is probably why the odds are against the Devils to win Game Four ( moneyline bet +165 @ Bovada Sportsbook ). Only twice in history has a team swept the Stanley Cup finals and never been behind in any game (DET-1952 and MTL-1960). Unless the Devils can find a way to get past Jonathan Quick, the LA Kings will be the third and 2012 Stanley Cup champs!

Bovada Sportsbook has the LA Kings as a 1 1/2 goal favorite, with the moneyline bet for the Kings at -195

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