Pacquiao vs. Bradley Betting Odds

Pacquiao vs. Bradley Betting Odds

Bovada Sportsbook has Manny Pacquiao as the heavy favorite with the moneyline bet at (-450)

Is Manny Pacquiao on the verge of losing his next fight? Timothy Bradley thinks so and there are others thinking the same. After Pacquiao’s close victory by decision over Juan Manuel Marquez many words were whispered about Pacquiao’s questionable longevity. Pacquiao will be hoping for a knockout to set his naysayers straight. He has reportedly been working very hard to prepare for this fight. In addition to a hard training camp Pacquiao has stopped drinking, playing basketball and gambling to get his personal life set right and his mind back into the ring.

Timothy Bradley is focused and ready. He has made it abundantly clear that he’s not only in it to win it, but to set up a rematch after he wins. Bradley has yet to really make his mark on the fighting world, his pay day proves it. Pacquiao will make approximately $26 million from this fight while Bradley will only receive about $5 million. For Bradley this is a make or break fight. Bradley is undefeated in his professional career but has yet to face anyone of Pacquaio’s status. Bradley will be focused and ready for this fight.

Timothy Bradley is an abnormality in the boxing world, however, he must be doing something right to get himself to this point. Bradley is a muscle bound vegan who moved up in weight to get this fight. Pacquiao’s camp feels that Bradley’s muscle makes him too slow to keep up with the champ. However they had better not underestimate this challenger. During a media day Bradley spoke with confidence and candor when asked about Pacquiao’s fighting style. He knows Pacquiao’s habits, tactics and strengths. No surprise here, Bradley is known for his mental approach to every fight and this should give viewers reason to expect these two fighters will put on a show of skill and bravado

What Pacquiao lacks in reach at 67”, compared to Bradley’s 69”, he makes up for as a southpaw, and Bradley will have to adjust to this. Bradley is an up close fighter and may be able to keep Pacquiao back with the reach then find moments to spring inside. But Manny Pacquiao is the WBO welterweight champion because can land punches from all angles, especially with his dreaded left hand. Pacquiao is the odds favorite to win this fight and you can expect him to put on a good show.

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