Pacquiao V. Marquez III

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III

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On Saturday night, while the UFC on FOX event is going down on cable, real boxing fans will have all eyes watching Manny Pacquiao defend his WBO Welter Weight Title against Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time.

In 2004, Pacquiao and Marquez entered the ring for their first meeting. While many argue that Pacquiao won, the fight was deemed a draw to the dismay of many avid fight fans. Four years later, they met again with the decision yet again controversal. While the judges scored Pacquiao winning by split decision, fight fans around the world gave the decision to Marquez.

On November 12th 2011, these two prize fighters will enter the ring to hopefully put this battle to rest. As always, Pacquiao is favored to win; however, if Marquez comes out as he did in their second fight, the judges may decided differently. Should Pacquiao lose to Marquez, all the hype behind the potential Pacquiao v. Mayweather super bout may die down. Hopefully for fight fans Pacquiao wins and finally steps in the ring with "Pretty Boy" "Money" "I like to sucker punch guys" Mayweather.

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While the card is overshadowed by the likes of Pacquiao, there are 3 other titles up for grabs.

WBO Light Welterweight Championship

Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley v. Joel "El Cepillo" Casamayor

IBF Latino Light Welterweight Championship

Mike "Mile Hig" Alvarado v. Breidis "Khanqueror" Prescott

WBO NABO Super Featherweight Championship

Luis "El Artesano" Cruz v. Juan Carlos "Miniburgos" Burgos

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