Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 9

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 9

At the outset of the season this game probably looked to many like it would be a good matchup on Monday Night Football. However, both these teams are in a bad slide and it is not pretty. The 3-4 Philadelphia Eagles will visit the 2-5 New Orleans Saints for Week 9 MNF but the Eagles are on a three game losing streak and the Saints have looked dead all year. Last week the Saints got knocked around by the Broncos putting forward an offensive performance that left many scratching their heads. But if Saints fans are scratching their heads then Eagles fans are banging theirs. The Eagles’ three game losing streak has come at the hands of Pittsburgh, Detroit and Atlanta. The glimmer of hope they showed in wins over Baltimore and the Giants earlier in the season is fading.

New Orleans is favored to win this game with a point spread of 3 points and an over/under of 52.5 points. Neither team has a good defense which would be a fair explanation for why the over/under is so high for this game. However, on average Philadelphia scores 17.1 points a game and the Saints score 27.1 points. That makes 44.2 points. Somewhere another 14 points needs to be won to go over this total. Perhaps what the book makers are looking at is the average points allowed. On average Philadelphia allows 22.1 points a game and New Orleans allows an average of 30.9 points. OK, there’s your 53 points.

We know Drew Brees and the offense is probably good for 30 points so long as they block well (which they failed horribly at last week). Michael Vick is still listed as the starting QB for the Eagles on the recently released depth chart for this weekend against the Saints, which keeps continuity when continuity is a must for the Eagles. A win this week could keep the Eagles alive as they have already beat the Giants once but have five more divisional games yet to play. No one in Philadelphia wants to see their QB situation go the way of Kansas City. If Vick does start then the Eagles’ average points scored makes the most sense because Philadelphia does stay very close to those 17.1 points. Vick might fight hard to protect his job but he can’t carry the entire offense alone.

Therefore for the score to end up under 52.5 points seems slightly more likely given the game in New Orleans. A 3 point spread will be hard to cover. If you look at the Eagles’ average offensive output they earn 363 yards per game, the Saints allow an average of 475 yards. The Saints earn an average of 389 yards and the Eagles allow an average of 340 yards. By these numbers one might think the Eagles could win this game which adds to the likely-hood that this will be a close game.

But back to lending support to a Saints win is the conservative pass rush of the Eagles which many blame for Matt Ryan’s big passing day last week against Philadelphia. Against Drew Brees such a strategy would be self-defeating. So at the end of the day it seems to be a question of who has the better offense and that is the Saints. If so the numbers say they should cover the spread. To not cover the spread would give a score of 28-25, probably too high for the Eagles.

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