A Definitive Guide to Political Betting

Political betting is definitely gaining a secure foothold in the betting world. This consistently growing industry is becoming an increasingly competitive battleground as gambling sites, who at one point treated this kind of betting as something rather curious, have now started to take it very seriously indeed. Although political betting takes place all over the world, the two markets where this is the strongest are the United States and the British political scebe. The US Presidential Election is definitely something to go for if you’re into high stakes betting whilst the British political scene is also interesting. A typical example would be the Brexit issue where thousands of bets were taken on the outcome.

Political Betting – US Presidential Betting

One of the most popular political bets to make is on which potential candidate will be named the next President of the United States of America. At any point in the four year cycle of presidency, you’ll be able to place a bet on who the next President will be, regardless of whether the current President has just made his inauguration speech, or whether we are in the middle of the full blown circus in the weeks leading up to the next election. In the early part of the four year cycle, many candidate names will be offered by the sportsbooks. However, as you move closer to the election, these names are whittled down, and soon all that’s left are the lead Republican and Democratic Party candidates. The primaries process is also a hugely interesting proposition and here several surprises are usually sprung, allowing many interesting bets to be made with the potential of winning good sums definitely on the cards. Political betting is not only reserved for the final presidential elections. Wagers can be placed on many elements that make up the political market, ranging from which individuals will be named Republican or Democratic candidates, to the more general outcome of which political party you think will end up in office. The latter bet can even be made before the parties have announced their candidate of choice. In the period leading up to the presidential election, you can also place bets on each individual State, predicting which party will take control.

Political Betting – Other US Political bets

Betting is also made available on important political titles, such as which who will be the next mayor of New York or which party the next mayor of New York will represent. It’s not only nEw York which is interesting for betting nowadays, other major cities such as Atlanta and Houston have competitive elections that give rise to substantial betting opportunities. US midterm elections are also commonly featured, allowing bettors to place wagers on which party they think will take control of the Senate or the House of Representatives. The President’s approval rating is another popular area to bet on, with sportsbooks assigning prices to the various ranges of potential percentage ratings.

Political Betting – British and Worldwide Political Betting

The British political scene is the next biggest area of political betting after US politics. Betting on the next Prime Minister; which party will win the most votes; the next Labour Party Leader; the next Conservative Leader; or whether or not there will be an overall Majority (and if so by whom) at the next election are all extremely popular wager types. Betting on the next London Mayor is also very popular, as well as betting on each and every by-election.

Every time there is a political event in any part of the world, you can rest assured that sportsbooks will post odds on them. Regardless of whether you’re wondering what the name of the next Prime Minister of Australia will be, which party will have the lion’s share of the votes in the Swedish election or what the date of the next Italian election will be, you’ll be able to put your money down on potential outcomes. Recently, the New Zealand election was also very interesting and Jacinda Ahern had thousands of bets placed upon the possibility of her becoming the next Prime Minister. In fact, the race which ended up too close to call was a better’s paradise as you could also bet on who New Zealand First (the kingmaking coalition party) would choose to partner in government.