Prince William and Kate Middleton Baby Betting Odds

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were pleased to announce that they are pregnant and expecting a baby on December 12th, 2012. Now the odds are out on a host of possible outcome for the sex, hair color, name and weight. This article will cover some of these betting options and provide background information that could impact the results. Whatever the results, the Duke and Duchess’ first child will one day take the throne as new legislation is set to pass altering the old tradition of the first male child takes the throne to the first born regardless of gender.

The odds on the gender of the baby is the most obvious first guess to make. You will find the odds are even for male or female. If you look at the surviving royal family tree you will notice the majority of royals are male. The Queen had three sons and a daughter; they were Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Prince Charles was the first born and fathered Prince William. William has only one brother; so on the father’s side there seems to be predominantly males born to the family. On Kate’s side she is the first born of three children; she has a younger sister and a younger brother.

The odds on the name of the baby is also a popular betting option. If it is a boy the top odds for a name are John or Robert; if it is a girl Diana and Catherine/Kate are the favorites, all four are at 10/1. Other top contenders are Anne, Charles, Frances, Victoria, George, Louis, Mary, Richard, Edward and Henry. It might be of some significance that Prince William gave Kate his mother Diana’s engagement ring when he proposed. Biographers point out that Prince William was often entertained by his grandmother, The Queen, when he was a child and she would spend hours teaching William about family history and royal protocol. This suggests that the traditional names may be more likely to be chosen.

Odds on the baby's hair color include Brown +150, Blonde +200, Black +300 and Red +400. Kate has brown hair and Prince William has what many would consider blonde or dirty blonde hair. Prince William’s brother Harry has similar blonde/dirty blonde hair, but at times Harry’s hair has a slight red tint to it. Kate’s siblings, Pippa and James, also have dark brown hair like their sister.

Odds on the weight of a baby is always a big question. The average baby in Britain is born at 7lbs and 5oz. That falls in the most favored range for the Duke and Duchess’ child of 7lbs to 7lbs 15oz. at odds of 9/4. The 8-and-something range is the next favorite at 3/1; then the 6-and-something range, also at 3/1. Shortly after the pregnancy announcement Kate was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum which is severe and debilitating nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy. She will of course receive the best care available. If due to this sickness Kate does not gain about 15.5lbs during pregnancy there is a higher likelihood that the baby will be a lower weight and possibly come early. Interestingly, there seems to be a slight bias in the occurrence Hyperemesis gravidarum when the mother is carrying a female fetus. For more online sportsbooks for entertainment betting , such as the Grammy Betting Odds or Oscars Betting Odds :