San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 8

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals Betting Odds Preview - NFL Week 8

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This will be a huge week for the Arizona Cardinals. They host the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. San Francisco is 1st in the NFC West while the Cardinals share second with the Seattle Seahawks. Last week Seattle lost to the 49ers 13-6. The 49ers are in the middle of a three game divisional run, they host St. Louis next week. If the Cardinals can stop the 49ers this week they tie for first place and set themselves up well for other divisional matchups later in the season. Arizona has already beat Seattle but lost to the Rams.

The bad news for Arizona is that they are still without starting QB Kevin Kolb and will be without him for a few weeks to come. Kolb’s ribs were injured two weeks ago in the Buffalo game and he did not play last weekend either. That said, John Skelton kept Arizona close in their 21-14 loss to Minnesota last weekend, leading the offense to a game total yardage of 356 yards to Minnesota’s 209 yards. Perhaps the biggest problem was the 7 sacks the Cardinals took that game.

The 49ers overcame the tough Seattle defense in a heavy run game as both offenses are strong on the run and both defenses are in the top ten. San Francisco still has the best pass defense in the NFL and their pass defense should shut down the Arizona passing game. The 49ers have the 10th best run defense in the league and the Cardinals also have a weak running game so again the 49ers’ defense should handle the Cardinals.

Defensively the Cardinals will struggle against the 49ers’ offense as they are a strong pass defense that is very weak on the run. The 49ers are fantastic on the ground and do not use their passing game except to support the run. Therefore in terms of strengths, this is matchup shapes up well for San Francisco.

The 49ers are the favorite to win this game with a point spread of 7 points and an over/under of 36.5 points. The over/under is reasonable but maybe low, San Francisco, like most teams that are so run dependent do not finish with high scores. The 49ers have averaged 23.6 points a game and allowed an average of just 14.3 points. Considering the mismatch here it makes sense to use those two numbers to decide your point total giving a total of 37.9 points. But to be fair to the under choice, Arizona has scored an average of 17.7 points a game and allowed an average of 16.9 points a game.

Arizona still needs to prove it can win with Skelton at the helm and so, despite San Francisco also losing to Minnesota, the safe bet is for San Francisco to win this game. Can they win the game by more than 6 points? The 49ers have only had one game this season that was a 7 point difference, which was last week against Seattle. There is no reason to think that Arizona is a tough enough opponent to make it close, they do not have Seattle’s defense.

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