The eHorse Exchange

Many of you reading this may be fully aware of the concept of a betting exchange, however for many of you it may be a whole new ball game. Let's first take a look at the main differences between a betting exchange and a more traditional type of bookmaker, then take a look at the specifics of the eHorse Exchange, and how it could be financially beneficial for you to give it a try. A betting exchange differs from a bookmaker in that if you don't see the odds you think are correct for any given horse race, sports event etc, you get to lay your own. It works a little bit like a stock markets where you get to sell your odds at your price and simply wait for another player on the exchange to take you up on the offer. Also, if you don't fancy then a particular horse to win then you can bet it to lose. The concept of backing or laying a horse may be alien to a lot of people out there but once you get used to it, it does become a lot of fun and the facts are that you do get better odds by using this system. The exchange earns its money by taking a small percentage of net winnings of between 2 & 6%. Also, its all fixed odds, so the odds you take are the odds that you will get paid out on, meaning that there is no panic as they go into the gates waiting for the prices to change!

eHorse Exchange, the Features!

At the eHorse Exchange they are dedicated to offering the best online racing service you can possibly find. Established in 2001 they have continued to offer a great customer experience and a reputation for excellent support, assistance with the exchange and fast payouts. The results of each and every race are published as soon as they become "official" meaning that there is no time wasted wondering where your winnings are and you can get on with enjoying the next race. They offer full online accounting meaning that you never have to wonder about your balance or yesterdays results, they are all there for you with the click of a few buttons. It is also a safe and secure place to play with solid deposit and payout options. In a nutshell the eHorse Exchange states that it offers the five most important things in horse wagering, 1) Track Selection, with over 75 offered, 2) Ease of use, designed by horse players for horse players, 3) Speed in placing wagers, 4) Wagers placed the latest and graded the fastest, and 5) Cash rebate on every horse wager.