UFC 148 - Silva vs. Sonnen II Betting Odds

UFC 148 - Silva vs. Sonnen II Betting Odds

Bovada Sportsbook has the Moneyline Odds for this fight at Silva -285 and Sonnen +225.

The Silva vs. Sonnen II fight at UFC 148 is being billed as the greatest fight of the summer and at the same time the biggest re-match in UFC history. Anderson Silva holds the longest win streak in UFC history, while Chael Sonnen dominated their last fight right up until the fifth round when Silva submitted Sonnen. Silva will be defending his UFC Middleweight Title this Saturday July 7, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sonnen began his fighting career wrestling in high school before moving to the UFC; surely we will see a focused effort from Sonnen to get Silva to the ground as he did last time. Sonnen needs to be better prepared for submissions this time round. Eight of his eleven UFC losses have come via submission; and often from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters. Sonnen has brought BJJ expert Vinny Magalhaes in to help him shore up this glaring weakness. But if you remember the Silva-Sonnen fight at UFC 117, you remember that Sonnen was also beating Silva in the stand-up as a way to get him to the mat for some ground and pound.

Silva will be looking to work his BJJ on Sonnen but with all the trash talking and insults coming from Sonnen, expect Silva’s BJJ to be far more effective and aggressive this time. Claiming he had suffered a rib injury prior to their last meeting, Silva is now healthy and mad. Sonnen has been verbally diminishing Silva, his family and his country for months. In a rare outburst this week Silva answered back saying he was going to “beat [Sonnen] the way his parents should have beat him.” Silva’s kicks are deadly and he has earned a well deserved reputation as a knockout artist. Therefore, with Silva healthy and determined how ever the fight is ended, the contest will be won or lost in the stand-up. This will be a phenomenal fight.

Griffin vs. Ortiz

Bovada Sportsbook has the Moneyline Odds at Griffin -315 and Ortiz +245.

This will be the third fight between Forest Griffin and Tito Ortiz after they split the last two fights. Ortiz will be looking to keep the pressure and tempo ratcheted up when he faces Griffin at UFC 148. Looking back on other high profile fighters he has faced, Ortiz feels he’s more than prepared for the mental demands of this fight. In their first bout Ortiz won on judge’s decision but heir last bought in 2009 Griffin beat Ortiz on decision after losing to Anderson Silva months earlier. Both fighters have had rough patches as of late so both men will have a vested interest in winding down their careers on a positive note.

Griffin’s strength is his striking while Ortiz excels at takedowns. This is a formula for an interesting fight where no one can predict how it will end. But Ortiz trying to, he has predicted the fight will end in two rounds. So to win his last match before retirement Ortiz will have to land some heavy punches on Griffin who is sometimes lazy about protecting himself from strikes. But if Griffin can stay alert his age advantage and uncanny ability to strike fast will carry him to a win.

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