UFC on Fox - Velasquez V. Dos Santos

UFC on FOX - Velasquez V. Dos Santos

In 2004 the UFC was near bankruptcy and about to fold for good. The misconception that this sport was nothing more than glorified street brawls was widespread, which lead to the negative publicity and lack of sales.

After experiencing a small taste of mainstream success from an appearence in a reality tv show, the owners of the UFC embarked on a project to bring UFC to mainstream television. In 2005, The Ultimate Fighter was born and as a result the rebirth of the UFC. The perception of the UFC as a barbaric sport soon changed and the media started to view it as a legitimate sport.

No one can argue that the turning point for the UFC was being featured on Spike TV with The Ultimate Fighter , allowing them to reach a massive audience. This Saturday marks another point in history, as the UFC will be broadcast on FOX TV for the first time. If being on FOX wasn't a big enough seller by itself, UFC has set up a huge card topped with the main event for the Heavy Weight Championship between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos.

Most sportsbooks are putting the odds in favour of Velasquez; however, anyone who has watched the UFC or any other mixed martial arts event over the last decade know that a fighter always has a punchers chance. Dos Santos isn't going into this fight as an underdog though. With amazing standup and a dangerous ground game, Velasquez better watch out or else Dos Santos will continue his unbeaten streak and take the belt from the Champ.

Does Velasquez have the decisive advantage or will the pressure get to the big man from Mexico? Does Dos Santos have what it takes to be a champion?

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