Football Betting

Football is one of the world's most loved and popular sports out there and it is no wonder why so many people love football betting. There are some many opportunities to hit major cash-outs in here by placing some good wining bets (or punts) on your favorite sport game, and hence, wonderful amounts are waiting for you. As you follow your favorite matches live or online, why not to also have some rewards at the end for yourself as well? Due to nowadays wonderful online betting platforms, you will not even need to leave the room to place your bets and make the most of any major and even minor football matches.

Wide Variety of Bookies

The football betting industry keeps growing as more and more bettors start wagering on the numerous matches and options available; it is usually quite simple to do, especially if you know your game and players. There are many options you can choose to go with when it comes to where to wager. There are the online sportsbooks as well as the offline bookies out there, such as in Nevada, Jersey, among many other states and countries.

The differences are then set in the betting odds available as well as the bonuses provided. Offline bookies will not provide any bonuses for instances (most of the times anyway). They obviously have higher costs, such as paying for the rental space, the staff, etc. Sport betting odds will obviously also vary drastically between online and offline - you will need to do your homework as to which is better on a per match and betting type basis.

Online sportsbooks on the other hand will always provide bonuses - plural. And of course, researching the better odds is much easier.

Different sportsbooks and similar platforms offer different conditions and interfaces of betting as well. We advise you always go through the special conditions and options they offer, in order to be able to find the types you are most comfortable with.

What brings all the quality sportsbooks and similar platforms together is that almost all of them make it super easy for the bettors to figure out how it all goes and how to get started. So with the quality and popular platforms you should have no problem to get started.

Betting types

When we come to the football betting types, you will have plenty to choose from - again, depending on each sportsbook-. The common types of football bets are Win - Draw - Win, Draw No Bet, Correct Bet, Accumulator Bet, Double Chance, Over / Under, and numerous others. In addition to these, you will find some prop bets (or proposition bets). These include Corners, First Goal Scorer, Anytime Goal Scorer, Coin Flip, Cards, Penalties, Top Scorer, Transfers, Tournament winner, and numerous others. These are usually more creative bets and at times, quite amusing to take on.

Obviously, if we are talking about American Football, then things do tend to change, such as passes, faults, touchdowns, interceptions, and so on and so forwards.

Of course, there are additional football betting types, such as live play or real time bets, virtuals, and leaderboards or tournaments.

Betting Odds

Finally, you have the football betting odds. Given football is commonly more of a non-american sport, then sportsbooks (unless using a US friend sportsbook) will be using decimal odds.

American sportsbook and obviously when it comes to American football use American odds.

Finally, there's fractional odds - commonly used for horse racing - so nothing you need to worry about.

So get in the game, and start looking through our available top recommended sportsbooks for your football betting needs!