Xbet Sportsbook

That is the claim made by the site itself, so does the reality match up to the boast? It would be great if it did, and we think there is plenty of promise here. The home page gives a nice look - something different to look at, thanks to the graphic, graffiti-style appearance of the page. That makes it stand out for sure, but will the site stand out as an easy one to enjoy?

More than just a sportsbook

For starters, you should be aware of the other areas you can visit while you are at XBet. There is an online casino, not to mention a separate area for racing. So, if it is horse races you're interested in, you will find them all in one convenient place.

Claim your welcome bonus if you decide to join

There are lots of reasons to join the XBet Sportsbook, and the welcome bonus is surely one of the best. You can secure up to $300 on the first deposit you make, secured as a 100% deposit offer. You can also look forward to payouts whenever you prefer them, rather than meeting lots of requirements prior to that.

Explore the many betting lines available at XBet Sportsbook

If a notable event is currently live, you will very likely see it at the top of the betting lines section once you're in the sportsbook itself. You will then see lots of other options below that. Expect to look out for basketball, tennis, golf, boxing, and many other sports as well.

If you look at a sport more closely, you'll see various events and options provided to help you narrow down the options. Any forthcoming championships, events, and matches will be listed in the relevant section. It's then a matter of choosing the bets and odds that appeal and making your bet.

Show or hide your bet slip

The bet slip header is always available to view, but if you've added a few bets to it you might want to hide it for a while until you are ready to review what you've put there. That means you've got the chance to look through your bets and see just how they stack up.

So, maybe XBet Sportsbook is the only sportsbook you'll need to know about from now on. If so, you could enjoy it from today onwards.