Internet sports betting will use a lot of gambling terms that you may not be familiar with as a lot of the language comes from the "street" language of old school bookies. The following is a Glossary of Gambling Terms for: NFL betting, College Football betting, NCAA Football betting, Baseball Betting, MMA Betting, UFC betting, Boxing wagering, NHL betting, NBA betting, NCAA Basketball betting, College Basketball Betting and other major sports. You will find all the major terms that Internet sportsbooks use in posting their betting lines.

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- A bet on any game of any amount.

Added Game

- A betting line that is added that is not part of the regular Las Vegas rotation posted as an accomodation for customers. They usually involve smaller schools.


- Against The Spread. Means you are taking points (i.e. -3) rather than betting with the spread. Handicapping previews will show a teams record ATS to see how often they have covered the spread.


- To risk something on the outcome of an event.


- Shortform for Sportsbook or an establishment that takes bets on the outcome of sporting events.


- A person who accepts bets.


- Referred to as a Bookie. A person or company who accepts a bet.


- A sports betting slang term meaning that you are betting $100 a wager.

Buy (Points)

- You can pay additional price to recieve a half point or more in your favor on a point spread.

Canadian Line

- Also referred to as a Puck Line. Combination of Point Spread and Moneyline.


- A betting slang term for Favorite.

Chalk Player

- A bettor who usually bets on favorites and rarely bets on underdogs.

Circled Game

- A game with lowered bet limits and betting options to reduce betting action on the game to reduce risk to the bookmaker. Also referred to as a Red Circle box. This usually happens when their is uncertainty in a game due to injuries, weather and added games. Cannot include in parlays and teaser wagers.


- A point spread win.

Dime Bet

- A betting slang term for a $1000 bet.


- A betting line where the difference between the favorite and underdog on the moneyline is 10 cents (Yankees -130, Red Sox +120). The Dimeline is used in Baseball betting to attract betting action.


- Underdog or team not favored to win.

Dog Player

- A person who usually bets on underdogs.

Dollar Bet

- A betting slang term for $100 bet. Same as "Buck".

Even Money

- A wager when there is no juice or vigorish. The bet odds are 1/1 or +100.

Exotic Wager

- Any wager other than a Straight Bet or Parlay (i.e. Teasers, Sweetheart Teasers, IF bet, Reverses and Prop bets).


- The team or entry that is expected to win the event.

Fifth Inning Line (5 inn.)

- A bet placed on only the 1st 5 innings of a baseball game.

Fifty Cents

- A betting slang term for a $50 bet.

First Half Bet (1H)

- A bet placed on only the first half of a football or basketball game. The score at halftime is used to settle wagers.


- Betting Odds posted in advance of future sporting events.

Getting Value

- Getting the best odds on betting line.

Grand Salami

- The Total(Over/Under) number of goals scored in all the hockey games played on a particular day.


- When your wager is settled and the amount is put into your account.

Half a Dollar

- Betting slang for a $50 wager.

Half Time Bet (2H)

- A wager place on the second half of a basketball or football game.


- A person who analyses sporting information and makes a prediction on the outcome of the event.


- Predicting the outcome of an event.


- The total amount bets take on a sporting event.


- A sports betting strategy that involves betting on both sides of an event to minimize losses or guarantee a minimum amount of winnings.


- A half point that is added to football or basketball betting lines through buying points. Referred to as buying the "hook".

Hot Game

- A game that is drawing a lot of game by professional handicappers.


- The bookmakers commission which is also known as the "vigorish". The standard juice is 10%.

Laying the Points

- Taking the favorite in a point spread betting line.


- The cap on the betting amout for an event.


- The current betting odds on a particular event. Lines are updated in real time.


- Person at a bookmaker who establishes the original betting line and the subsequent betting lines.


- A sporting team that is unlikely to win.


- To bet both sides of a sporting event at different prices with the chance of winning both bets. Known as "middle the game" when you win.


- Mixed Martial Arts.


- Betting odds where your wager is settled by which team wins. For example Moneyline New York Giants -120 means NY Giants are a favorite and the payout odds are you need to bet $120 to win $100. The underdog Moneyline on the Miami Dolphins +120 means that for every $100 bet you would win $120.

Nickel Line

- The juice or vigorish on the betting line is 5%. Also known as reduced juice.


- Betting slang for a $500 wager.

No Action

- When a bet is cancelled because the event did not happen (i.e. rain out in MLB). All money is returned to bettor.


- The likelihood of the a betting outcome expressed in odds.

Off The Board

- When the betting line is taken down and the bookmaker is no longer accepting bets on an event.


- The same as a linemaker.

One Dollar

- Betting slang for a $100 wager.

Opening Line

- The first betting line posted for a sporting event.


- A wager where you bet on the combined scores of both teams will be above a specified Total.


- A bet on two or more teams in which all the teams must win to receive a higher payout. If one of the teams loses then your wager is graded a loss.

Pick 'em

- When neither team is favored on a betting line. Also called a "Pick" on the sports betting line.

Point Spread

- The handicap, or margin of victory that is given by the linesmaker between two opponents for betting purposes.


- A larger than normal wager.


- The point spread or moneyline odds.

Prop (Proposition) Bet

- A wager on two or more outcomes not related to the final score of the event. Prop bets are usually posted in a Moneyline fashion on players, sports, politics, celebrities and other topics.


- When neither side wins the wager. Original risk amount or wager is returned to the bettor.

Quarter Line (1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q)

- A bet placed on the a specific quarter in football or basketball.

Reverse Bet

- Two IF bets placed by you.


- Wager amount or the amount bet on a game.

Round Robin

- A convenient way to place multiple parlays quickly.

Run Down

- All the betting lines quoted for a specific date sport and time.

Run Line

- Baseball's version of the Point Spread.


- For sports betting a sharp is considered a professional or experienced bettor.


- The two teams playing the event.


- A straight wager.


- A company that accepts bets.


- Same as Point Spread. The differential expected between two opponents that is posted by the linemaker.


- A novice in sports betting.

Standard Line

- When the betting line is -110 for both sides. It is assumed that a standard line has 10% juice.


- When a betting line moves rapidly and is re posted because a mass of bettors are drawn to it.


- The amount of a bet.

Staight Bet

- A wager on a a single event or game.

Staight Up(SU) Bet

- Winning a wager without the point spread. Also known as a moneyline wager.

Sweetheart Teaser

- A special teaser that combines 3 or 4 football or basketball wagers where you can adjust the Total or Point spread in your favor.

Taking The Points

- Betting the underdog on the Point Spread.

Taking The Price

- Betting the underdog on the Moneyline.


- A special type of parlay where you can increase the Point Spread or Total in your favor for a reduced payout odds.


- A wager.


- Also known as a Push. Risk amount of wager is returned to the bettor.


- The combined final score of both teams in a sporting event. Includes overtime.

Totals Bet

- A wager on the Total score of both team on the over/under of a posted line.


- A person who sells their services as a sports handicapper.


- A wager on the combined score of both teams where the Total will be under a certain value.


- The team that is expected to lose the event. Also known as the "dog".


- Means getting the best possible odds on a betting event.

Vig or Vigorish

- The bookmaker's commission. Also known as the "juice" which is assumed to be 10% on a losing wager.


- To risk money on an outcome of an event. Known as a bet.

Wise Guy

- A successful sports bettor.

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