US Sportsbooks

US sportsbooks provide all US residents with quality online sports betting action that’s backed up with great bonuses, generous promotions and plenty more, and each US online sportsbook featured right here may be enjoyed on your home PC or your iOS or Android mobile device and they’ll each offer up lines and props on all US and international sports. Good online sportsbooks, those highlighted here will deliver the latest NFL lines, NBA betting, NCAA hoops and football betting as well as soccer, MLB, NASCAR, golf, boxing betting and much more and on top of the excellent betting options and the fact that you may wager using any device they’ll also provide you with great welcome bonuses, reload bonus deals and such cool promotions such as bracket competitions and more, and on top of all of that you'll also find a great racebook in each one that offers masses of horse racing betting options.

Many of the best US online sportsbooks are in fact one stop online gaming shops that also provide a great casino and poker room, meaning that with one easily opened account you'll have access to a huge amount of entertainment and action, and getting going is as simple as choosing where to play and getting that account opened.

US Mobile Sportsbooks

Each of the very best US sportsbooks online will provide you with access to the complete set of wagering options on your smartphone or tablet as well as on your home PC, and it’s now the case that US mobile sports betting is so much more popular than wagering from a PC, and that’s down to sheer convenience and the fact that todays US mobile sportsbooks are just so well designed, easy to use and packed with everything that you'd find in the regular online version. Placing your bets from your mobile device is now so simple thanks to the awesome optimization process that each mobile bookie has gone through, and of course when going mobile you'll always be getting your great bonuses and have access to a fully functional sportsbook cashier and around the clock support.

Live PC and Mobile Betting

Each great US online bookie will now also provide you with live in play betting and getting your wagering action as the game unfolds provides a buzz like no other. US live sports betting platforms have improved so much over the last few years and they’re now so smooth, with lines being moved quickly and constantly updated and new live events are added each hour. You're now able to wager NFL live, MLB, Soccer and NBA as well as all college hoops and football and this different way to wager is now very popular with sports bettors all over the country.

Generous Promotions and Plenty of Them

Each of the best US sportsbooks will go a whole lot further than offering a simple welcome bonus and although that is a very nice start, a start is all it is and the best bookies online for US players will always be providing stellar reload bonuses, special NFL promotions, especially as the season is getting underway, live betting bonuses, cashback deals and plenty more, including immersive brackets and leaderboard style promotions. There’s always something available to up the entertainment levels and to bring on that sports betting buzz, and for special events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and the World Series you'll be getting very special treats indeed.

5Dimes Sportsbook Promotions

The introduction to this casino starts with a generous 50% Welcome Bonus that’s good for deposits up to $520. Once you’ve got that squared away with a qualified deposit, then the entire world of 5Dimes opens up to you. Because 5Dimes is a top-level Sportsbook, the promotions are tied to the particular sports seasons. For example, when American football comes on to the scene, the NFL Build Your Own Prop is activated, and you can use your knowledge of fantasy teams to really make off like a bandit if you’re lucky enough. Of course, since this is all about gambling on games of skill, luck isn’t the only relevant attribute here – you’ve also got to have the knowledge of the teams and players to improve your chances of successful wagering significantly.

Now when it comes to utilizing the Sportsbook aspect of the casino, there are a ton of new promotions that await you. There are even bonuses for using certain credit cards, as well as an exclusive Bitcoin bonus. Play every single week, and enjoy the reload bonuses that allow you to recoup a percentage of your losses. As you scale up the Member Club VIP ladder, you’ll find that the percentages associated with the reload bonuses climbs right along with you. Be sure to look out for the infrequent -107 lines (Sportsbook aficionados will know what we’re talking about), because they boost any existing promotions and include cash back offers. 5Dimes Sportsbook Promotions are right up there with the very best that the industry as a whole has to offer.

Bovada Sportsbook Promotions

Promotions are Bovada Casino’s specialty, and this has been the case for all the decades of their existence. In the present times, with the rise of their competitive Sportsbook, this has become even truer as the betting lines have become filled with a glut of competition. For example you can now get a 50% Free Bet Bonus offer that’s good for amounts up to $250. This money can go towards gambling on your favorite sports teams from professional organizations like the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships of mixed-martial arts), NCAA College Football, Basketball and other top sports, Sunday Night NFL Football, Boxing, NBA Basketball, Rugby from Europe, Golf, Baseball and Hockey. And these just represent the most popular – you can also bet on a wide slew of relatively unknown sporting events like Horse Racing, with the Triple Crown and Breeders Cup taking center stage here.

So, what are the actual prizes that are available? For the Racebook, for example, you can get a 5% Cashback Promotional offer one day a week; on Tuesdays, specifically, at 3 pm when you log into your Bovada Sportsbook Account. For so-called exotic wagers, this Cashback is 3% an can be used on Quinella wagers, Pick 3 and Pick 4 wagers, Superfecta wagers, Trifecta, Daily Double wagers and Exacta wagers. For those of you who really know what you’re doing, consider the esoteric Boxes and Wheels wager to really explode (potentially) how much you can win.

As for the other options, there’s a 50% Deposit Match Welcome Bonus for all new players who fund their accounts with at least $250 – this is only for the Sportsbook at Bovada, and not for the casino games. The latter have their own associated Welcome Bonus, which means you can make away like a bandit by signing up for both. Another viable avenue by which to get your hands on the many promotions they offer is crypto. Shorts for “cryptocurrency”, in particular, Bitcoin, you can receive a 50% Match Bonus just for making a deposit less than or equal to $500. You can slide on over from the Sportsbook Forum to the video slots section quickly and efficiently, where you become eligible to receive a 100% Match Bonus on slots deposits up to $2000 using the bonus code SLOTS500. Adjacent to this is the table games section, where the bonus code of GAMES250 gives you an extra $1000 from the Casino House.

Betonline Sportsbook Promotions

Betonline Sportsbook is one of those online gaming halls that take the cake when it comes to handing out the best bonuses. To start things off amicably, once you download the casino software, you get the very first promotion of a max of $900 for a $100 deposit, as well as a lifetime-applicable 25% bonus for a measly deposit of just $50. These are just a start; following them Free Bet opportunities that really make Betonline a worthy addition to your most frequently-visited online casinos and Sportsbooks. To whet your appetite, if you really want to boost the possible prize money, consider the National Football League (NFL) betting lines; using up to the $25,000 wagering limit, you can truly take advantage of this spread during the weekend (Thursday night through Sunday night). For NCAA college football, this amount is capped at $15,000 and for the National Basketball Association (NBA), you get a cap of $10,000.

Another promotion at Betonline Sportsbook is the Bitcoin bonus, which seems to be cropping up – for good reason – at many online casinos these days. As for the reasons why, it almost certainly has to do with Bitcoin’s rising status as a viable form of currency in the market. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of this by making a deposit with the digital coin and receiving a nice boost to your account from the House. There’s more; download to discover why everyone’s talking about the Betonline Sportsbook and casino offer.

Bovada Sportsbook

Another excellent option for the avid Sportsbook gamer is the long-standing Bovada Casino Sportsbook. In both the mobile version and the pc alternative, Bovada Sportsbook gets off to a great foot with a 50% Welcome Bonus that is good for deposits up to $500. Formerly known as Bodog, Bovada allowed the rights to the name to expire once the contract was up in an effort to forge a new, more robust path into the hearts and minds of the most recent age of casino gamers and Sportsbook gamblers. In addition to the listed Welcome Bonus for slots and table games, Bovada has one exclusively for the horse races, football games, hockey, basketball and others: 50% for bet bonuses up to $250. This way, you can slide over from one section of the casino to the other as a new player and get some free House cash with which to be introduced to the casino in style.

Did we mention that you can bet on esoteric games such as rugby and mixed-martial arts? Currently, the UFC is the big one; but little-known Thailand Muay Thai kickboxing matches are also well-represented inside on the betting lines. Become a member of Bovada Sportsbook today and experience a host of sports options that can see your pockets being filled if everything goes your way. Download now and create an account to get started.

Sportsbook Banking with Bitcoin

It’s now the case that each of the very best online bookmakers for US players will allow deposits and make payments using the excellent virtual currency of Bitcoin and this exceptional sports betting banking option is changing US online sports betting for good, and much for the better. When using Bitcoin in your bookie of choice you'll see that sending from your wallet to the sportsbook is so easy and that when cashing out your winnings that it all takes place so quickly, unlike more traditional methods such as bank wire or cheques. There are no middlemen used in BTC transactions and that means instant financial interaction directly between yourself and the sportsbook, and when using this option you'll get stacks of great Bitcoin sports betting bonuses and all player perks that you’d get when using other banking options.

Top Sportsbook For Information

Although each one of the above casinos and sportsbook hybrid stations have robust enough online presences to be talked about in a multitude of sportsbooks; there’s a one-stop shop from which to get all your information from players: The SBR Forum.This is the Sports Betting & Sportsbook Forum, and is #1 on the web for certain choice keywords, according to Google. Here, you can create an account and interact with casino gamers from all over the world, talking about sporting events, the casinos that host any gambling associated with them, and exchanging tips that you might have discerned.

In fact, continuing from the above, you can learn the latest info on traditionally male topics such as sportscars, fitness and life topics from the forum subtopic named The Saloon; just visit that menu after you create a username and password for full access to SBR. As a current example of the kinds of subjects being bandied about, consider this topic “Buy all the Flavored Vape products possible”; which is trending; perhaps because the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is trying to ban vape products because of the recent issues with e-cigs.

Lastly, for the examples that we will go through, there’s the Bitcoin forum sub-topic. In here, you will get the very latest information on which casinos and sportsbooks use Bitcoin, how the payment form works there, and any issues that other gamers have experienced. Sports betting enthusiasts from all over the planet congregate here to help each other out and deliver information on things to look for, as well as recommendations on new sportsbooks to try. The SBR Forum, itself, even has games and betting events set up on its website that players can enter if you put your payment information in when you set up your newly created account. When you toss the Handicapping Contests into the mix, you get all you want and more from the SBR Sportsbook Forums. Join today to unlock more info than you ever thought possible from your favorite online casinos and sportsbooks.

Customer Service

The Sportsbook world is well-known for its customer service; after all, if a lot of gambling is going on there, you simply cannot afford to have professionals be unavailable for inquiries and general information. Just like any other merchant endeavor, however; not all customer service platforms are created equally. Generally and across the board, a good sportsbook or casino allows you to be able to reach them consistently. Consider the customer service details of the following top digital sports betting platforms.

Sportsbook Forums

It should come as little surprise that an activity as popular as the online sportsbook should have with it, sometimes anyway, a Sportsbook forum. This is a place where gambling aficionados can gather and detail results of various sportsbooks; whether they are legit, pay out in a reasonable fashion, or have any other issues that can be articulated. After all, money is exchanging hands, and you want to know if the one that you’re considering has a good record, and offers reasonable Welcome Bonuses when compared to others of its kind. Inside of a Sportsbook forum, you can ask these questions and others, thereby gauging at which place you can get the most bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at a handful (almost a handful, anyway) of the some of the better Sportsbooks out there and see how their forum game stacks up - or whether they even have one to begin with at the present time.