TopBet Sportsbook

Top Bet is a Curaçao-regulated sportsbook that knows how to make it big and start with the management team. The site has recruited the best to take the renowned sportsbook into a new era of sports betting. The brand has decades of experience leading the way, and that's why Top Bet started operating in 2011 and is a reliable online sportsbook. They promote a no-frills approach to online sports betting by enabling an easy depositing and withdrawal system and offering beneficial bonuses for new and signed up players.

About Top Bet Sportsbook

The sportsbook is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. Right from the start, it is clear that TopBet primarily caters to sports bettors in the USA. In the center of the homepage, you find the day's top lines, which are usually the most popular USA sport currently playing out its season. On the left, there are various other sports betting markets, which you can further break down by clicking the plus icon near the title. Although the site isn't big on international sports, Top Bet includes many high-profile international sporting events, including rugby matches, boxing, and tennis competitions like The French Open. Even though this is a US-first gambling site, the choice of soccer bets is far superior to what you find at most online bookies. It doesn't take a magic wand to learn Top Bet caters to a North American audience. The first sports on their site include baseball, football, and basketball. When you dive deeper, the leagues are mostly from the USA and Canada. They have top American leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Although the most popular competitions are feature heavily, they also offer to bet on significant leagues worldwide. The coverage of USA professional sports leagues is superb, but there is a somewhat surprising number of sports, which might not be as popular in the states. Soccer is one of the broadest betting topics you will find at Top Bet and features leagues from all over the world. You'll discover the USA Major League Soccer and betting options for Sweden, England, France, Spain, and so many other countries. At the top part of the sportsbook, there are individual tabs that will direct you to the page dedicated to a single sport; soccer is one of those tabs. There are more obscure sports for wagering, most of the sporadic feature coverage, at best. You can expect sports like rugby, MMA, and Boxing will only feature betting odds for the most high-profile events.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

The signup bonus at Top Bet works differently for different deposit amounts. The deposit bonus is similar to that of other sportsbooks in that it exists as a percentage of free bonus money with your first deposit. What's so unique about the Top Bet deposit bonus is that the rate of bonus funds you get will depend on your initial deposit size. For deposits of $50 to $99, you will receive a 50% bonus. For deposits of $100 to $199, you receive a 75% match bonus. First deposits of over $200 receive a 100% match bonus, up to $1,000. The deposit bonuses are all subject to rollover requirements of 5x.

Sportsbook Promos

Top Bet offers several other promotions for sportsbook players. Although the change, most of the bonuses aim to give players who deposit something extra. There are additional excellent bonuses tied to specific events, such as the annual NCAA basketball tournament.

Football Betting

The coverage of baseball and basketball is excellent, but Football coverage has everything else beat. Besides the NFL, you find game lines for matchups from the NCAA, college, CFL, Canadian League, and Arena Football within the USA. While the NFL features lines, they go deeper than that with tabs for betting by quarter, with a separate charge for first, second, third, and fourth quarters betting for all the games. For the NCAA, a similar type of betting style exists, only with the first and second halves. There are futures bets available for both the NCAA and NFL. They range from the Super Bowl or National Championship to wagers regarding how many wins a team manages in a season. You can't ask for a complete offering of football betting when it comes down to it.

Basketball Betting

Basketball betting options are as good as anywhere. There is a focus on the NBA, but leagues such as the WNBA and those throughout Europe are. The NBA coverage is amongst the best!. There are all the regular season and pre-season games plus many Summer League games that take every offseason. The futures bets for NBA basketball are more than what you'll see at lots of other sites. Besides different divisions, winners and conferences, you can place futures wagers on awards such as league MVP and the Year award's Rookie.

Baseball Betting

Baseball betting at Top Bet is not quite as robust as you might expect after reading the above. Major League Baseball is covered in-depth; however, there aren't many options from which to choose. You'll discover NCAA baseball and the occasional game from Mexico or Japan, but Top Bet goes all out on MLB, offering a lot more than moneyline, totals, and spread betting. There are four main MLB betting types at Top Bet. There are the standards of lines, complete with moneyline, online spread, and totals betting options. There are five-inning lines, including the three-bet above types for only the first five full innings. Besides, you'll discover prop bets for the games of the day and futures bets that involve the eventual World Series champion, divisional and league champions.

Hockey and Others

Hockey coverage is mostly the National Hockey League, NHL. The site has period by period betting options, standard money lines, spreads, and totals wagers, and futures bets, usually on conference champions and the winner of the Stanley Cup. There isn't that much by way of hockey from other parts of the world; however, you can fully expect to find betting options for higher-profile international matches, such as those in the Winter Olympics. Though it may come as a surprise, soccer is also a sport that boasts extensive coverage. All the world's popular leagues are on offer, including The English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, and Italian Serie A. There are plenty of other significant leagues, and you can bet that popular international events are all covered here as well. There is a separate betting tab complete with futures for the FIFA World Cup, all your standard betting options, and so much more. For a site that doesn't focus on soccer, first and foremost, their coverage is excellent. You will find options like rugby, MMA, Boxing, tennis, and NASCAR featured for other sports. There won't exactly be a vast number of events available for a bet; however, it wouldn't be correct to say other betting options don't exist.

Bet Types

Top Bet does not skimp in offering different betting types, as there are almost none you won't find on the site. It offers moneyline, spread, and totals betting on all events. The Sportbook also offer parlays, teasers, and many other more unique betting options you won't find on many sites. There is flexibility as far as their bet type offering is concerned, and you are likely to be entirely satisfied with your choice.

Live Betting

The live betting options are on the sportsbook's main page, on the left and all other betting lines, and the top banner. If you click the Live Betting tab at the top of the homepage, that takes you directly to the live betting page where all the options are available. Such betting options currently will be lit up, while the events and sports that do not now feature any live matchups will be unavailable. Live betting options are for North American sports, including the NFL, the MLB, the NCAA, the NBA, and the NHL. You won't see any live soccer betting and foreign sports. The live betting updates frequently and doesn't glitch or lock.

Casino Games

The casino offers a competent selection by Betsoft and Ace Gaming software, the quality of the games on offer is undeniable. There aren't live dealer gaming options, which is disappointing, and a selection of unique games like bingo is nonexistent. Top Bet focuses on their casino a fair bit more than other online sportsbooks that boast casinos, but the offering is much better than average.


The Slots come in two categories, video slots and 3D games. Top Bet lacks in slot game selection it makes up for in the betting minimum and maximums, specifically the maximums. Although that isn't true for all games, there are slot maximums of more than $100 a spin, which isn't something you find at every site.

Table Games

The table game selection covers the basics with choices like blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette are on offer and more obscure games such as Red Dog and Pai Gow. The minimum table bet is $1, and the maximum betting limit is $100. However, with roulette, there's an exception, as the minimum stake is $0.50 and the maximum limit is $500. The quality of table games is excellent as all the games function well and are complete with specific rules for every game.

Depositing Options

Top Bet offers a few options to deposit funds onto their site. You can use Bitcoin, Visa, or MasterCard for deposits. The cashier on the site makes it easy to deposit funds to your online account. Other sites offer more deposit source options than Top Bet; however, they could add additional bank wire, Neteller, or Skrill. Nevertheless, almost everyone should deposit thanks to the possibilities that they do offer. It doesn't appear that Top Bet charges fees for deposits. However, that mentioned explicitly on the website. It isn't customary for Top Bet to charge a fee on deposits as it causes players to go elsewhere.

Withdrawal Options

Top Bet offers two different options for withdrawing their funds from the site. You may use either a bank wire or swift check to withdraw funds. Ultimate Bet offers everyone a free withdrawal. Bank wire withdrawals have a maximum limit of $5,000 each. Bank Wire transfers over $2,500 have a fee of only $50. You should confirm with customer service at Top Bet what the associated costs are for any withdrawal you consider making. The other withdrawal option offered by Top Bet is Swift Check. Using Swift Check results in a check sent to you by FedEx or DHL. That option is for players making small withdrawals from the site from the looks of it. There's a $40 courier fee per requested check via Swift Check. Top Bet charges a $20 admin fee for any Swift Check withdrawals under $200. To make a withdrawal, you should contact customer service to get the process started. If you need to make a withdrawal from Top Bet, give them a call and get the ball rolling. The customer support agents should walk you through all of your options and the associated fees. Viable withdrawal options provide clients with greater flexibility. The more choices and flexibility provided, the better.

Customer Support

Top Bet doesn't disappoint when it comes to customer service. The site offers customers a service 24/7, so you can get help whenever you may need it. No one likes to wait for answers. The first thing you notice is that Top Bet's help page has a solid lineup of frequently asked questions and answers. The frequently asked questions and answers come in General, Sportsbook, Casino, Technical Issues, Account Security, and Top Bet Mobile. The odds are they probably have your question or concern covered in one of these sections. If you have a question that isn't in the frequently asked questions section, don't worry! You can contact Top Bet via phone or email.