MLB Betting News - Bartman Turns Down $25K

MLB News - Bartman Turns Down $25, 000 For Autograph

Steve Bartman, the infamous Chicago Cubs fan who interfered in the MLB 2003 Playoff game with the Florida Marlins, has turned down $25, 000 to sign his autograph on a picture of him in that famous play. Bartman has been reviled by Chicago Cubs fans for that play as the Cubs were one win from reaching theMLB World Series. All Bartman had to do was sign a picture of himself tipping the ball in front of Moies Alou at The National Sports Collection Convention and he would have received a cool $25, 000. A big Nyet, No, Nadda , No Chance from the Bartman. Could this be a sign that the 'Curse' is finally over for Chicago Cubs fans? With the Bartman out of the picture it should be time for Chicago Cubs fans to revisit the MLB Future Odds look for some profit opportunities Post MLB All-Star game.

Odds to win the 2008 World Series Championship

Chicago Cubs 7/2

Odds to win the 2008 National League Pennant

Chicago Cubs 3/2

With the recent addition of former Oakland A's fireballer Rich Harden, the Chicago Cubs are currently the odds on favourite of bookmakers to win the World Series and the the National League Pennant. The Cubs have a solid top 1-2-3 Pitching Rotation in Zambrano-Harden-Dempster and KO closer in Kerry Wood. Hey, the Cubs have two Canadian in the starting rotation - the curse must be over! Alfonso Soriano is coming back from injury post All-Star Break and the offence should start to roll. Add in Lou Piniella's special spicy hot coaching sauce and the Chicago Cubs have may have a dinner reservation at the World Series. For most update MLB Future Odds visit Bodog.

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