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At Sunshine Sportsbook reviews we pride ourselves in providing information on safe, secure online sportsbooks to meet the needs of online gamblers. We focus on meeting the needs of online sportsbook players by providing information on the safest and most secure online sportsbooks. The following is a list of companies that we have deposited money, made online wagers and made withdrawals.

We stand by these companies. There are over a thousand online sportsbooks. We have kept the list small to reflect our real world experience at these recommended sportsbooks. The list is simple and small. Please protect yourself by consulting with your local laws on internet gambling. One of our top recommended online sportsbooks is BetOnline Sportsbook.

Sportsbook Betting at Top Online Sportsbooks

The fun of watching the game knowing that you have a bit of money riding on the result is fun that millions of people worldwide have been enjoying for years. Some people bet for the exhilaration of winning money on the long shot, while others bet as part of their own living; each bet acting as a stock might act to an investor. Whether you are in it for the serious money involved or would just like to come up with a hobby that is fun and engaging, betting on sports has the ability to give you what you want. With the internet age now upon us, something that everyone has had to deal with is the fact that everything has become easier to do. Whether you want to shop, go to school or simply find out about something interesting, the internet has made the journey to find that knowledge as simple as turning on the computer that you have at home. Naturally, the internet has also done its part to make sportsbook betting a lot easier.

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Internet Sportsbook Betting | Online Sports Betting

How easy is Internet Sportsbook betting? It is quite literally as easy as turning on your computer, opening up your web browser, navigating to your sportsbook website of choice and depositing your bet with them. You might find it hard to believe, but sportsbook betting online is one of the easier things in the world to do.

Where in the past you would have to call in your bets by phone or alternatively pay a bookie to keep them for you in person, online NBA sportsbook betting allows you to be totally anonymous. Most of the websites do require that you list your personal contact information with them, but this information will only be used in the case that the sportsbook needs to confirm that you really are the person that you say you are. Most of the time this information will never be used and under no circumstances will that information ever be sold to third parties. Therefore, you can feel completely at home with the anonymity that the online sportsbook world provides. Have a look at our Credit Card Sports Betting for tips on depositing by credit card at US sportsbooks or Sportsbook Deposit Methods for latest deposit methods. For a list of top Canadian Sportsbooks.

Sportsbook betting is also easy to do. It is easy in a number of ways, the first being the way in which you actually place your bet. You simply scroll through a list of games available to bet on and then click on the games you want to bet. These games then get added to your ticket, at which point you can easily determine how much to bet on each game. Because large servers figure out all the conversions for you, you can feel safe and secure knowing that while it was very easy to place the bet, at the same time that bet is also very secure.

In addition to that, sportsbook betting online is easy in the sense that you are given all the information you need. Customer service is better now with Live Chat Online Sportsbooks like BetOnline Sportsbook. Odds in whatever format you wish, form guides for racing events and links to news items regarding as many sports as you can name from the better online sportsbook review websites in the business. The online sportsbook is really as much of a repository for data as it is a betting website and therefore it allows you to have a range of freedom and choice that you have never before experienced in your betting endeavors. Many online sportsbooks offer Free Bets as a sign up bonus to get you started.

Best Mobile Sportsbook

For the sports inclined gambler, there's probably only one thing better than a sportsbook, and that is a sportsbook that you can access while on the go, during any of the various errands and responsibilities you have during the day. With the debut of the Spanish-language website, Nicabet Sportsbook, the world of online casino gambling and sportsbook activities are opened up to an even larger group of people than before. Although written primarily in Spanish, anyone in a jurisdiction in which online casino gambling has been made legal can participate. Currently, most Sportsbook sites support both the Android and the Apple iOS mobile platforms, with Windows support still undergoing the transition from the massively successful desktop pc to the mobile arena. Of course, there are plenty of already available such sites that have Windows Mobile - but large-scale implementation is still in the future.

Betonline Mobile Sportsbook

One of the top online Sportsbook is the always-open, which starts things off wonderfully with a 50% Welcome Bonus that's good for deposits of up to $2500. The relevant Bonus Code for access is NEW2500. Although the following is a self-assessment, by all accounts, the casino lives up to it: Betonline has the very best European Football (Soccer) betting lines in cyberspace. Once you create an account and become a member of the casino you can bet on games in the UEFA Champions League, the once every four years World Cup (the biggest event in World Football), the EuroCup and any other major leagues that we might have missed in this review. In fact, this platform is so robust, that you can bet on relatively unknown amateur soccer leagues as long as there are odds being made with other bettors.

As you will come to find with consistent gameplay, it is much easier to keep track of your bets on your mobile device than a desktop, since you are no longer rooted to a single spot, anticipating the ebb and flow of the betting lines. Now, you can move about and perform the very necessary tasks you have each day, all while staying tuned into the Sportsbook on your iOS or Android device. You can enjoy the games with no limitations now - as long as you have a Wifi connection or mobile data. The relevant limits for the various major sports are as follows: you can wager a maximum of $25,000 on NFL games during the week, with this dropping down to $15,000 on the weekends. As pertains to professional NBA basketball, you can wager $10,000 max during the weekday and $5,000 on weekends.

MyBookie Mobile Sportsbook

Another dependable sportsbook with a robust mobile offering, MyBookie has racing, casino, and all manner of top sports on which to wager some of your hard-earned cash, with the hope that you can turn it into some serious moolah for the coming holiday season. Because the site is optimized, you don't even need the latest, blazing fast phones or tablets to fully enjoy the Las Vegas styled games, online video slots or sportsbook. Just visit the pristine interface and make an account, make a deposit, and receive the Welcome Bonus to get started. More promotions are of course forthcoming; with extra cash events sometimes available exclusively for those who sign up with mobile.

You came here for the sportsbook, and we would not have you leave without being informed as to the particulars of that seminal component of Mybookie Mobile. Once a member, you can bet on Major League Baseball (MLB ticker; the betting odds are listed on the website), college basketball NCAA - the gambling becomes absolutely torrid during the annual March Madness tournament, what with all the talk of brackets even on major mainstream networks such as ESPN in America. Alternatively or concomitantly - whichever you wish and have the gambling chops for - you can also wager on Boxing, NFL (American football), US Open Tennis tournaments for both men and women, and more.

5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook

Ten years ago you couldn't come anywhere close to the level of convenient gameplay you can approach today at 5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook and other casinos like it. Today, you can enjoy all the games with seamless graphics, on portable engines that would put the computers of just 5 years ago to shame. Tablets and Smartphones alike work very well with 5Dimes, as the software engineers worked very hard to transition the robust library to the mobile space without any hiccups. For an idea of the sheer magnitude of options here, consider that the 1000 markets that are opened all have 5Dimes portals on which gamblers can place a bet on their teams of choice. If human beings can play it, then you're almost certain to be able to bet on it at 5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook.

Whether you wish to stick to the US offerings of NCAA betting lines, NFL, MLB or the NBA; or prefer international fare - you can find it all inside. There's even betting on professional golf, for those that favor the slow-paced but exciting sport. The primary methods of deposit are Visa and MasterCard, and you will of course enjoy the highest levels of security when making transactions between these financial institutions and your casino account at 5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook.

Sports Betting Apps - 10 Best Real Money Betting Sportsbook Apps 2024

With the rise of sports betting ever since the Supreme Court reversed an unpopular New York-driven federal bill that previously prohibited it, many states are now listening to its residents when they say that they want to be able to bet on amateur and professional sports - as it should be. Remember; governments are supposed to accede to the wishes of the people; not the other way around - as long as those wishes do not infringe on the rights of others. As more and more states open up the betting lanes, Sportsbook apps of all kinds are starting to flood the online space. In the following short article, we will take a gander of the top Sportsbook apps from various casinos.

5Dimes Sportsbook App

5Dimes is definitely one of the top casinos online that has released a Sportsbook App on both the Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms. Because of the speed of the modern mobile device, these allow you to play without lag, and fully enjoy games that it would've taken a powerful desktop computer to render a decade ago. Once you download and become a member, you have access to the Live Lines betting feature, which casts all of your wagers in real time for games as diverse as professional football, professional soccer, professional basketball, and top league baseball - and these are just the icing on a rather prodigious cake. You can wager on these games even while they are in progress, which gives you a better idea of how the game is going if a star player is limping or a referee is blowing calls. Additionally, the sportsbook app introduces you seamlessly to incredible rewards; the bonus codes for which are located on the 5Dimes Casino website. For a change of pace, try out the Baseball Reduced Juice Odds, as well as the Grand Casino Storm Lords Feature. 5 Dimes Sportsbook app makes everything easier, and just a mobile click away.

The Betonline Sportsbook App

This is one of the newer apps, which is just coming online to the Android and iOS mobile space. It covers seemingly all bases, too, giving the player a chance to wager on Sports as rangy as baseball, football, hockey, basketball, tennis, soccer and golf. With these, the types of bets span the gamut; you can use straight bets, parlay and robin bets, IF bet and reverse, and the advanced teaser and pleaser bets. Well-known teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears feature strongly on the betting board during the football on-season, and all relevant data to your wager is displayed on the screen.

If you're interested in equestrian fare, then the Racebook is right up your alley. The Betonline Sportsbook App makes certain to help the gamer maximize her winnings with promotions such as a 7% Horse Rebate, daily matchups notifications via your mobile betting app, and even free handicapping tips delivered directly to your inbox. As an example of some of the races that Betonline.AG covers, consider the Fairmount Park Tri-State Event, the Yonker Raceway Harness and the Southland Evening race. In addition to thoroughbreds and harness horses, they've also got greyhound dog races on the betting line. In addition to all of these, you can find the usual popular gaming suspects in the live casino, the poker table, and video slots. Slide on over for a shot at the hectic eSports competition if you've got gambling money to spare and love video game tournaments - these can be just as exciting as the racehorses.

Bovada Sportsbook App

Bovada Casino has been around a long time, but you may not necessarily recognize the new name. Formerly Bodog, they've chosen to stick with the new, as if to usher in a new age of competitive online casino games. Now, you can access a robust Sportsbook once you become a member, which is great for placing bets on your favorite sports from all around the world. Although the fun money variation is available for casino games (table games, video slots, specialty games, video poker), there is of course no such equivalent for the Sportsbook - which means that you will have to download the casino software, become a member and fund your account to begin. The good news is that once you do this, you are eligible to receive a bonus from the Sportsbook App if you match or exceed the minimum deposit amount. In the case of Bovada, this amount is 50% for deposits of up to $500.

As for what you can find once you're inside, the gambling suite will not be found wanting. In addition to parlay bets and others, the Bovada Sportsbook App has Presidential Election Odds (are you counting on the Democrats to field a competitive candidate to take on the Trumpster? Or do the Republicans control the Office for another four years), as well as the usual fare: the AFC Championship Betting Odds, NBA All Star Futures, NFC Championship Betting Odds, and the NCAA College Basketball Futures. There's a whole lot to like and bet on here,so make haste and become a member if you're into Sportsbook gambling.

MyBookie Sportsbook App

As far as Sportsbooks Apps are concerned, the one created and maintained by MyBookie is a great addition to the spate of those that have already been reviewed in the Sunshine Casino aggregate. In particular, MyBookie seems to have some sort of deal with the major credit card vendor, MasterCard, in that they provide a 100% sign up bonus for all those who do so using this card. Alternatively, if you're into the digital currency (cryptocurrency) realm, then you can make a deposit with Bitcoin and receive 50% up to the prescribed amount. They seem to skew towards American Football betting, with the National Football Association (NFL) being front and center on their landing page. In fact, you get a 100% Sign Up Bonus if you use Bitcoin to start your account for sports gambling. Double this amount if you use it to bet on NFL Football.

You might come to the MyBookie Sportsbook App for the NFL betting, but you'll likely stay for the multitude of other promotions inside. In addition to the 100% Sign Up Bonus - which is only good for that amount - the Supercontest, which is going on exclusively at MyBookie, provides a whopping $100,000 to the lucky first-place winner. If you've got a slew of friends, then you may want to start recommending this casino to them as there's a 100% Referral Bonus involved if they deposit the required amount of cash and place some bets on the sports of their choosing. Another delectable attribute of the casino is the 150% Casino Reload Bonus, which rewards active players by helping you recoup some of your losses for that week. This short summary barely scratches the surface of the MyBookie SportsApp, so download today to fully tap into the full suit of offers.

BitBook Sportsbook App

BitBook Sportsbook is a very competitive new addition to the spate of sportsbook apps that are being reviewed by Sunshine Mobile. It has many of the same offerings as the otherwise incomparable Nicabet, and its mobile availability launches it right up there with Bovada and Betonline. After you quickly create an account, you can be gaming on your Android or iOS tablet or phone in no time at all, placing qualified bets on your favorite teams in sports such as Soccer, American Football, Baseball, and Basketball. These will really get your blood pumping, as you place spread bets, free bets courtesy of the BitBook Sportsbook App House, and parlay bets on horse races and man-to-man endeavors.

If your interests lie elsewhere, then the eSports section ought to really pique your interest here. Locate the hottest video game tournaments in the world right inside the BitBook lobby, and place the bets of your choosing - as long as they remain within the House rules, as listed on the landing page of the website. All this good stuff, and we have yet to even hint at the promotions that are available exclusively to members. Starting with the 150% Welcome Bonus, and followed up by the 50% Reload Bonus, as well as several Cashback opportunities and VIP loyalty program benefits, you will find that BitBook is one tough gaming hall to outdo. Join today and start placing bets on top sports and competitive events around the world, using the mobile app for convenience.

SkyWage Sportsbook App

SkyWage Sportsbook has a lofty name, and a lofty game to go with it. It is widely known for its almost comprehensive suite of mobile gaming options; in that it allows you to play nearly everything that you would ever want all in one spot. The most noticeable thing about it at first glance is how dazzling it looks, with a crisp new interface meant to regale newcomers and keep veterans invested. As a Sportsbook app, the design also renders very nicely on your smaller tablet and smartphone screen. It should be no problem at all to locate your preferred sports and events in order to place a bet and let the games begin.

Although this is a sportsbook, you will first be presented with a wide variety of video slots and table games when you hit the landing page. There are Welcome Bonuses associated with these, as well as ongoing promotions that are only available to casino members. There's even better news: there's a separate Welcome Bonus for the sports and team events that you can bet on once inside. In the Promotions section of SkyWage Sportsbook, there are many horse-racing, professional sports and even the occasional odd activity promotions that encourage you to gamble on these with hopes of becoming the victor. If you're into cryptocurrency, then you should strongly consider making a deposit with Bitcoin in order to take advantage of the SkyWage Casino Bitcoin bonus. Check the customer support menu to find out how to field any questions or comments you have about this fantastic new sportsbook app.

OhmBet Sportsbook

As one of the spate of new sportsbook apps to land in the online space, OhmBet has made certain to offer a slew of unique features that you'd be hard-pressed to find at other establishments. Very easy to sign up at, in just a few clicks and several minutes, you could be a member of the best new sportsbook app in town. Be sure to have payment info at the ready to expedite the sign-up process. There's a plethora of the usual sports and events inside on which to wager and place heart-throbbing bets, including basketball, tennis, boxing, professional volleyball and man, many more. In fact, the OhmBet Sportsbook App even has video games on tap, which you can enter and bet on the candidates for victory - at least, insofar as you can surmise. Top level games such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Counterstrike are present and accounted for, with players from all over the world tuned in to watch the clock wind down and reveal the winners.

As with any online sportsbook app worth its salt, OhmBet has a multitude of bonuses and promotions that are especially pleasing because of the ease of opting on. Since the software engineers really undertook the task of making this sportsbook practical to use on virtually any mobile device, it runs as smoothly as you could ever want, and never lags. If you're into mixed-martial arts, try the UFC-style wager if only to get the special promotion that goes with it. You could be winning bets that are bolstered by what the House offers just for playing, with the OhmBet Sportsbook app.

America's Cardroom Sportsbook App

If only by the name alone, you can tell that this sportsbook app is a commitment made especially to American gamblers. For so long, the US government placed restrictions on country-wide betting on games of chance and professional sports, that it is literally a breath of fresh air to finally see a casino/sportsbook emerge that upholds what should be civil liberties. If you consider yourself a bonafide sports fan, and you are also into gambling, then this is the one for you. America's Cardroom Sportsbook App is as flexible as it is robust, and includes a variety of professional endeavors on which you can gamble to hopefully make some cash - based on luck, as well as your own personal knowledge of team sports and competitive endeavors.

The mobile version is seamless and does not compromise anything to bring you that particular version that's distinct from the website version.The fact that America's Cardroom Sportsbook App also accepts Bitcoin makes it even more competitive than most of the newer ones springing up all over the online space. Combine this with the bonuses and promotions to which members are privy, and there's very little reason not to download the software now, so that you can begin taking advantage. Head to American's Cardroom Sportsbook and join in on the multitude of tournaments that are running at any given time.

A New Sportsbook App in Spin Sports

The Spin Sports Sportsbook app is relatively new on the scene, and landed with great aplomb when it arrived. It has the backing of the larger parent company, SBTech, and is able to provide a wealth of opportunities to bet on sporting events, outright competitive games and an online casino tucked away inside the lobby. Creating an account is as easy as can be, and you will be up and running in mere minutes with your new username and the attendant Welcome Bonus that comes with your account.

Once inside this smooth-running app on your mobile device, you can quickly and efficiently access major sports, as well as relatively obscure ones like handball and table tennis. Switch between the onscreen tabs to locate and bet on the events of your choosing. As is true of all competitive casinos and sportsbook apps these days, you can also opt into the eSports section and wager on tournaments of some of the world's most popular massively multiplayer games like Fortnight and Dead or Alive.

Lastly, in addition to the Welcome Bonus, you've got the opportunity to take advantage of the free bet offered here at Spin Sports. With this option, you can be playing the best games using only House Cash to place a wager; you keep your winnings and suffer no personal losses when activated.

QuinnBet Sportsbook App

QuinnBet Sportsbook App is everything that you would want in a mobile bookie; in addition to the promotions that are waiting inside, they toss you a cool $5 simply for opening an account - even if you just create a username and password without funding said account. Although there are plenty of sports on which to gamble, the most prominent one is horse-racing; you can find plenty of game gamblers waiting in the wings with their wagers at the ready. Join the fray and see if luck smiles on you that day. If you're looking for more than the $5 pittance (although it IS free, so can you really complain?), then make a qualified deposit to get the casino to match that with their 50% actual Welcome Bonus.

If you like the other major sports, do not let the opening emphasis on horse-racing discourage you, for QuinnBet Sportsbook has bet lines on virtually any major sporting event played anywhere in the world. These live bets open up the entire spate of events to you, and with your account active and ready to go, you can place bets within the minimum and maximum amounts set by QuinnBet administrators. For a break from the high-stakes sports bets, you can move over to the casino and try your hand at blackjack, video poker and video slots.

Best Credit Card Sportsbook for Deposits

Free Account @ Bovada | Great Credit Card Acceptance Rate!

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