Top Online Sportsbooks For Canada

Online betting on sports have been available by online sportsbooks in Canada for the last 15 years. Canadians can literally choose from over a 100 online sportsbooks that will meet different online sports bettors needs. This section touches on legality and lists the top 3 online sportsbooks in Canada. We have chosen just 3 online Sportsbooks in Canada as a starter because they are the ones that are the oldest and most established to ensure that:

  1. Your funds are safe and secure.
  2. Your private information is safe and secure
  3. They have an English language customer service that can respond to your concerns in a profession manner in a reasonable amount of time
  4. Easy to use Canadian deposit and payout methods

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Canadians

We have listed SportsInteraction,BetOnline Sportsbook,Top Bet Sportsbook and OddsMaker Sportsbook as reputable online sportsbooks that accept Canadian customers with Canadian friendly deposit and withdrawal methods. We will be adding to the list over time. betOnline and OdssMaker are best for newer or recreational bettors. While Diamond is a sharper book that has higher limits for larger wager players. TopBet sportsbook is also good for new online sports bettors.

Online Sportsbooks in Canada - Is it Legal?

It is a grey area as between the Federal government and the Provincial government jurisdictions over what are called regulation of betting on sporting events. Most provinces view online sports betting as under their jurisdiction because of their provincial lottery powers and do not want to cut off an important gambling revenue stream. As with the age of the internet, online gambling offshore is legal in the jurisdiction that they are located and regulated. From the online consumer perspective, NO Canadian online bettor has been prosecuted for online betting. Canada is even more liberal than the US when it comes to online sportsbooks. You can see it in the amount of media advertising (TV, print, radio, etc) that you can see promoting online sportsbooks and online poker rooms. The CFL even had Bowmans and online sportsbook as their major sponsor and you could see their logo on most CFL turf fields - now that is the most reassuring sign for online sports betting tolerance in Canada. Moreover, the popular 24 hours sports cable network TheScore has almost 24 hour advertising of online poker rooms and sportsbooks on their ticker. Just check it out any day of the week.

How to Deposit at Online Sportsbooks in Canada

Have a look at our credit card sports betting page for detailed information Credit Card Sports Betting. Many new online bettors have concerns about the financial information and you can treat an online sportsbook just like any other ecommerce vendor like or when it comes to your financial information. Online sportsbooks will go through more financial transactions than or Future Shop and it is in their interest to protect your data.

If safety is your primary concern when you are starting out. We recommend buying VISA gift cards like when you buy Christmas presents. These are one off purchases that have a high credit card acceptance rate because they are prepaid. You need to keep your original gift card and copy of receipt. Online sportsbooks will have a lot of paper work that you need to fill out when you get your first payout when you deposit to combat credit card fraud. Another advantage of using Credit Card gift cards is that it limits your gambling to how much your prepay. A lot of gamblers tend to gamble to much with the ease of online gambling.

Ewallet are the quickest way to transfer money to online sportsbooks and fastest to get your withdrawals or payouts from Canadian sportsbooks. Instadebit is a Canadian eWallet that is highly recommended. You can think of it as an online bank. You deposit money into it and then transfer those funds to the online Canadian sportsbook of your choice.

Good luck and enjoy the games. A tip for online gambling - divide whatever your you think your bet amount will be in 1/2 and then when you go to bet divide it half again - this will make your money last longer until you become a better handicapper.