Credit Card Sports Betting We have put together the best online sportsbooks that accept credit card deposits. Using a credit card is one of the fastest and easiest ways to fund your Internet sportsbook account. Most of the time you can deposit online and be wagering within 15 minutes. All of the following consumer reviewed sportsbooks accept Visa and MasterCard. However, you financial institution may block the transaction from going through. The issue occurs mostly in the USA and you will not know unless you try it. I would recommend that you try it online first and if that does not work call up the sportsbook as they can try to deposit it over the phone and it may work. You can even try depositing with the same credit card a week later and it may work because Credit Card companies limit the amount of transactions processed. We currently recommend Bovada Sportsbook as a new sportsbook with a high credit card acceptance rate.

Online Sportsbooks Accepting Credit Card Deposits

Credit Card Sportsbooks Deposit Tips

  • Try online first as it is quick and easy to make a deposit.
  • Try it at another time if the transaction does not go through.
  • Deposit a week before the game to get your started. Transactions may get blocked due to high volume closer to game time.
  • Call their customer service. Customer service may have access to different credit card processors.
  • Use VISA or Mastercard gift cards to make deposits. Quickest and easiest way to make a deposit.
  • Credit Card deposits depend on the bank and the volume of processed transactions at that time.
  • Most online sportsbooks treat VISA debit card and MasterCard Debit card as credit card transactions that go through credit card processors. When depositing by Debit Card use the credit card option.

Tips On Using VISA Gift Cards and MasterCard Gift Cards For Deposits At Online US Sportsbooks

  • All the online sportsbooks that we recommend accept both VISA Gift Cards and MasterCard Gift Cards as deposits. The challenge is that they operate similarly as credit deposits and may get declined by the credit card processor.
  • Using a credit gift card usually has a higher acceptance rate because they are prepaid. The best thing for gamblers is that using Credit Card Gift Cards can be good money management tool so that you do not overspend.
  • VISA Gift Cards generally have a higher acceptance rate but it depends on the processor and the online sportsbook.
  • Try it online first at any of our recommended Internet sportsbooks.
  • If the gift card is rejected on first try, you can try it in 24 hours later at the same sportsbook. Most online sportsbooks have credit processor limits.
  • Deposit early in the week if you are betting on football as online sportsbooks will have less volume on their processors early in the week.
  • Remember to keep a receipt and the actual gift card because sportsbooks will often want a copy when you request a payout.

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