Sunshine Sportsbooks for Canadians

The online sportsbooks world can be a messy, murky mess. Most people don’t know where to begin, where to go, and how any of it works. We take all the guess work out of it for you, do all the heavy lifting, and aggregate all of the information you need to start making money online. Whether you’re a sports fan or just in all this for the great money that tends to come from it, we’re here to help, and are a trusty name in the industry.

What You Can Bet On

All of the hottest sports are represented here, letting you bet on absolutely anything you can imagine. You can start off betting on something familiar, like baseball, one of Asia’s favorite sports. You can also get in on the college football scene, betting on NCAA games. Tennis is also featured, letting you keep up with it whenever you feel like making a decent amount of money! Hockey fans can also rest easy knowing that the NHL is among our lineup. Golf enthusiasts will be overjoyed to find that they are included in this mix as well. This is a long side Bodog Horse betting, as well as more traditional sports like boxing.

One of our favorite sport categories here is also among the lineup, being Olympic sports themselves! Although these only come around once every four years, when they do, they are quite fun! Devotees of the world cup will also find themselves at home, soccer/football being one of the most popular things that people come to the site for based on the time of year. UFC and MMA fights are covered alongside that for fight fans of all kinds.

You can also bet on plenty of lesser know sports in the online betting world, such as the Ryder cup, surfing, motorsports, and even cricket! We never thought in a million years we’d be betting on cricket, but here we are making money online with it.

Why People Choose Sunshine Sportsbooks

We also feel the need to inform betters as to what they’re getting into, giving you an edge over everyone else that goes into these things blindly. We very regularly go into the odds and such on the betting events that go online all the time, NHL being a big player there. We break down all the stats, the players, the scores, their history, and any other information would-be betters need to know to make informed bets. This is done for most major sports, and is one of the favorite features of people visiting the site, ours included! We wouldn’t know what to bet on without that.

In addition to the above, we also offer insights on selecting the best offshore sportsbooks. Even if you’d rather bet elsewhere, we’ll help you figure out the most effective and safest places to do just that. We’ll even tell you the signup bonuses for all the various sites, and give you a leg up on everyone else going around blindly on the internet not knowing what to do or where to do it or how any of that works. No matter what country you’re in, even the US, we’ll direct you where you need to go with that to start making money immediately.

Sportsbooks You Can Trust

We’re widely known for being honest, up front, and putting everything on the table. There’s a reason people come back to us time and again as their premiere information source on the world of online sportsbooks. It can be a hard thing to navigate, and you’re not quite sure who to trust in the process. We take care of all that for you and do the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is sit back, make some bets, and let the money start rolling in as the smile widens on your face!

We do the research and take the risks to review and experience all the best sportsbooks online. Some of them work out, some of them don’t, and we let you know how it all went so you can spent your time better than we did when it didn’t go well! We test every facet of them, even their customer service.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re here by accident or are doing your due diligence to find the best and safest places to make your bets online, we’re here to help. We have done all that and more, regularly keep up with more than anyone else possibly could in the online sportsbooks world because it’s our job, and give you everything you need to make informed and profitable decisions on where to place your bets. Alongside keeping track of the frequent promotions that online betting sites make, and the current state of the games and sports this all revolves around, there is little we don’t do for you when it comes to making this all easier.

We feel the site speaks for itself. Check out our featured betting events and see how the odds may be for or against you. Look into the current betting trends on any particular sport that’s hot online. And feel free to browse all of our reviews of the different online betting sites to know where your money will be best invested. We even keep track of the sign up bonuses and special offers going on all around the internet so you don’t have to!

Canadians trust us for a reason, and we’re good ‘ol canucks ourselves. We’ll walk you through everything and hold your hand every step of the way. Stick with us, and we’ll get through all of this together, coming out a lot happier and richer on the other side of the crazy world of sports betting that tends to make us all a small fortune without having to be athletes ourselves!