Free Bets at Sportsbooks

Free Bets from online sportsbooks are more popular with European based online sportsbooks than US accepting online sportsbooks who usually offer a larger FREE sign/deposit bonus.

FREE Bet = FREE Play is an important difference from a sign up deposit bonus. A Free Bet/Free Play is a bet where you win only the win amount. For example you may get a $25 Free Bet at some online sportsbooks. You can make your wager and then you will get the Win Amount on the wager. For example, if you wager $25 at +100 odds and you win you would get $25 back. It is a decent offer but Free Bets are usually offered by the newest online sportsbooks who wish to draw a lot of traffic. It is important when choosing an online spotsbook for your entertainment sportsbook dollars to choose a safe and secure online sportsbook that has good customer service. Most online sportsbook that offer Free Bets or Free Plays are newer sportsbooks. There is nothing wrong with the offer but these sportsbooks may not have a long established record.

Online Sporstbook Sign Up Bonuses

Online Sportsbook Bonuses offer a % bonus on your initial deposit that is a FREE Bet in that you do not have to pay it back as it is part of your Sign Up Bonus. The difference with a Sign Up Bonus is that you will get the Win Amount and Risk Amount of a bet when you wager. For example, if you wager $25 at +100 odds you would get $25 WIn Amount and your $25 Risk Amount back. You would need to Rollover the bonus several times before you are able to withdraw the bonus amount. The Rollover requirements for Sign Up Bonuses are different for most online sportsbooks.

Free Bet - Updated:July,2024

Yes - you are reading this correctly: online Sportsbook and casinos have something called "free bets." In this scenario, an online bookie or bookmaker sets the term limits for the size of the free bet that e is willing to pay for the gambler. Basically, a free bet is a bet that you take without the risk, while recouping the potential rewards. Quite clearly, it's a method that is intended to draw the customers into the casino, where they will continue playing for real money after experiencing the wonders of the free bet.

The Skinny on Free Bets

When it comes to the free bet, you want to make sure that you get it to work for you and not against you. Always keep in mind the purpose; although the offer is of course above board and legitimate at the Sportsbook which offer them, it's a traffic-obtainment method, so you want to make sure that the casino is worth creating an account and later making a deposit it. This means that it should have a robust selection of table games and video slots, and the Sportsbook section should allow you to place bets on all the top competitive team sports in the world.

Although there can be other accouterments to the free bet option, the core benefit of the central offer is simply the ability to place a bet or bets without risk - and yet still collect the resulting cash if you win. The Casino House pays it, and withholds the stake amount if you win. This is necessary; otherwise the Sportsbook would not be able to keep on offering this feature. The only requirement to qualify for a free bet is to make sure this is the first and only account that you're opening with the House.

Additionally, there could be issues with the country from which you are playing. Because of recent legislation in the US, players from America are no longer federally restricted from wagering on sports games in the Sportsbook. It's up to the particular state to pass legislation now, so be sure to check with your local legislature to make sure online casino games are allowed in your area. Most importantly, as long as your state or country does not actively set any restrictions on your Sportsbook dreams, then you can assume that the free bet option applies. So choose from among the best online casinos such as Nicabet, 5Dimes, Betonline, Bovada and more to start playing the high-octane professional sports teams.

Best Methods to Using Free Bets

Since they're giving it away for free, you might as well use it to your advantage, right? Let us check out some of the tried-and-true techniques that have helped countless players before you maximize their winnings. As a game of chance as well as skill in picking teams and understanding player tendencies, sports book betting is often more appealing than casino games - but this obviously depends on the players.

  • Method 1: There's a certain technique called "matched betting," which allows you to transition the free bet offered by the Sportsbook into direct cash. To begin, all you have to do is place a bet (House money, remember) on the result you expect from a team sport, and then side your bet with a negative outcome. Basically, this means you bet as if the team or outcome won't win. In one of the miracles of alternative gambling, you win regardless of the outcome! Of course, the free bet that makes this possible can only be placed once per casino and per account, and you're not allowed to have more than a single account at any online Sportsbook.

  • Method 2: This involves making a deposit and then combining this deposit with the amount of money that the casino gives you for free. Now, you can jump into the fray with double the money you put up yourself, which opens you up to even greater potential wins.

  • Method 3: You've probably heard of bet-hedging. When you hedge your bet, all that you're doing is making sure that you win no matter the outcome - but you do need to put some money up first. Once done, you place a bet on the desired or projected outcome, and then you place the free money bet on the opposite. No matter what happens, you win!

Things to Look For

Always check the terms when it comes to free bets; look to make sure there are no requirements to match your own funds with them - because this is false advertising. The bet isn't free if the casino House mandates that you must match their own funds. There are all kinds of things hidden under the Terms and Conditions, in our experience. Your best bet is to simply choose reputable Sportsbooks with long and storied histories; to be on the safe side. One of the most common deceptions is the so-called risk free bet; there's no need for this qualification, since the free bet is supposed to be inherently risk-free. Always read the directions before signing up to make sure that the casino and or Sportsbook is above-board. When done correctly, the free bet is a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

Summation of the Free Bet

Before you make a decision on the kind of free bet you will opt in to, apprise yourself of the differences in the above sections of this article. Then, consider the risk-free bet, which is n excellent way to manage your losses before you even pile them up. The House guarantees that you will get the money if you win, but not lose anything from your own account if things don't pan out (commensurate, of course, with the amount that the casino has chosen to delineate as free). There's no surprise that the casinos that advertise this option, have the multitudes fleeing to their websites for a shot at gold in the Sportsbook realm.

As for how to use your risk free bet, consider professional hockey with the NHL, since hockey is popular in the cold climates around the world, Alternatively, you cannot go wrong with football (we mean soccer; not the almost exclusively American gridiron sport); multiple European, South American, African and many other places indulge this age-old sport of the skilled foot. For advanced betting, look into the four-leg parlay and use your free Casino Sportsbook money to potentially magnificent effect. You can even use the free cash on horse racing at places such as Nicabet Sportsbook, Bovada (formerly Bodog), Betonline .ag and several others that have been vetted by the experts here. If you didn't know what free bet was before, you have been edified - head to the nearest top Sportsbook on this list and sign up to start using House Cash to potentially realize your dreams of financial freedom.

Sportsbook Limits

Every Sportsbook, whether online or off, has certain limitations imposed on it in terms of how much you can wager and withdraw at any single point in time. The obvious reason for this entails ensuring that there's enough cash on hand to pay out to the winners. The last thing that you'd want is to be stuck in a position where your chosen team wins, garnering you a huge result, only to find out that you're unable to recoup your winnings because of restrictions on cash amounts. It is with this in mind that we will walk you through the current Sportsbooks limitations at your preferred online Sportsbook and casino combinations.

We have recommend the following online sportsbooks based on being a Safe and Secure Online Sportsbook foremost as our top criteria. The online Free Bets or Free Sign Up Bonuses vary in size as most of the companies offer different size bonuses for Sportsbook, Poker, Casino and Racebook. All our recommended online sportsbooks offer a full suite of online gambling odds to meet your online betting needs. We have opened accounts at all these sportsbooks and personally wager and request withdrawals with them on a regular basis to assure quality control. For more info on Sportsbook Deposit Methods.

Do you get your stake back on a free bet?

In case the stake of your total bet is higher than the free bet amount then you will receive the remaining bet value to your account as a real cash balance. In rest of the cases in case you place a winning bet, the amount will be transferred to your account on your wallet as the original amount of the free bet is not returned to you.

How do you use free bets?

Using the available free bets is very easy. You will only need to select the option of "use the free bet" from the platform you may be using. After this, you can choose the exact amount you wish to use from the available one and then place your bets using the free bet.

What is the best bookmaker to bet with?

You are welcome to check out all the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular and prestigious bookmakers out there. We provide you a list of the most quality and trusted platforms where you can have a great selection of sports events and a nicely made simple platform to bet on.

How does DraftKings free bet work?

At DraftKings all the new players are treated with a nice free bet which comes with a specified monetary amount that you can use on the sportsbook. Using the free bet here then is as simple as on the rest of the platforms. Simply choose to place your bets with the free amount you will have on your account.

What does "winnings paid in free bets" mean?

In case of the statement of "winnings paid in free bets", you can expect the outcome of a winning bet amount to be transferred to free bets on your account which you can use further on to place more bets.

Do free bets expire?

Different online platforms offer different conditions for the provided free bets. Usually, they have an expiration date which can be 7 days, 10 days, etc. once you choose a platform to place your bets on, you can always check the expiration dates of the promotions you get.

Are bookies illegal?

Online bookies are legal in the territories of the countries which allow online betting. Check the availability of the country of your residence on the online platforms you wish to bet on, before joining an online bookie.

What is the best site to bet on football?

There are many online platforms offering the most different football matches and championships you can bet on. We suggest the following list of trusted online sportsbooks which offer a great and secure environment to place your bets.

Which is the best online bookmaker?

You are welcome to check out all the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular and prestigious bookmakers out there. We provide you a list of the most quality and trusted platforms where you can have a great selection of sports events and a nicely made simple platform to bet on.

Can I withdraw my free bet winnings?

While your actual free bets are not available for withdrawal, the winnings you may have as a result of using the free bets to place your wagers will be transferred to your account which you are always welcome to cash out at any point.

How do risk free bets work?

Risk-free bets are a secure way of placing your bets on an online platform as it allows you to receive the bet amount back to your account in case your wager loses.

How long does it take for Bovada to pay out?

Based on the payment method you have chosen the payout times at Bovada may differ from 24 hours to up to 2 weeks. A good idea is to always check out the payout times of the specific banking method you may wish to use on the platform.

Do you get your money back if a bet is void?

In case your bet is void due to any of the available most different reasons, you will always receive your money back. While you will not hit any wins, you will also never lose money on void bets.

Is 5dimes legal?

5dimes is one of the most popular and trusted online platforms out there and it is legal in the countries which allow the local players gamble. Before going for 5dimes, it is advised to check out the eligibility of your country to play on the platform.

How long do 5Dimes withdrawals take?

Depending on which banking method you may have had selected to use, your withdrawals from 5Dimes may take up to 6 working days. Meanwhile, in case you use bitcoin to enjoy your favorite games and sports events, you will be glad to know that payments may take only up to 24 hours.

How long do bets take to settle?

Depending on the platform and the sports event you have chosen to bet on the settling time for bets may differ from a few minutes to up to several hours. You can always check out the specific timings for each of your bets on the platforms you may choose to bet on.

How do bonus bets make money?

As you receive betting bonuses from the online platforms you choose to bet on, you can use free amounts to place bets. In this case, you will use the available amounts as wagers instead of your own funds.

Can you withdraw free bet winnings?

While your actual free bets are not available for withdrawal, the winnings you may have as a result of using the free bets to place your wagers will be transferred to your account which you are always welcome to cash out at any point.

How can I place a bet on NFL?

NFL is one of the most popular events to place bets on and hence most of the online sportsbooks always offer odds for it. As long as your country is eligible to access online sportsbooks which list the sports event, you can always place bets on NFL.

What are the best online sportsbooks?

Check out our list of suggested best online sportsbook which is all trusted and secure proven by many players all around the world.

Is it legal to bet on NFL games?

It is legal to place online bets within the territories of the countries which allow their local players to access online sportsbooks. And as long as your trusted and quality sportsbook accepts bets on NFL, you can always place your bets legally.

Are there any legal online sportsbooks?

Trusted and properly registered online sportsbooks are legal in the countries which allow the players to access the platforms. The sportsbooks are usually prohibited to be used by the players of certain countries due to internal laws and policies of the specific country however, in the rest of the cases, many countries allow local players to access online sportsbooks which are legal.

Can I place a bet in Vegas online?

It is possible to place online bets in Vegas once you are in Nevada. All you will need to do is look for your preferred online casinos and sportsbooks which offer the gambling and betting options and you can easily start placing your bets.

What are the best online bookies?

There are hundreds of online bookies out there offering the most different list of opportunities and betting options to players from all around the world. Meanwhile, in case you wish to give a try to some platforms you had never tried before it always a good idea to explore all the advantages and disadvantages of the bookie you are about to try. If you are looking for a secure and quality online bookie you can check out the list of platforms we suggest are some of the best online bookies out there.

Is bet365 legal in USA?

Currently logging into bet365 from the USA is impossible as it is not yet approved for the players from the country. However, in some states in the USA online gaming will soon be legalized and hence the launch of the platform for those States is expected very soon.

How do you bet?

In case you have already found the platform you wish to place your bets at, and ready to go through your favorite sports events, the first thing you may wish to do is to check out the game odds. This will help you understand and evaluate the risks and potential wins of your prospective bet. Once you made up your mind on what you wish to bet and how much, you can be ready to make your first deposit on your account and place your very first bet on your preferred sports event directly from there.