Nicabet Sportsbook

The mobile revolution has really brought out a lot of excitement to the online casino gaming space, since the fast new operating systems allow for fast-paced play and real-time sports betting. Sites such as Nicabet Sportsbook are springing up to take advantage of the possibilities in this new era, which bodes well for you - the online casino gamer and gambler. In the following, we'll give a comprehensive overview of just what to expect at Nicabet, and why you should not delay in becoming a member.

1. Create Account

Nicabet Sportsbook is a brand new online gambling site that offers excellent gaming options for the online casino gamer and sportsbook aficionado. Although most of the site is in Spanish, it is welcoming to gamers of all nationalities from accepted jurisdictions. You will notice how well laid-out the site is when you head to on your desktop pc or mobile device of choice (as long as it's Android or iOS, with Microsoft Windows support for tablets and smartphones coming soon).

In order to sign up, you need only click the Start button at the top of the screen to begin the process of creating an account. If you like, feel free to peruse the Sports section, Horses section for you horse racing gamblers, the Casino section in which all of the video slots and table games reside, or the Branch Offices section to deposit money using an accepted format. We will provide more information on deposits and withdrawals in another subsection so don't worry about the process.

Account Creation Method for

To create an account at Nicabet, find the "Check In" section on the page and create an account username as well as secure password. Do not use a generic word for a password, as most account hacks come about simply from using a program that can go through many, many combinations of simple words and commonly used names and passwords to break into your account. Then, click the Login button and you're all set. If you need any help whatsoever, the Live Support option is located at the bottom right hand side of the page. Specifically for the table game poker, there's another Live Support option to make sure that gamers do not have to suffer long wait times.

The things that you will need are your full first and last name, for starters. Make sure to have on hand your best email address, too, for this is where all correspondence will go - you will be notified of any wins you accrue, as well as withdrawal options and Sportsbook and casino news. Your physical address will, of course, be needed as well for funds processing and to make sure your bank is legitimately yours.

In the next section, as you continue creating an account at the sportsbook, you will need to provide your phone number for both home and business (these can be one and the same if you work from home). Your birth date and any marketing codes you might have procured as a first-time user are also of use, and may make you eligible for discounts once you're inside the Lobby. After you accept the terms, you're all set and can go about betting on your favorite sports! Make sure you only create a single account per person otherwise your entire account creation can be voided and any existing funds lost.

2. Sports Betting (American Football, Soccer, Baseball etc)

Where would the online casino gaming space be without sports betting? It is. Without a doubt, one of the most heart-thumping, exciting and exhilarating games of chance and skill out there. At Nicabet, the entire spate of professional and amateur sports is available to you in their Sportsbook. Once you sign up and become a member, the sky is literally the limit in how much you can use your knowledge of the teams and players to improve the quality of the bets you make. There's a sports subsection, a horses subsection, casino games subsection and others at Nicabet. In this short article, we will go through the top American and Worldwide sports on which you can place a bet.

America Football in the Sportsbook

Out of all the thousands of betting options that are available at Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino, American Football is right near or at the top in terms of popularity. There's a reason why the Gridiron Gang consistently commands multi-billion dollar television licenses; although it is almost exclusively an American sport, football is watched worldwide as the elite athletes enjoy the adulation of millions of fans. Among the many teams on which you can place a bet, there's the Super Bowl winning Patriots with Tom Brady at the helm (although probably for not much longer), as well as the former team of standout running back, Marshawn Lynch - the Seattle Seahawks (who should've ran the damn ball back in 2015). Pick your favorite teams and obtain an understanding of point spreads, as well as wins and losses, to improve your chances at winning multiple times your wager.

Soccer - the World's Football

Although you often hear of "football" in America; the true football is spelled "futbol", and is the most popular sport on earth. Practically every nation plays it, and the World Cup - which occurs every four years in a different host country - is the most watched phenomenon on the television screen once it debuts. At Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino, you can wager on the many soccer leagues in Europe and Central America; more are being added all the time. If you prefer to restrict your betting to the Western Hemisphere, then the LA Galaxy of North America are a popular team in a semi-popular league. But make no mistake; the best soccer games take place in the Euro Leagues and so you will find the most robust wagering in these. Create an account and sign up to get in the game.

Baseball at Nicabet

Baseball is yet another very popular sport in the world at large; and although it is mostly relegated to both North and South America, where the climates are more given to extended outside play, people all over the world tune in to both professional and amateur events. As such, the gambling and sports betting with this sport is huge, and you stand to both win and potentially lose as much as you're willing to risk. Nicabet has multiple subsections for baseball, so once you become a member, you can navigate to these and find the games that suit you best; that is, the ones with which you're most familiar.

Basketball in the Nicabet Sportsbook

Finally as an introduction, we have basketball. Of course, there are other sports on which you can bet - such as horse-racing - but in terms of the major world sports, basketball is very close to the top position. In fact, possibly only soccer supersedes it. The wondrous game from Dr. Naismith has exploded on to the world scene ever since Larry Bird and Magic Johnson took the helm; and it got launched into the stratosphere with the emergence of the greatest player to ever lace them up - Michael Jordan. All of those wonderful players are retired now, but basketball is at its peak in terms of popularity, which is a definite plus for the Sportsbook here at Nicabet. Peruse the lists to see which teams and games you can bet on, and, as always, gamble responsibly.

3. eSports Betting

With the exceptional makeup of mobile devices - from lightning-fast Smartphones, to media-heavy tablets - it should come as little surprise that eSports betting has become a significant addition to the spate of online casino gaming and betting options. Why is this, you ask? Well, the robust devices allow you to watch sporting games like never before, with a clarity that easily surpasses that capable with the best of television sets from even a decade ago. As a result, more people than ever watch games on their Android or Apple iOS tablet. Capitalizing on this healthy explosion of new gamblers and Sportsbook lovers, Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino has implemented an excellent example for others to follow, with eSports ranging from first-person shooting games, to lengthy adventure escapades that feature some of the best players in the world. Just create an account and sign up to obtain access to the entire thing. There's an email at the bottom of the page, as well as a Live Support option if you need any help whatsoever.

What, Exactly, Qualifies as an eSport?

Basically, an eSport is any video game in which competition features strongly enough to support robust betting. Because of the growing numbers of dedicated gamers to match the increasingly powerful mobile gaming platforms, eSports is truly threatening to overtake all other forms of online gambling. There are quite a few large and powerful gaming organizations that allow players to hone their skills in both a professional and amateur capacity - Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino is just one of these. G2 eSports, Team Liquid and SK Gaming are others - although they do not allow gambling and betting the way Nicabet does. Competition within video games really gets the blood pumping, and is a worthy addition to the sense of gaming adventure that's built into the games, themselves.

The eSports Landscape

One of the biggest eSports events takes place ever year at the EA Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, and more than any other venue, this was the one that propelled the platform into the public consciousness. Little did they know at the time that eSports would grow to become an international thing, with players from all four corners of the earth taking up gamepads. There are literally billions and billions of dollars spent every year in this form of entertainment, and Nicabet Sportsbook eSports section is looking to corral some of that cash for real money gamers.

Basically, then, the world of competitive gaming and eSports has opened the way for gamblers to make some serious cash off their knowledge of the top players, and the character of the most-played games. According to analytics experts at Newzoo, for example, there were over 380 million viewers from all over the world (obviously, since the population of the United States alone is only 325 million or so). Of these, the market analytics showed that 165 million were frequent watchers and gamers, themselves. South Korea, China and the United States are the top countries from which these viewers hail. These numbers let you know just how eSports betting can be expected to grow in the future.

Top Games in the eSports Landscape

What are the top games in the eSports landscape? You simply cannot go wrong with the following selections, for they cover the very best that each genre has to offer. First of all, Overwatch was a huge hit almost immediately when it debuted in 2016, drawing record numbers of gamers. The betting increased tenfold, too, as online Sportsbooks such as Nicabet quickly added Overwatch to their growing list of eSports games. League of Legends, Rocket League and Fortnite are similarly popular options.

To maximize your eSports betting strategy consider the following tips:

  • Check out the terms and compare them with other Sportsbook; you want to make sure that your bets are cost-effective. Once the free bets that are sometimes offered run out and you become a member, you don't want to be paying more than necessary to place wagers on your favorite team sports - after all, you always stand to win the same amounts from your winning bets, so why give the House a greater portion of that cash than necessary?
  • Figure out a wagering method beforehand - and use discipline to stick to it. In this way, betting can be like stock investing - and you want to be a disciplined investor who thinks about the long ball. For more information, check Sportsbook message boards to see what gems have been left by sports-betting veterans.
  • Do the fundamental and/or technical analysis that is necessary to maximize your chances. This means you should be familiar with the teams; all latest news and events are relevant. Also, it will be helpful if you know a lot about star players, since these are the ones most capable of affecting the outcome of the game.
  • Avoid scattershot betting - although this might be tempting, the odds are you will make off as well as you started. This means you will break even - which is a waste of your time. If you want to bet on both winners and losers (potential, of course), then you aren't really in it to make any moolah. Study the teams, and roll the dice with what you have determined to be the most promising. Good luck.

To get in the game and see if you can make some cash from the machinations of the gaming world, create an account and join Nicabet today.

4. Worldwide Sporting Events

At Nicabet Sportsbook, Worldwide Sporting Events are well-represented in the gambling lanes. All major sports are inside, which means that if you play it or enjoy watching, then you're virtually certain to be able to gamble on your favorite teams. Inside, there are baseball stations on which to bet, as well as hockey, boxing, handball and even Formula 1 car racing events! For the more esoteric gamblers among you, Nicabet Sportsbook also has water polo; for those who care for more traditional fare, there's American football and boxing matches, with mixed-martial arts slated for matriculation shortly.

What Types of Bets Can You Place?

Nearly any type of bet that's available in the offline, brick-and-mortar casinos. This means that Nicabet accepts the usual straight bets, parlay bets, as well as the rarer monster teasers, pleasers, rolling-if-bets and if-bets.

The operators of the Sportsbook have implemented several methods to facilitate wagering, and you can access both from the comfort of your home if you have a WiFi or internet connection. First, there's the simple option of visiting the website, creating a casino account and using the so-called DynamicLines wagering interface exclusive to Nicabet. It is the preferred method; since it lets you efficiently monitor your plays to more easily keep track of multiple lines of sports betting. Also, since DynamicLines is optimized for the web, you never again have to miss wagering opportunities since the interface refreshes instantly - we've all experienced what it's like to miss an opportunity on an auction site because of slow refresh rates.

Alternatively, if you wish to eschew web wagering in favor of the more traditional phone lines, you can simply call Nicabet Sportsbook customer service and you will be helped expeditiously. Nicabet Casino operators are available around the clock, of course, so if you wish to bet on a horse race or basketball game, log into your account and have your account details ready before you call.

Betting Sports Rules

There are just a few very reasonable rules for sports wagering at Nicabet Sportsbook and Casinos. Using the phone number 1-800-6161, you can speak to a customer service rep quickly. The minimum deposit of $100 goes for all new entrants to the casino, as does the direct bet minimum of $50. If, instead, you are interested in so-called exotic bets, these will cost you $25 minimum, which totals a combined minimum opening wager of $100 to get started in the Sportsbook.

For the online option, all it takes is a 50 cent minimum bet for the exotic bets (an amazing difference, and clearly an attempt to get you to preferentially wager online). The lowest allowed deposit is still $50, however. Although it is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, most of the basketball, baseball and hockey Sportsbook betting take place in the evening. It's one of the beautiful things about having a sizable Sportsbook; you can always find games playing, as well as players betting to raise the stakes and make it worth your time.

Now, as for the specific types, an example of the direct bet would be the Nicabet basketball bet. This quintessential American sport has taken the world by storm for about century now, and has inspired gambling shortly after the 1970s explosion of elite players. Because professional men's basketball is split into four quarters, bets are made in four periods; these bets are kept track of with the use of points. As the game progresses and the points won tally up, the gambler with the highest number wins the pot once the sporting event concludes. You win based on the outcome of the predictions on which you wagered.

Furthermore, there exists a Casino take of 10% on all basketball wagers - as well as all football (American football) wagers. Thus, if you intend to aim for the $100 win, you should bet $110. Any other specifics are rather comprehensive, and you are urged to visit the Nicabet Sportsbook an Casino section on "Wager Types" to find out all you need to know before you place a bet. All the information you need on Teasers, Progressive Combinations, Combined Multiple Opportunities, Phasers, Multiple Opportunity Pleasers, Conditional Bets and many more are listed here.

The Live Betting at Nicabet

The new Live Betting option truly takes the cake, and lets you enjoy the Bet Extra Live feature for a max deposit of just $500. This real time option ramps up the adrenaline to maximum levels, as you get to trace just how close you may be to winning big every fraction of a second. No more wait times for the screen to refresh - which is especially pleasing if you've got a lot of money on the line. The ability to bet comfortably without any lag, and still have the full spate of video resources at your disposal, is something that was only possible starting about 5 years ago when mobile phones became as powerful as a very good modern laptop.

Visit the website at to see precisely what they have to offer inside. UFC mixed-martial arts are primed and ready, as is football, tennis, baseball and professional NBA Basketball. To access these in the Bet Extra Live feature, simply use the menu in your account and click the entitled "Straight & RIF" option; whenever Live Bet is available, the resulting field will be populated with the "Live in Play" mandate. Enjoy the Worldwide Sporting Events live!

5. Promotions

Generally speaking, promotions are the gifts provided by an online casino to players who've created an account and signed up by making a qualified deposit. Separate from the Welcome Bonus, the promotions are the kinds of benefits that just keep on coming once you become a member. Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino has just such an offering, and it is competitive with the very best promotions that you may have seen at other top gambling sites. These refresh every single week, which means that the longer you're a member of the casino, then the more promotions exist to which you are privy. For an idea of what's to come inside let's take a look at some of the promotions from other top gaming spots.

Uses of Bitcoin at Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino

As before, we've already mentioned that Nicabet is more than just a Sportsbook - you can play a multitude of online casino games here, too - including video slots, table games, specialty games and a host of video poker variations. Indeed; if you like the action to be present, front and center, then give the Live Dealer a chance. It provides a certified Vegas feel, according to numerous other gamblers that have visited the site.

If you use Apple or Android (Windows support is still on the way), then you've got plenty of options from which to choose once you're inside the Lobby. If football, soccer, handball, baseball or basketball betting is your thing, then you can raise the stakes and put down some coin on any or all of these in the Nicabet Sportsbook section. There are hundreds and hundreds of games to play if you want a break from sports betting; just switch on over to the main casino and try your good fortune at Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Len 'Em Ride, Pai Gow Poker or Baccarat. Bitcoin goes a long as way as a currency of choice in these sections, as well.

Don't Have a Bitcoin Wallet? Here's How to Get One

Getting a proper Bitcoin wallet is essential for both security purposes and utility; especially given how frequently new users lapse into pitfalls when going for the many free wallets that are on the web these days. There are, of course, great, secure free wallets; you should always go directly to the source website to get them and avoid any mirrors. Both your desktop computer and mobile devices can install these wallets, and thus allow you to make the online payments that have become an essential part of the internet business and entertainment sphere. Once you've done this, you can then obtain Bitcoin as by activating the function which says you are now accepting and using Bitcoin for services. To get started, you can buy Bitcoin from any of the major exchanges, or even from a website such as eBay - there are reputable Bitcoin vendors on there; but make sure to double-check the address of your wallet to make sure you send the correct one so you can get your digital currency.

When it comes to payment processing, the Nicabet Sportsbook handles this when you use Bitcoin at their casino. For other merchants, you can either do the invoices yourself, or use one of the plethora of merchant services that are already out there. It's important to know that in some jurisdictions, Bitcoin functions and is treated as a foreign currency. To help with your own visibility if you've got a website, consider placing a Bitcoin banner on the landing page so that incoming traffic knows that you accept this is as a form of payment.

Quick Run-Down of Nicabet Withdrawals

Just like in the deposits section, The PaySafeGroup's Neteller web wallet is accepted at Nicabet Sportsbook. Additionally, it is used by the House to mete out payments to winners. The minimum amount that you can have in your casino account before you initiate a withdrawal to your Neteller account is $100. The maximum allowed is $2500, and the Nicabet House takes a small $15 fee because of the cost of transaction, which is split between the bank and Nicabet's own processing center. Thus, it might not make a lot of sense to withdraw the minimum.

As for Moneybookers' Skrill, the minimum withdrawal number is also $50, and the max is $2500, with the same $15 transaction fee. This shouldn't be surprising, since both are run and operated by the same company (The PaySafeCard Group). The strange "@Location" method of payment and withdrawal, which is likely simply your loca, accepted bank account for a country with legal gambling, allows a $1 withdrawal minimum and a gigantic $25,000 withdrawal limitation. There is no fee for either one.

Finally, Bitcoin makes an appearance on this list, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 - there's no fee involved, either. The most you can have sent to your Bitcoin wallet from Nicabet Sportsbook is $25,000, for which there's no fee, again.

12. Deposits and Withdrawals

Here at Nicabet Casino and Sportsbook, they make the deposits and withdrawals a seamless process for players. This is as it should be, of course, since it is they who depend on your patronage. Furthermore, there are a host of options for both depositing and withdrawing funds, in order to try and cover the full scope of popular payment choices for an ever-growing gambling public. It is important to read closely, as not all methods are applicable for just anyone - some countries restrict payment using web wallets, for example, whereas others may not be so keen on Bitcoin (cryptocurrency).

If you've got any reservations whatsoever as pertains to what payment methods are applicable in your country or jurisdiction, then use the Live Chat option on the Nicabet website for the fastest responses. Online Chat is available around the clock, no matter what part of the world you are in. If you prefer to speak to someone, then the number to Nicabet Sportsbook is 1-800-6161 and you'll be connected directly to a qualified professional. Remember; if there are any fees associated with withdrawals, these are levied by your bank or intermediary financial institution; Nicabet, itself, does not charge you to take your money out. Any withdrawals, unless otherwise noted, are processed within a working day (24 hours, basically). For this, because it does cost money, there will be a nominal transfer fee.

Deposits at Nicabet Casino

If you live outside of Europe and are interested in playing for real money at Nicabet Sportsbook, then you can make a deposit using one of the most well known web wallets in Neteller. With very sound, encrypted transactions, you can rest assure that your money will be as safe as can be here. The minimum allowed deposit amount is $50, which means that virtually anyone can get in on the real money action. The maximum allowed deposit amount is $5000. Obviously, the amount at which you are eligible for the Welcome Bonus is set by Nicabet Casinos and must be above the $50 minimum set by Neteller.

The next form of allowed payment is listed on the Nicabet website as "@Location". This could refer to bank accounts, in particular, the universal ACH transfer. It is instructive, wherever you are in the world, to activate the Live Chat for more information as necessary. Although it is rare and or unconventional, there are some banks that will not be approved - usually those that are in jurisdictions that do not allow online gambling or even fun money play from casinos in the first place. In any case, the lowest amount that you can deposit is a single $1 here - and as such, there are obviously no transfer fees associated with this figure. The most you can deposit using the "@Location" designation is $25,000.

The third deposit method on this list is Moneybookers' Skrill payments.This is one of the chief web wallets out there, despite having been around for just a short time to date (inception in 2001). The architect of Skrill is the PaySafeGroup, and they have annual revenue of $331 million - which is considerable, though far less than a major vendor such as Visa and MasterCard. At Nicabet Sportsbook, the minimum allowed deposit using Skrill payments is $50; the maximum amount you can use to fund your account at one time is $5000.

After this, we now have a couple of the most common account-funding methods: credit cards. Indeed; one of the growing trends that is expected of the coming years is the use of credit cards to outstrip almost everything except perhaps Bitcoin. Visa, with annual revenues of $284 billion, and MasterCard, with annual revenues just about $2 billion higher, utterly dominate this sphere. The minimum deposit amount for either might come across as a bit surprising, given how low they are - just $10. The max deposits for credit cards is $500, and it can be done at no fee.

Lastly for the deposit section, Nicabet Casino considers itself as a safe-haven for digital currency users. This means that you can bring your Bitcoin wallet along and list your address for access to the wonderful promotions and bonuses that are often attendant with this. The minimum amount of money you can deposit (money equivalent, that is) is $100; this coincides with th min for eligibility for the Nicabet Welcome Bonus. The most you are allowed to deposit at one time using Bitcoin is a huge $25,000, which clearly shows the casino's commitment to cryptocurrency.