Nicabet Sportsbook

The mobile revolution has really brought out a lot of excitement to the online casino gaming space, since the fast new operating systems allow for fast-paced play and real-time sports betting. Sites such as Nicabet Sportsbook are springing up to take advantage of the possibilities in this new era, which bodes well for you - the online casino gamer and gambler. In the following, we'll give a comprehensive overview of just what to expect at Nicabet, and why you should not delay in becoming a member.

1. Create Account

Nicabet Sportsbook is a brand new online gambling site that offers excellent gaming options for the online casino gamer and sportsbook aficionado. Although most of the site is in Spanish, it is welcoming to gamers of all nationalities from accepted jurisdictions. You will notice how well laid-out the site is when you head to on your desktop pc or mobile device of choice (as long as it’s Android or iOS, with Microsoft Windows support for tablets and smartphones coming soon).

In order to sign up, you need only click the Start button at the top of the screen to begin the process of creating an account. If you like, feel free to peruse the Sports section, Horses section for you horse racing gamblers, the Casino section in which all of the video slots and table games reside, or the Branch Offices section to deposit money using an accepted format. We will provide more information on deposits and withdrawals in another subsection so don’t worry about the process.

Account Creation Method for

To create an account at Nicabet, find the “Check In” section on the page and create an account username as well as secure password. Do not use a generic word for a password, as most account hacks come about simply from using a program that can go through many, many combinations of simple words and commonly used names and passwords to break into your account. Then, click the Login button and you’re all set. If you need any help whatsoever, the Live Support option is located at the bottom right hand side of the page. Specifically for the table game poker, there’s another Live Support option to make sure that gamers do not have to suffer long wait times.

The things that you will need are your full first and last name, for starters. Make sure to have on hand your best email address, too, for this is where all correspondence will go - you will be notified of any wins you accrue, as well as withdrawal options and Sportsbook and casino news. Your physical address will, of course, be needed as well for funds processing and to make sure your bank is legitimately yours.

In the next section, as you continue creating an account at the sportsbook, you will need to provide your phone number for both home and business (these can be one and the same if you work from home). Your birth date and any marketing codes you might have procured as a first-time user are also of use, and may make you eligible for discounts once you’re inside the Lobby. After you accept the terms, you’re all set and can go about betting on your favorite sports! Make sure you only create a single account per person otherwise your entire account creation can be voided and any existing funds lost.

2. Sports Betting (American Football, Soccer, Baseball etc)

Where would the online casino gaming space be without sports betting? It is. Without a doubt, one of the most heart-thumping, exciting and exhilarating games of chance and skill out there. At Nicabet, the entire spate of professional and amateur sports is available to you in their Sportsbook. Once you sign up and become a member, the sky is literally the limit in how much you can use your knowledge of the teams and players to improve the quality of the bets you make. There’s a sports subsection, a horses subsection, casino games subsection and others at Nicabet. In this short article, we will go through the top American and Worldwide sports on which you can place a bet.

America Football in the Sportsbook

Out of all the thousands of betting options that are available at Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino, American Football is right near or at the top in terms of popularity. There’s a reason why the Gridiron Gang consistently commands multi-billion dollar television licenses; although it is almost exclusively an American sport, football is watched worldwide as the elite athletes enjoy the adulation of millions of fans. Among the many teams on which you can place a bet, there’s the Super Bowl winning Patriots with Tom Brady at the helm (although probably for not much longer), as well as the former team of standout running back, Marshawn Lynch – the Seattle Seahawks (who should’ve ran the damn ball back in 2015). Pick your favorite teams and obtain an understanding of point spreads, as well as wins and losses, to improve your chances at winning multiple times your wager.

Soccer – the World’s Football

Although you often hear of “football” in America; the true football is spelled “futbol”, and is the most popular sport on earth. Practically every nation plays it, and the World Cup – which occurs every four years in a different host country – is the most watched phenomenon on the television screen once it debuts. At Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino, you can wager on the many soccer leagues in Europe and Central America; more are being added all the time. If you prefer to restrict your betting to the Western Hemisphere, then the LA Galaxy of North America are a popular team in a semi-popular league. But make no mistake; the best soccer games take place in the Euro Leagues and so you will find the most robust wagering in these. Create an account and sign up to get in the game.

Baseball at Nicabet

Baseball is yet another very popular sport in the world at large; and although it is mostly relegated to both North and South America, where the climates are more given to extended outside play, people all over the world tune in to both professional and amateur events. As such, the gambling and sports betting with this sport is huge, and you stand to both win and potentially lose as much as you’re willing to risk. Nicabet has multiple subsections for baseball, so once you become a member, you can navigate to these and find the games that suit you best; that is, the ones with which you’re most familiar.

Basketball in the Nicabet Sportsbook

Finally as an introduction, we have basketball. Of course, there are other sports on which you can bet – such as horse-racing – but in terms of the major world sports, basketball is very close to the top position. In fact, possibly only soccer supersedes it. The wondrous game from Dr. Naismith has exploded on to the world scene ever since Larry Bird and Magic Johnson took the helm; and it got launched into the stratosphere with the emergence of the greatest player to ever lace them up – Michael Jordan. All of those wonderful players are retired now, but basketball is at its peak in terms of popularity, which is a definite plus for the Sportsbook here at Nicabet. Peruse the lists to see which teams and games you can bet on, and, as always, gamble responsibly.

3. eSports Betting

With the exceptional makeup of mobile devices – from lightning-fast Smartphones, to media-heavy tablets – it should come as little surprise that eSports betting has become a significant addition to the spate of online casino gaming and betting options. Why is this, you ask? Well, the robust devices allow you to watch sporting games like never before, with a clarity that easily surpasses that capable with the best of television sets from even a decade ago. As a result, more people than ever watch games on their Android or Apple iOS tablet. Capitalizing on this healthy explosion of new gamblers and Sportsbook lovers, Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino has implemented an excellent example for others to follow, with eSports ranging from first-person shooting games, to lengthy adventure escapades that feature some of the best players in the world. Just create an account and sign up to obtain access to the entire thing. There’s an email at the bottom of the page, as well as a Live Support option if you need any help whatsoever.

What, Exactly, Qualifies as an eSport?

Basically, an eSport is any video game in which competition features strongly enough to support robust betting. Because of the growing numbers of dedicated gamers to match the increasingly powerful mobile gaming platforms, eSports is truly threatening to overtake all other forms of online gambling. There are quite a few large and powerful gaming organizations that allow players to hone their skills in both a professional and amateur capacity – Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino is just one of these. G2 eSports, Team Liquid and SK Gaming are others – although they do not allow gambling and betting the way Nicabet does. Competition within video games really gets the blood pumping, and is a worthy addition to the sense of gaming adventure that’s built into the games, themselves.

The eSports Landscape

One of the biggest eSports events takes place ever year at the EA Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, and more than any other venue, this was the one that propelled the platform into the public consciousness. Little did they know at the time that eSports would grow to become an international thing, with players from all four corners of the earth taking up gamepads. There are literally billions and billions of dollars spent every year in this form of entertainment, and Nicabet Sportsbook eSports section is looking to corral some of that cash for real money gamers.

Basically, then, the world of competitive gaming and eSports has opened the way for gamblers to make some serious cash off their knowledge of the top players, and the character of the most-played games. According to analytics experts at Newzoo, for example, there were over 380 million viewers from all over the world (obviously, since the population of the United States alone is only 325 million or so). Of these, the market analytics showed that 165 million were frequent watchers and gamers, themselves. South Korea, China and the United States are the top countries from which these viewers hail. These numbers let you know just how eSports betting can be expected to grow in the future.

Top Games in the eSports Landscape

What are the top games in the eSports landscape? You simply cannot go wrong with the following selections, for they cover the very best that each genre has to offer. First of all, Overwatch was a huge hit almost immediately when it debuted in 2016, drawing record numbers of gamers. The betting increased tenfold, too, as online Sportsbooks such as Nicabet quickly added Overwatch to their growing list of eSports games. League of Legends, Rocket League and Fortnite are similarly popular options.

To maximize your eSports betting strategy consider the following tips:
  • Check out the terms and compare them with other Sportsbook; you want to make sure that your bets are cost-effective. Once the free bets that are sometimes offered run out and you become a member, you don’t want to be paying more than necessary to place wagers on your favorite team sports – after all, you always stand to win the same amounts from your winning bets, so why give the House a greater portion of that cash than necessary?
  • Figure out a wagering method beforehand – and use discipline to stick to it. In this way, betting can be like stock investing – and you want to be a disciplined investor who thinks about the long ball. For more information, check Sportsbook message boards to see what gems have been left by sports-betting veterans.
  • Do the fundamental and/or technical analysis that is necessary to maximize your chances. This means you should be familiar with the teams; all latest news and events are relevant. Also, it will be helpful if you know a lot about star players, since these are the ones most capable of affecting the outcome of the game.
  • Avoid scattershot betting – although this might be tempting, the odds are you will make off as well as you started. This means you will break even – which is a waste of your time. If you want to bet on both winners and losers (potential, of course), then you aren’t really in it to make any moolah. Study the teams, and roll the dice with what you have determined to be the most promising. Good luck.

To get in the game and see if you can make some cash from the machinations of the gaming world, create an account and join Nicabet today.

4. Worldwide Sporting Events

At Nicabet Sportsbook, Worldwide Sporting Events are well-represented in the gambling lanes. All major sports are inside, which means that if you play it or enjoy watching, then you’re virtually certain to be able to gamble on your favorite teams. Inside, there are baseball stations on which to bet, as well as hockey, boxing, handball and even Formula 1 car racing events! For the more esoteric gamblers among you, Nicabet Sportsbook also has water polo; for those who care for more traditional fare, there’s American football and boxing matches, with mixed-martial arts slated for matriculation shortly.

What Types of Bets Can You Place?

Nearly any type of bet that’s available in the offline, brick-and-mortar casinos. This means that Nicabet accepts the usual straight bets, parlay bets, as well as the rarer monster teasers, pleasers, rolling-if-bets and if-bets.

The operators of the Sportsbook have implemented several methods to facilitate wagering, and you can access both from the comfort of your home if you have a WiFi or internet connection. First, there’s the simple option of visiting the website, creating a casino account and using the so-called DynamicLines wagering interface exclusive to Nicabet. It is the preferred method; since it lets you efficiently monitor your plays to more easily keep track of multiple lines of sports betting. Also, since DynamicLines is optimized for the web, you never again have to miss wagering opportunities since the interface refreshes instantly – we’ve all experienced what it’s like to miss an opportunity on an auction site because of slow refresh rates.

Alternatively, if you wish to eschew web wagering in favor of the more traditional phone lines, you can simply call Nicabet Sportsbook customer service and you will be helped expeditiously. Nicabet Casino operators are available around the clock, of course, so if you wish to bet on a horse race or basketball game, log into your account and have your account details ready before you call.

Betting Sports Rules

There are just a few very reasonable rules for sports wagering at Nicabet Sportsbook and Casinos. Using the phone number 1-800-6161, you can speak to a customer service rep quickly. The minimum deposit of $100 goes for all new entrants to the casino, as does the direct bet minimum of $50. If, instead, you are interested in so-called exotic bets, these will cost you $25 minimum, which totals a combined minimum opening wager of $100 to get started in the Sportsbook.

For the online option, all it takes is a 50 cent minimum bet for the exotic bets (an amazing difference, and clearly an attempt to get you to preferentially wager online). The lowest allowed deposit is still $50, however. Although it is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, most of the basketball, baseball and hockey Sportsbook betting take place in the evening. It’s one of the beautiful things about having a sizable Sportsbook; you can always find games playing, as well as players betting to raise the stakes and make it worth your time.

Now, as for the specific types, an example of the direct bet would be the Nicabet basketball bet. This quintessential American sport has taken the world by storm for about century now, and has inspired gambling shortly after the 1970s explosion of elite players. Because professional men’s basketball is split into four quarters, bets are made in four periods; these bets are kept track of with the use of points. As the game progresses and the points won tally up, the gambler with the highest number wins the pot once the sporting event concludes. You win based on the outcome of the predictions on which you wagered.

Furthermore, there exists a Casino take of 10% on all basketball wagers – as well as all football (American football) wagers. Thus, if you intend to aim for the $100 win, you should bet $110. Any other specifics are rather comprehensive, and you are urged to visit the Nicabet Sportsbook an Casino section on “Wager Types” to find out all you need to know before you place a bet. All the information you need on Teasers, Progressive Combinations, Combined Multiple Opportunities, Phasers, Multiple Opportunity Pleasers, Conditional Bets and many more are listed here.

The Live Betting at Nicabet

The new Live Betting option truly takes the cake, and lets you enjoy the Bet Extra Live feature for a max deposit of just $500. This real time option ramps up the adrenaline to maximum levels, as you get to trace just how close you may be to winning big every fraction of a second. No more wait times for the screen to refresh – which is especially pleasing if you’ve got a lot of money on the line. The ability to bet comfortably without any lag, and still have the full spate of video resources at your disposal, is something that was only possible starting about 5 years ago when mobile phones became as powerful as a very good modern laptop.

Visit the website at to see precisely what they have to offer inside. UFC mixed-martial arts are primed and ready, as is football, tennis, baseball and professional NBA Basketball. To access these in the Bet Extra Live feature, simply use the menu in your account and click the entitled “Straight & RIF” option; whenever Live Bet is available, the resulting field will be populated with the “Live in Play” mandate. Enjoy the Worldwide Sporting Events live!

5. Promotions

Generally speaking, promotions are the gifts provided by an online casino to players who’ve created an account and signed up by making a qualified deposit. Separate from the Welcome Bonus, the promotions are the kinds of benefits that just keep on coming once you become a member. Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino has just such an offering, and it is competitive with the very best promotions that you may have seen at other top gambling sites. These refresh every single week, which means that the longer you’re a member of the casino, then the more promotions exist to which you are privy. For an idea of what’s to come inside let’s take a look at some of the promotions from other top gaming spots.

1. MyBookie Sportsbook Promotions

MyBookie Sportsbook Promotion starts things off right with a 100% Match Bonus for their Welcome Offer. This percentage is good for deposits totaling up to $1000, spread out over several deposits; the minimum is $100 per, so 10 deposits total. Additionally, for some reason – perhaps one of an obscure partnership – you can get additional benefits for using your MasterCard credit or debit card to make deposits. Once inside, you now have access to other promotions such as the MyBookie Supercontest, which is a huge gathering of gamblers with a gigantic $100,000 1st place win for a very lucky person.

Although the previous is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Promotions, the others are nothing to scoff at! There’s a 100% Referral Bonus prize, in which you can get an unlimited number of $100 funds into your casino account just for referring friends and family – all they have to do is create a new account and fund it. They are incentivized to do this with the Welcome Bonus that is available to all new players. Following closely on the heels of this generous gift from MyBookie Sportsbook, is the 150% Casino Reload bonus, which is good for the table games and video slots section of this expansive gaming hall. Using the code CASINO150, you can corral up to $1,500 with a starting deposit as low as $45. There are over 300 games in the style of the seminal gaming spot, Las Vegas, inside. Additionally, for a truly Vegas-like experience, you should try the Live Casino hosted by buxom blondes who know their way around a roulette and blackjack table.

The final current promotion that’s running at the present time is the 8% Horse Racing Rebate. This is basically a Cashback opportunity, and it is activated every single day on qualifying tracks. In conjunction with this follows the details of the 150% Casino Reload Bonus, in which the real money player is eligible to win up to $1,500 by simply using the Promotion Code CASINO150; it requires less than $50 to enact, as explained above. Use this along with the Horse Racing Rebate as you wade in and out of the many subsections on the MyBookie Sportsbook website.

2. 5Dimes Sportsbook Promotions

The introduction to this casino starts with a generous 50% Welcome Bonus that’s good for deposits up to $520. Once you’ve got that squared away with a qualified deposit, then the entire world of 5Dimes opens up to you. Because 5Dimes is a top-level Sportsbook, the promotions are tied to the particular sports seasons. For example, when American football comes on to the scene, the NFL Build Your Own Prop is activated, and you can use your knowledge of fantasy teams to really make off like a bandit if you’re lucky enough. Of course, since this is all about gambling on games of skill, luck isn’t the only relevant attribute here – you’ve also got to have the knowledge of the teams and players to improve your chances of successful wagering significantly.

Now when it comes to utilizing the Sportsbook aspect of the casino, there are a ton of new promotions that await you. There are even bonuses for using certain credit cards, as well as an exclusive Bitcoin bonus. Play every single week, and enjoy the reload bonuses that allow you to recoup a percentage of your losses. As you scale up the Member Club VIP ladder, you’ll find that the percentages associated with the reload bonuses climbs right along with you. Be sure to look out for the infrequent -107 lines (Sportsbook aficionados will know what we’re talking about), because they boost any existing promotions and include cash back offers. 5Dimes Sportsbook Promotions are right up there with the very best that the industry as a whole has to offer.

3. Bovada Sportsbook Promotions

Promotions are Bovada Casino’s specialty, and this has been the case for all the decades of their existence. In the present times, with the rise of their competitive Sportsbook, this has become even truer as the betting lines have become filled with a glut of competition. For example you can now get a 50% Free Bet Bonus offer that’s good for amounts up to $250. This money can go towards gambling on your favorite sports teams from professional organizations like the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships of mixed-martial arts), NCAA College Football, Basketball and other top sports, Sunday Night NFL Football, Boxing, NBA Basketball, Rugby from Europe, Golf, Baseball and Hockey. And these just represent the most popular – you can also bet on a wide slew of relatively unknown sporting events like Horse Racing, with the Triple Crown and Breeders Cup taking center stage here.

So, what are the actual prizes that are available? For the Racebook, for example, you can get a 5% Cashback Promotional offer one day a week; on Tuesdays, specifically, at 3 pm when you log into your Bovada Sportsbook Account. For so-called exotic wagers, this Cashback is 3% an can be used on Quinella wagers, Pick 3 and Pick 4 wagers, Superfecta wagers, Trifecta, Daily Double wagers and Exacta wagers. For those of you who really know what you’re doing, consider the esoteric Boxes and Wheels wager to really explode (potentially) how much you can win.

As for the other options, there’s a 50% Deposit Match Welcome Bonus for all new players who fund their accounts with at least $250 – this is only for the Sportsbook at Bovada, and not for the casino games. The latter have their own associated Welcome Bonus, which means you can make away like a bandit by signing up for both. Another viable avenue by which to get your hands on the many promotions they offer is crypto. Shorts for “cryptocurrency”, in particular, Bitcoin, you can receive a 50% Match Bonus just for making a deposit less than or equal to $500. You can slide on over from the Sportsbook Forum to the video slots section quickly and efficiently, where you become eligible to receive a 100% Match Bonus on slots deposits up to $2000 using the bonus code SLOTS500. Adjacent to this is the table games section, where the bonus code of GAMES250 gives you an extra $1000 from the Casino House.

4. Betonline Sportsbook Promotions

Betonline Sportsbook is one of those online gaming halls that take the cake when it comes to handing out the best bonuses. To start things off amicably, once you download the casino software, you get the very first promotion of a max of $900 for a $100 deposit, as well as a lifetime-applicable 25% bonus for a measly deposit of just $50. These are just a start; following them Free Bet opportunities that really make Betonline a worthy addition to your most frequently-visited online casinos and Sportsbooks. To whet your appetite, if you really want to boost the possible prize money, consider the National Football League (NFL) betting lines; using up to the $25,000 wagering limit, you can truly take advantage of this spread during the weekend (Thursday night through Sunday night). For NCAA college football, this amount is capped at $15,000 and for the National Basketball Association (NBA), you get a cap of $10,000.

Another promotion at Betonline Sportsbook is the Bitcoin bonus, which seems to be cropping up – for good reason – at many online casinos these days. As for the reasons why, it almost certainly has to do with Bitcoin’s rising status as a viable form of currency in the market. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of this by making a deposit with the digital coin and receiving a nice boost to your account from the House. There’s more; download to discover why everyone’s talking about the Betonline Sportsbook and casino offer.

6. Mobile Sportsbook

Mobile Sportsbook

For the sports inclined gambler, there’s probably only one thing better than a sportsbook, and that is a sportsbook that you can access while on the go, during any of the various errands and responsibilities you have during the day. With the debut of the Spanish-language website, Nicabet Sportsbook, the world of online casino gambling and sportsbook activities are opened up to an even larger group of people than before. Although written primarily in Spanish, anyone in a jurisdiction in which online casino gambling has been made legal can participate. Currently, most Sportsbook sites support both the Android and the Apple iOS mobile platforms, with Windows support still undergoing the transition from the massively successful desktop pc to the mobile arena. Of course, there are plenty of already available such sites that have Windows Mobile - but large-scale implementation is still in the future.

Betonline Mobile Sportsbook

One of the top online Sportsbook is the always-open, which starts things off wonderfully with a 50% Welcome Bonus that’s good for deposits of up to $2500. The relevant Bonus Code for access is NEW2500. Although the following is a self-assessment, by all accounts, the casino lives up to it: Betonline has the very best European Football (Soccer) betting lines in cyberspace. Once you create an account and become a member of the casino you can bet on games in the UEFA Champions League, the once every four years World Cup (the biggest event in World Football), the EuroCup and any other major leagues that we might have missed in this review. In fact, this platform is so robust, that you can bet on relatively unknown amateur soccer leagues as long as there are odds being made with other bettors.

As you will come to find with consistent gameplay, it is much easier to keep track of your bets on your mobile device than a desktop, since you are no longer rooted to a single spot, anticipating the ebb and flow of the betting lines. Now, you can move about and perform the very necessary tasks you have each day, all while staying tuned into the Sportsbook on your iOS or Android device. You can enjoy the games with no limitations now - as long as you have a Wifi connection or mobile data. The relevant limits for the various major sports are as follows: you can wager a maximum of $25,000 on NFL games during the week, with this dropping down to $15,000 on the weekends. As pertains to professional NBA basketball, you can wager $10,000 max during the weekday and $5,000 on weekends.

MyBookie Mobile Sportsbook

Another dependable sportsbook with a robust mobile offering, MyBookie has racing, casino, and all manner of top sports on which to wager some of your hard-earned cash, with the hope that you can turn it into some serious moolah for the coming holiday season. Because the site is optimized, you don’t even need the latest, blazing fast phones or tablets to fully enjoy the Las Vegas styled games, online video slots or sportsbook. Just visit the pristine interface and make an account, make a deposit, and receive the Welcome Bonus to get started. More promotions are of course forthcoming; with extra cash events sometimes available exclusively for those who sign up with mobile.

You came here for the sportsbook, and we would not have you leave without being informed as to the particulars of that seminal component of Mybookie Mobile. Once a member, you can bet on Major League Baseball (MLB ticker; the betting odds are listed on the website), college basketball NCAA - the gambling becomes absolutely torrid during the annual March Madness tournament, what with all the talk of brackets even on major mainstream networks such as ESPN in America. Alternatively or concomitantly - whichever you wish and have the gambling chops for - you can also wager on Boxing, NFL (American football), US Open Tennis tournaments for both men and women, and more. In fact, there’s even a betting line on whether President Donald Trump will win the presidency of the United States again in 2020!

5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook

Ten years ago you couldn’t come anywhere close to the level of convenient gameplay you can approach today at 5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook and other casinos like it. Today, you can enjoy all the games with seamless graphics, on portable engines that would put the computers of just 5 years ago to shame. Tablets and Smartphones alike work very well with 5Dimes, as the software engineers worked very hard to transition the robust library to the mobile space without any hiccups. For an idea of the sheer magnitude of options here, consider that the 1000 markets that are opened all have 5Dimes portals on which gamblers can place a bet on their teams of choice. If human beings can play it, then you’re almost certain to be able to bet on it at 5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook.

Whether you wish to stick to the US offerings of NCAA betting lines, NFL, MLB or the NBA; or prefer international fare - you can find it all inside. There’s even betting on professional golf, for those that favor the slow-paced but exciting sport. The primary methods of deposit are Visa and MasterCard, and you will of course enjoy the highest levels of security when making transactions between these financial institutions and your casino account at 5Dimes Mobile Sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook

Another excellent option for the avid Sportsbook gamer is the long-standing Bovada Casino Sportsbook. In both the mobile version and the pc alternative, Bovada Sportsbook gets off to a great foot with a 50% Welcome Bonus that is good for deposits up to $500. Formerly known as Bodog, Bovada allowed the rights to the name to expire once the contract was up in an effort to forge a new, more robust path into the hearts and minds of the most recent age of casino gamers and Sportsbook gamblers. In addition to the listed Welcome Bonus for slots and table games, Bovada has one exclusively for the horse races, football games, hockey, basketball and others: 50% for bet bonuses up to $250. This way, you can slide over from one section of the casino to the other as a new player and get some free House cash with which to be introduced to the casino in style.

Did we mention that you can bet on esoteric games such as rugby and mixed-martial arts? Currently, the UFC is the big one; but little-known Thailand Muay Thai kickboxing matches are also well-represented inside on the betting lines. Become a member of Bovada Sportsbook today and experience a host of sports options that can see your pockets being filled if everything goes your way. Download now and create an account to get started.

7. Sportsbook App

With the rise of sports betting ever since the Supreme Court reversed an unpopular New York-driven federal bill that previously prohibited it, many states are now listening to its residents when they say that they want to be able to bet on amateur and professional sports - as it should be. Remember; governments are supposed to accede to the wishes of the people; not the other way around - as long as those wishes do not infringe on the rights of others. As more and more states open up the betting lanes, Sportsbook apps of all kinds are starting to flood the online space. In the following short article, we will take a gander of the top Sportsbook apps from various casinos.

1. 5Dimes Sportsbook App

5Dimes is definitely one of the top casinos online that has released a Sportsbook App on both the Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms. Because of the speed of the modern mobile device, these allow you to play without lag, and fully enjoy games that it would’ve taken a powerful desktop computer to render a decade ago. Once you download and become a member, you have access to the Live Lines betting feature, which casts all of your wagers in real time for games as diverse as professional football, professional soccer, professional basketball, and top league baseball - and these are just the icing on a rather prodigious cake. You can wager on these games even while they are in progress, which gives you a better idea of how the game is going if a star player is limping or a referee is blowing calls.

Additionally, the sportsbook app introduces you seamlessly to incredible rewards; the bonus codes for which are located on the 5Dimes Casino website. For a change of pace, try out the Baseball Reduced Juice Odds, as well as the Grand Casino Storm Lords Feature. 5 Dimes Sportsbook app makes everything easier, and just a mobile click away.

2. The Betonline Sportsbook App

This is one of the newer apps, which is just coming online to the Android and iOS mobile space. It covers seemingly all bases, too, giving the player a chance to wager on Sports as rangy as baseball, football, hockey, basketball, tennis, soccer and golf. With these, the types of bets span the gamut; you can use straight bets, parlay and robin bets, IF bet and reverse, and the advanced teaser and pleaser bets. Well-known teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears feature strongly on the betting board during the football on-season, and all relevant data to your wager is displayed on the screen.

If you’re interested in equestrian fare, then the Racebook is right up your alley. The Betonline Sportsbook App makes certain to help the gamer maximize her winnings with promotions such as a 7% Horse Rebate, daily matchups notifications via your mobile betting app, and even free handicapping tips delivered directly to your inbox. As an example of some of the races that Betonline.AG covers, consider the Fairmount Park Tri-State Event, the Yonker Raceway Harness and the Southland Evening race. In addition to thoroughbreds and harness horses, they’ve also got greyhound dog races on the betting line. In addition to all of these, you can find the usual popular gaming suspects in the live casino, the poker table, and video slots. Slide on over for a shot at the hectic eSports competition if you’ve got gambling money to spare and love video game tournaments - these can be just as exciting as the racehorses.

3. Bovada Sportsbook App

Bovada Casino has been around a long time, but you may not necessarily recognize the new name. Formerly Bodog, they’ve chosen to stick with the new, as if to usher in a new age of competitive online casino games. Now, you can access a robust Sportsbook once you become a member, which is great for placing bets on your favorite sports from all around the world. Although the fun money variation is available for casino games (table games, video slots, specialty games, video poker), there is of course no such equivalent for the Sportsbook - which means that you will have to download the casino software, become a member and fund your account to begin. The good news is that once you do this, you are eligible to receive a bonus from the Sportsbook App if you match or exceed the minimum deposit amount. In the case of Bovada, this amount is 50% for deposits of up to $500.

As for what you can find once you’re inside, the gambling suite will not be found wanting. In addition to parlay bets and others, the Bovada Sportsbook App has Presidential Election Odds (are you counting on the Democrats to field a competitive candidate to take on the Trumpster? Or do the Republicans control the Office for another four years), as well as the usual fare: the AFC Championship Betting Odds, NBA All Star Futures, NFC Championship Betting Odds, and the NCAA College Basketball Futures. There’s a whole lot to like and bet on here,so make haste and become a member if you’re into Sportsbook gambling.

4. MyBookie Sportsbook App

As far as Sportsbooks Apps are concerned, the one created and maintained by MyBookie is a great addition to the spate of those that have already been reviewed in the Sunshine Casino aggregate. In particular, MyBookie seems to have some sort of deal with the major credit card vendor, MasterCard, in that they provide a 100% sign up bonus for all those who do so using this card. Alternatively, if you’re into the digital currency (cryptocurrency) realm, then you can make a deposit with Bitcoin and receive 50% up to the prescribed amount. They seem to skew towards American Football betting, with the National Football Association (NFL) being front and center on their landing page. In fact, you get a 100% Sign Up Bonus if you use Bitcoin to start your account for sports gambling. Double this amount if you use it to bet on NFL Football.

You might come to the MyBookie Sportsbook App for the NFL betting, but you’ll likely stay for the multitude of other promotions inside. In addition to the 100% Sign Up Bonus - which is only good for that amount - the Supercontest, which is going on exclusively at MyBookie, provides a whopping $100,000 to the lucky first-place winner. If you’ve got a slew of friends, then you may want to start recommending this casino to them as there’s a 100% Referral Bonus involved if they deposit the required amount of cash and place some bets on the sports of their choosing. Another delectable attribute of the casino is the 150% Casino Reload Bonus, which rewards active players by helping you recoup some of your losses for that week. This short summary barely scratches the surface of the MyBookie SportsApp, so download today to fully tap into the full suit of offers.

5. BitBook Sportsbook App

BitBook Sportsbook is a very competitive new addition to the spate of sportsbook apps that are being reviewed by Sunshine Mobile. It has many of the same offerings as the otherwise incomparable Nicabet, and its mobile availability launches it right up there with Bovada and Betonline. After you quickly create an account, you can be gaming on your Android or iOS tablet or phone in no time at all, placing qualified bets on your favorite teams in sports such as Soccer, American Football, Baseball, and Basketball. These will really get your blood pumping, as you place spread bets, free bets courtesy of the BitBook Sportsbook App House, and parlay bets on horse races and man-to-man endeavors.

If your interests lie elsewhere, then the eSports section ought to really pique your interest here. Locate the hottest video game tournaments in the world right inside the BitBook lobby, and place the bets of your choosing - as long as they remain within the House rules, as listed on the landing page of the website. All this good stuff, and we have yet to even hint at the promotions that are available exclusively to members. Starting with the 150% Welcome Bonus, and followed up by the 50% Reload Bonus, as well as several Cashback opportunities and VIP loyalty program benefits, you will find that BitBook is one tough gaming hall to outdo. Join today and start placing bets on top sports and competitive events around the world, using the mobile app for convenience.

6. SkyWage Sportsbook App

SkyWage Sportsbook has a lofty name, and a lofty game to go with it. It is widely known for its almost comprehensive suite of mobile gaming options; in that it allows you to play nearly everything that you would ever want all in one spot. The most noticeable thing about it at first glance is how dazzling it looks, with a crisp new interface meant to regale newcomers and keep veterans invested. As a Sportsbook app, the design also renders very nicely on your smaller tablet and smartphone screen. It should be no problem at all to locate your preferred sports and events in order to place a bet and let the games begin.

Although this is a sportsbook, you will first be presented with a wide variety of video slots and table games when you hit the landing page. There are Welcome Bonuses associated with these, as well as ongoing promotions that are only available to casino members. There’s even better news: there’s a separate Welcome Bonus for the sports and team events that you can bet on once inside. In the Promotions section of SkyWage Sportsbook, there are many horse-racing, professional sports and even the occasional odd activity promotions that encourage you to gamble on these with hopes of becoming the victor. If you’re into cryptocurrency, then you should strongly consider making a deposit with Bitcoin in order to take advantage of the SkyWage Casino Bitcoin bonus. Check the customer support menu to find out how to field any questions or comments you have about this fantastic new sportsbook app.

7. OhmBet Sportsbook

As one of the spate of new sportsbook apps to land in the online space, OhmBet has made certain to offer a slew of unique features that you’d be hard-pressed to find at other establishments. Very easy to sign up at, in just a few clicks and several minutes, you could be a member of the best new sportsbook app in town. Be sure to have payment info at the ready to expedite the sign-up process. There’s a plethora of the usual sports and events inside on which to wager and place heart-throbbing bets, including basketball, tennis, boxing, professional volleyball and man, many more. In fact, the OhmBet Sportsbook App even has video games on tap, which you can enter and bet on the candidates for victory - at least, insofar as you can surmise. Top level games such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Counterstrike are present and accounted for, with players from all over the world tuned in to watch the clock wind down and reveal the winners.

As with any online sportsbook app worth its salt, OhmBet has a multitude of bonuses and promotions that are especially pleasing because of the ease of opting on. Since the software engineers really undertook the task of making this sportsbook practical to use on virtually any mobile device, it runs as smoothly as you could ever want, and never lags. If you’re into mixed-martial arts, try the UFC-style wager if only to get the special promotion that goes with it. You could be winning bets that are bolstered by what the House offers just for playing, with the OhmBet Sportsbook app.

8. America’s Cardroom Sportsbook App

If only by the name alone, you can tell that this sportsbook app is a commitment made especially to American gamblers. For so long, the US government placed restrictions on country-wide betting on games of chance and professional sports, that it is literally a breath of fresh air to finally see a casino/sportsbook emerge that upholds what should be civil liberties. If you consider yourself a bonafide sports fan, and you are also into gambling, then this is the one for you. America’s Cardroom Sportsbook App is as flexible as it is robust, and includes a variety of professional endeavors on which you can gamble to hopefully make some cash - based on luck, as well as your own personal knowledge of team sports and competitive endeavors.

The mobile version is seamless and does not compromise anything to bring you that particular version that’s distinct from the website version.The fact that America’s Cardroom Sportsbook App also accepts Bitcoin makes it even more competitive than most of the newer ones springing up all over the online space. Combine this with the bonuses and promotions to which members are privy, and there’s very little reason not to download the software now, so that you can begin taking advantage. Head to American’s Cardroom Sportsbook and join in on the multitude of tournaments that are running at any given time.

A New Sportsbook App in Spin Sports

The Spin Sports Sportsbook app is relatively new on the scene, and landed with great aplomb when it arrived. It has the backing of the larger parent company, SBTech, and is able to provide a wealth of opportunities to bet on sporting events, outright competitive games and an online casino tucked away inside the lobby. Creating an account is as easy as can be, and you will be up and running in mere minutes with your new username and the attendant Welcome Bonus that comes with your account.

Once inside this smooth-running app on your mobile device, you can quickly and efficiently access major sports, as well as relatively obscure ones like handball and table tennis. Switch between the onscreen tabs to locate and bet on the events of your choosing. As is true of all competitive casinos and sportsbook apps these days, you can also opt into the eSports section and wager on tournaments of some of the world’s most popular massively multiplayer games like Fortnight and Dead or Alive.

Lastly, in addition to the Welcome Bonus, you’ve got the opportunity to take advantage of the free bet offered here at Spin Sports. With this option, you can be playing the best games using only House Cash to place a wager; you keep your winnings and suffer no personal losses when activated.

QuinnBet Sportsbook App

QuinnBet Sportsbook App is everything that you would want in a mobile bookie; in addition to the promotions that are waiting inside, they toss you a cool $5 simply for opening an account - even if you just create a username and password without funding said account. Although there are plenty of sports on which to gamble, the most prominent one is horse-racing; you can find plenty of game gamblers waiting in the wings with their wagers at the ready. Join the fray and see if luck smiles on you that day. If you’re looking for more than the $5 pittance (although it IS free, so can you really complain?), then make a qualified deposit to get the casino to match that with their 50% actual Welcome Bonus.

If you like the other major sports, do not let the opening emphasis on horse-racing discourage you, for QuinnBet Sportsbook has bet lines on virtually any major sporting event played anywhere in the world. These live bets open up the entire spate of events to you, and with your account active and ready to go, you can place bets within the minimum and maximum amounts set by QuinnBet administrators. For a break from the high-stakes sports bets, you can move over to the casino and try your hand at blackjack, video poker and video slots.

8. Sportsbook Odds

Before you engage in robust or committed Sportsbook play you want to know the odds involved in winning and losing. After all, if the record shows that any particular sportsbook has its results skewed towards the losing side, then that’s probably one to avoid! All online casino gamers want is a fair crack at it - which shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?! With that said, you really should take a moment to understand how online casinos and sportsbooks characterize the odds associated with playing their games. It will not only help you make a distinction between the different options, but it will help make doubly sure that all transactions are on the up-and-up - even with established, trustworthy gaming spots.

Basically, in a sportsbook, the odds are the probability that you obtain the outcome favorable to you, as prescribed by the rules at the start. This doesn’t always mean your team wins the game; it could mean that they have to win or lose by a certain point spread (or within this spread). Depending on which one you choose, you can win a lot more if the stakes are higher than not. The Sportsbook odds simply tell you how likely the desired event is to occur; the more likely, usually the smaller the potential prize. The less likely, the bigger the potential prize.

A Short Primer on Statistics and Probability for Sportsbook Success

In school, you might have found probability to be a bit daunting - but that’s because mathematics generally isn’t taught very well, with an eye towards real-world practically. Here, we will show you how probability helps you predict the likelihood that a certain, well-defined event will occur, which then allows you to assign your potential winnings to it at a casino or sportsbook. We can see this most easily in the rolling of dice in the Specialty Game, Craps, for example. Because there are 6 sides to a die, the probability that you roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 is 16.67%. OBviously, depending on how the game has proceeded to this point, some of the numbers are more valuable than others even though the chance of landing any of them is identical.

Inside the Sportsbook Odds - How Probabilities Are Expressed

Let’s take the example of 1/10; this is delineated as a fractional odd, and allows the player to calculate the likelihood of an event - to which prize pools are assigned by the Sportsbook/Casino House. Online, this is of course handled by software with industry-standard reliability and trust, as vetted by numerous independent organizations. In any case, by performing the division as listed on the page, you get the probability that the event will occur in decimal or percentage expression - which you are probably more used to. An event probability expressed as 9/1 corresponds to 1/(9+1), which is 0.10 or a 10% chance that the event will happen. Thus, using the same formula, 4/1 gives a 20% chance something will happen, 1/1 means 50% chance, and ¼ corresponds to an 80% that the prescribed event will happen. All it takes is playing the games to become intimately familiar with these numbers; they will become second nature in no time as you merge fully into the Sportsbook.

The Money Associated with Sportsbook Odds

Of course, as you would expect, the casino is very careful about what monetary amounts they apportion to the various odds. As a general rule, events that are extremely likely to occur will probably not garner you much money if you win. But, for example, if you were to bet on a Floyd Mayweather fight (the mostly retired, undefeated world champion boxer), then placing a bet that he would lose his next bout would likely land you a life-changing sum of money if he did, indeed, lose - because most people would be betting on him to win. The best predictor of future behavior, after all, is past behavior - for the most part.

Now, with all that said, in an online sportsbook, if you see the figures 9/1 with $1 per bet (made by you), then this means you stand to make $9 for every win. If, instead, you see 4/1, then you stand to win $4. For the delineation of 1/1, you’re in line to win $1, and for the very likely (80%, remember) ¼, you only win $1 since there’s not much risk involved with these odds and very few people are betting against the particular event. Keep in mind that although the above has been expressed in fractions, most Sportsbook odds are actually expressed in decimals on the actual app or exchange - although there’s sometimes a feature that allows you to switch between either to find which expression is more comfortable for you. Additionally, you can always find and use a bet calculator; there are numerous ones on the web.

Ultimately, then sportsbook odds, whether they are expressed as a decimal or fraction, represent the statistical likelihood of an event occurring. The amount of money you can win depends on this, given the reality that extremely likely events simply will not have much of a payout since all the other players are betting in favor of it, and there’s not much oppositional money to drive the take higher.

Sportsbooks at Which to Try Your Luck

Because of the sheer number of available Sportsbooks, it can be quite the burden to find the ones which have been deemed reputable and completely trustworthy. Of course, the length of time for which they have been in business matters a whole lot, because no establishment can persist if it does not give the people what they want. However, that notwithstanding, you still want help making a distinction between subpar sportsbooks and those that are on the up-and-up - and this short list is a good start.

Bovada Sportsbook is one which has above-board sportsbook odds, as well as a wide variety of different sports and events on which to place bets in the hopes of securing the win of your dreams. To set the party off right, Bovada hits you with a 50% Welcome Bonus that’s good for deposits of up to $500. Additionally, as if this wasn’t enough, you can count on some extra cash for the so-called free bet option, which means that you are receiving money upon money just for being a patron at Bovada Casino. If you’re a committed equestrian - or even just a casual horse race lover - then you’ll love the wonderful bets that are taking place inside the Bovada Casino lobby on the sports-betting side.

Lastly, let’s take a short look at the multitude of wager-types to which you have access. Familiarize yourself with them in order to improve the number of betting options at your disposal, and learn which one works best for you through research, trial and error. Quinella is an advanced wagering technique, as are Superfecta and Exacta. Trifecta is holding court at Bovada Sportsbook, and the Daily Double often takes the cake. As a member, you are privy to 5% Cashback offers depending on which day you show up - if this particular feature is activated. It is not so strange to jump-skp from horse-racing to eSports, since there is plenty of the latter at Bovada. Toss in the ability to bet with healthy above-board odds in professional basketball, hockey, soccer and even swimming, and you’ve got yourself a Grade-A online gambling establishment.

Try Your Luck at 5Dimes Sportsbooks - the Odds are Legit

With a multitude of sportsbook lines and wagering options, 5Dimes Sportsbook takes the prize when it comes to the sheer magnitude of things on which to gamble once you become a member. From the ability to bet on point spreads and results from the top professional sports, to eSports gaming events, they’ve got everything in one place here. As an example, consider the NFL Build Your Own Prop promotion that lets you take full advantage of the Reload Bonuses that are delivered into your account after account creation. Couple this with the MLB Dime Lines and you’ve got yourself a site website to be reckoned with.

How to get started at 5Dimes? Well, given that they accept a wide range of deposit options, you need only come with your bank account, Bitcoin address/wallet, Neteller account or even money order at the ready. Download the casino software to activate entry and make a deposit; your welcome bonus is on the way and will be deposited into your account shortly. Ask the customer support any questions you like should you run into any issues, or if you simply have comments. The gambling is just moments away, and perhaps you can parlay your knowledge of teams and players into some big wins.

Alternatively, Try Your Luck With the MyBookie Sportsbook Odds

MyBookie makes quite the splash when it lands its delicious 100 Match Welcome Bonus for up to $1000 on your head! Although a minimum deposit amount of $100 is required, this shouldn’t stop even the most frugal real money player since the casino is willing to put up as risk as you are. If you’re worried about the sportsbook odds here, rest assured - it’s operated by the same top-notch admins as the other casino/sports-betting hybrids reviewed by Sunshine Sportsbook. Most of the available deposit options have a 50% bonus attendant with them, improving your outlook by providing with plenty of free gambling action.

The setup on the MyBookie Sportsbook site is a bit different than most of the others you’d find; first of all, you choose a sport by using a drop down menu to locate the one you prefer. In fact, there are so many options here that a traditional list just wouldn’t do without causing the page to appear cluttered. You will find football, tennis, horse-racing, soccer and even synchronized swimming to bet on if the time of the year is given to that. Join MyBookie Sportsbook today by creating an account after you download the software; you can confident that the odds are legit.

Conclusion for Understanding Sportsbook Odds

In conclusion, never take the prospect of sports betting odds for granted. Just because one casino has certain odds per team sport listed on their site, doesn’t mean that even a sister site will have the same numbers. Investing the time to nose out these numbers can make a world of difference in how much you win when you’re on a good streak, and how much you lose when you’re a bad one. No matter how much you hear or read the term “gambling”; the more you know about your teams and players, the closer your gambling comes to investing. Start modestly, and never bet more than you are willing to lose;the big bucks are won in the statistics; not in the bankroll.

Internet sportsbook odds are taking the online space by storm, and this collection of the top ones are sure to get you off to a great start. Although you can only create a single account per casino/sportsbook; there’s nothing stopping you from making your presence felt at each one these at the same time: MyBookie, Bovada,, 5Dimes and any others to be added in the near future.

9. Free Bet

Yes – you are reading this correctly: online Sportsbook and casinos have something called “free bets.” In this scenario, an online bookie or bookmaker sets the term limits for the size of the free bet that e is willing to pay for the gambler. Basically, a free bet is a bet that you take without the risk, while recouping the potential rewards. Quite clearly, it’s a method that is intended to draw the customers into the casino, where they will continue playing for real money after experiencing the wonders of the free bet.

The Skinny on Free Bets

When it comes to the free bet, you want to make sure that you get it to work for you and not against you. Always keep in mind the purpose; although the offer is of course above board and legitimate at the Sportsbook which offer them, it’s a traffic-obtainment method, so you want to make sure that the casino is worth creating an account and later making a deposit it. This means that it should have a robust selection of table games and video slots, and the Sportsbook section should allow you to place bets on all the top competitive team sports in the world.

Although there can be other accouterments to the free bet option, the core benefit of the central offer is simply the ability to place a bet or bets without risk – and yet still collect the resulting cash if you win. The Casino House pays it, and withholds the stake amount if you win. This is necessary; otherwise the Sportsbook would not be able to keep on offering this feature. The only requirement to qualify for a free bet is to make sure this is the first and only account that you’re opening with the House.

Additionally, there could be issues with the country from which you are playing. Because of recent legislation in the US, players from America are no longer federally restricted from wagering on sports games in the Sportsbook. It’s up to the particular state to pass legislation now, so be sure to check with your local legislature to make sure online casino games are allowed in your area. Most importantly, as long as your state or country does not actively set any restrictions on your Sportsbook dreams, then you can assume that the free bet option applies. So choose from among the best online casinos such as Nicabet, 5Dimes Casino, and more to start playing the high-octane professional sports teams.

Best Methods to Using Free Bets

Since they’re giving it away for free, you might as well use it to your advantage, right? Let us check out some of the tried-and-true techniques that have helped countless players before you maximize their winnings. As a game of chance as well as skill in picking teams and understanding player tendencies, sports book betting is often more appealing than casino games – but this obviously depends on the players.

Method 1: There’s a certain technique called “matched betting,” which allows you to transition the free bet offered by the Sportsbook into direct cash. To begin, all you have to do is place a bet (House money, remember) on the result you expect from a team sport, and then side your bet with a negative outcome. Basically, this means you bet as if the team or outcome won’t win. In one of the miracles of alternative gambling, you win regardless of the outcome! Of course, the free bet that makes this possible can only be placed once per casino and per account, and you’re not allowed to have more than a single account at any online Sportsbook.

Method 2: This involves making a deposit and then combining this deposit with the amount of money that the casino gives you for free. Now, you can jump into the fray with double the money you put up yourself, which opens you up to even greater potential wins.

Method 3: You’ve probably heard of bet-hedging. When you hedge your bet, all that you’re doing is making sure that you win no matter the outcome – but you do need to put some money up first. Once done, you place a bet on the desired or projected outcome, and then you place the free money bet on the opposite. No matter what happens, you win!

Things to Look For

Always check the terms when it comes to free bets; look to make sure there are no requirements to match your own funds with them – because this is false advertising. The bet isn’t free if the casino House mandates that you must match their own funds. There are all kinds of things hidden under the Terms and Conditions, in our experience. Your best bet is to simply choose reputable Sportsbooks with long and storied histories; to be on the safe side. One of the most common deceptions is the so-called risk free bet; there’s no need for this qualification, since the free bet is supposed to be inherently risk-free. Always read the directions before signing up to make sure that the casino and or Sportsbook is above-board. When done correctly, the free bet is a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

Summation of the Free Bet

Before you make a decision on the kind of free bet you will opt in to, apprise yourself of the differences in the above sections of this article. Then, consider the risk-free bet, which is n excellent way to manage your losses before you even pile them up. The House guarantees that you will get the money if you win, but not lose anything from your own account if things don’t pan out (commensurate, of course, with the amount that the casino has chosen to delineate as free). There’s no surprise that the casinos that advertise this option, have the multitudes fleeing to their websites for a shot at gold in the Sportsbook realm.

As for how to use your risk free bet, consider professional hockey with the NHL, since hockey is popular in the cold climates around the world, Alternatively, you cannot go wrong with football (we mean soccer; not the almost exclusively American gridiron sport); multiple European, South American, African and many other places indulge this age-old sport of the skilled foot. For advanced betting, look into the four-leg parlay and use your free Casino Sportsbook money to potentially magnificent effect. You can even use the free cash on horse racing at places such as Nicabet Sportsbook, Bovada (formerly Bodog), and several others that have been vetted by the experts here. If you didn’t know what free bet was before, you have been edified – head to the nearest top Sportsbook on this list and sign up to start using House Cash to potentially realize your dreams of financial freedom.

10. Sportsbook Limits

Every Sportsbook, whether online or off, has certain limitations imposed on it in terms of how much you can wager and withdraw at any single point in time. The obvious reason for this entails ensuring that there’s enough cash on hand to pay out to the winners. The last thing that you’d want is to be stuck in a position where your chosen team wins, garnering you a huge result, only to find out that you’re unable to recoup your winnings because of restrictions on cash amounts. It is with this in mind that we will walk you through the current Sportsbooks limitations at your preferred online Sportsbook and casino combinations.

Does MyBookie Have Sportsbook Limitations?

MyBookie Sportsbook, like most of the ones in the online space, does have certain limitations tat are meant to protect the integrity of your wager, as well as the wagers of all the other gamblers that make this institution possible. Although the following limits are subject to change, you will be informed of any new alterations via your casino account email. The maximum amount of money that can be paid out daily is $100,000; In fact, the max payout for a parlay is also $100,000. The minimum amount allowed for a wager of any kind is $25 for the sporting events when online; if, however, you are using the phone, the minimum allowed bet drops to just $10. One of the major benefits of a Sportsbook such as Mybookie is the sheer size; this means that there are always plenty of bettors online to help make the prize pool worthwhile. From all corners of the globe they come, in hopes of correctly predicting which horse will win the current race.

In terms of the specific sports, horse racing is one that has the most limiting restrictions because of the nature of the event. Any wagers have to be made within 2 minutes of the beginning of the race in order to be eligible. There are actually quite a few regulations involving horse betting, so be sure to visit the website to familiarize yourself on Sportsbook Limitations before becoming fully committed to the site.

5Dimes Sportsbook Limitations

Although the range for sports betting can cover from as low as 50 cents, to as high as $100,000 and plenty of values in-between, the maximum here at 5 Dimes Sportsbook is $5,000 for regular bets. The payouts, of course, are potentially much larger, and can deliver up to $1 million into your account on teaser bets, parlays, RIF chains or IF wagers. In fact, this limitation can be exceeded with permission from the Casino administrator – just in case you’re a high roller who crunches $100,000 bets like a squirrel does acorns.

Even if you do not consider yourself a high roller, there are times during the season when your bets skyrocket; for example, when the Superbowl is on the way, or the NBA Playoffs have landed and the wagering amounts become downright ludicrous, because there’s so much to be won if the stars align. On another note, you can wager a maximum of $500 on Live In-Play games – this is the base amount, anyway. You can always, if you’ve got the bankroll for it, approach the Sportsbook administrator for a chance to increase this, which is done on a case by case basis.

Bovada Sportsbook Limits

One of the top casinos in all of cyberspace, Bovada recently decided to expand its offering with the addition of a Sportsbook. Not only can you stop here to become a member and access their huge library of video slots and table games, but now, you can also place wagers on point spreads and wins and losses for your preferred teams from a variety of sports. This casino, which is renowned for its exclusivity to US players – especially during the early years before proper legislation lifted the restrictions on North American gamblers – used to be known as Bodog Casino. Among the many new offerings inside, you’ll find eSports such as Starcraft, Counter-Strike, DOTA-2 and Call of Duty being bet on. But you’re here to learn about the Sportsbook limitations, so let’s make sure we don’t disappoint.

With the 29 professional sports inside of the Sportsbook option (and growing), you can expect some fairly liberal cash limitations on wagering. After all, team sports such as hockey, football and basketball draw huge crowds and thus revenue, which means that the gambling can become pretty ferocious in the online space and offline space. Even some of the more obscure games, like curling, snooker and table tennis are represented inside for your enjoyment. Although these wagering amounts are never set in stone (as they are subject to change at any time by the Bovada brass), you can expect to be able to put down tens of thousands of dollars on your favorite teams. This type of limit embraces both high rollers and regular people alike, since not everyone can afford to bankroll multiple thousands of dollars at once – although anyone can certainly be happy with winning this much.

Betonline Sportsbook Limits

As with most of the casino on this list, Betonline also has Sportsbook limitations. Some of the events on which you can seek to make your riches include the EuroCup, UEFA Champions League, the ever-popular Real Madrid games and of course the often magnificent World Cup. Pick games from the English Premier League and see if luck smiles on you today! There are always plenty of bets going on in the Sportsbook, which means you’re never at a loss for games on which to wager. In fact, has often been called the best soccer choice for wagers, because of the popularity of the digital scene. You can find soccer games from obscure semi-professional leagues, to the very biggest leagues on the world stage.

And now, finally, we get to the Sportsbook wagering limits. Keep in mind that no matter what values are listed, they are subject to change at the whim of the casino. Presently, the following are some of the Sportsbook limits that are listed on their website. For Australian Football (known as soccer in America), the money line is $500, the spread is 500 and the totals is 500. When you run smack up against these limits, you have to wait slightly over a minute to re-engage. Furthermore, you can always call the toll-free number 1-800-977-4717 to inquire about raising your bet limit with Betonline’s management. Player Services has been known to be quite accommodating. Check the website for more Sportsbook limits on games such as Baseball, Auto Racing, Boxing and even Women’s Basketball.

11. Sportsbook Betting Trends

From the year 2015 to 2019, the total amount of money produced by the sports betting industry rose from a considerable $91.8 billion to an impressive $118.6 billion. Much of this has been due to the opening of the floodgates with the emergence to prominence of the mobile device revolution. A close analysis of the results from several sportsbook betting trends can point you in the right direction of which methods are favorable, and thus increase your chances of a positive return on your bets.

The Reason for the Explosion of Sports Betting Trends

There are likely numerous small reasons here and there, but we shall focus on what looks to be the major ones. To this end, the explosion of options is certainly the top reason. In the past, you were always able to place a bet on the major team sports like soccer, football (American), professional basketball, baseball and hockey. Today, with the growth and expanse of technology and reach, esoteric sporting events like handball, racquetball, table tennis and even cricket are big draws. One of the most unlikely new additions that has taken the sports betting world by storm is the eSport. This involves video game tournaments that host very well-known games. You can actually bet on the teams as to who would win or come away with the best score.

All of the above and more have seen a decidedly permanent movement away from the offline gamblign establishments, towards the online sportsbooks and casino gaming palaces. There’s nothing more freeing than being able to place bets on the go, while you’re at work on a lunch break, or while you’re waiting in a long line for your driver’s license renewal or something. In the past, bettors would have to bite their fingernails all day at work, waiting for the clock to signal the end of the work day, that they might rush home and log onto their desktop computers to see whether they won or lost - or to place a bet based on research they might have performed earlier. With these realities front and center, let us now take a look at the sports betting trends that the title of this article promised.

1. Trend 1: Women Engage in Sports Betting These Days

Although this has been a thing for some time now, it was only in the year 2018 that detailed statistics started being taken on female involvement in the sportsbook world, and how this has contributed to the sports betting trends. Although it has grown substantially, the ratio is still 15 men to every single woman who indulge in the sports betting endeavor. For some reason or other, the powers that be have determined that this suggests inequality, and so the new trend is to try and get women hooked into it in greater numbers.

Breaking down the numbers further, we see that the type of women who engages in sports betting tends to be the 30 and under crowd. Given that it is a business as much as it is entertainment, the goal going forward will be to try and get more and more members of the female gender involved - which means that you should expect to start seeing offers, schemes and bonuses that either exclusively target women, or that give the appearance of being equal-opportunity while in actuality only really being of benefit to the fair sex. No matter which way it pans out, getting more and more women involved is definitely a sports betting trend for the coming years.

2. Trend 2: A Ratcheting Up of Digital Promotion Methods

Although this rather obvious trend is in conjunction with the above Trend 1, a stark increase in the number of novel marketing strategies in the virtual space simply has to happen in such a competitive endeavor. Every casino is trying to garner your patronage, after all, and the more digital mediums that exist through which they can ply their trade, the better.

To this end, gone are the days when television commercials and radio dominated the marketing spectrum. Now, you can have an independent media source that is capable of reaching millions of followers, sometimes outstripping even the major conventional media in certain cases. Alternatively, you can leverage a massive website such as Facebook to promote your sports betting services. If Facebook isn’t your thing, then simply buy Google or Microsoft Bing advertising space in order to get as wide a reach as possible. Even Twitter, which is albeit in its dying gasps as a platform because of its one-sided censorship of free speech, still has loads of traffic - enough to perhaps warrant a full scale assault on the digital media promotion front.

As with all promotion, the trick is to sell the public on your service by providing value; what better way than to focus on what the public wants? Welcome Bonuses, enticing promotion offers for members and more should see off well in.

3. Trend 3: Expect Greater Usage of Credit Cards to Establish Casino Accounts

This particular trend is one of the easiest to predict, given the surge in numbers of sports bettors and casino gamers who have used their Visa and MasterCards to open up accounts. It has truly exploded in the past few years for some reason; the primary reason may be a a subpar level of trust with the very novelty of online gambling spots. Since credit card companies provide several extra layers of protection between the person and the company, people are eschewing the usage of their direct bank accounts and opting for web wallets, credit cards and even digital currency (namely, Bitcoin).

On the other side, but also on the same hand, it is simply more efficient to use and accept credit card payments. With this, you needn’t worry about a casino or sportsbook vendor storing your bank account and routing number; the ultra-wealthy buffers of the $280 billion conglomerate, Visa, and the similarly filthy rich $284.4 billion MasterCard, act to mediate the exchange. They’ve got otherworldly encryption, and the lawyers to back any intrusions, so your money is safe with them.

4. Trend 4: An Increasing Number of Added Sports for Betting

Apparently, the lust for sports and events in the betting sphere knows no limits, and the public is receptive to even the most obscure professional team activities when it comes to gambling. Although the existing sportsbooks already have a plethora of options available, there are nonetheless certain restrictions to govern the current events. As the remaining months move forward into the next year and beyond, look for many of those restrictions to be relaxed to meet the public demand.

The most obvious evidence of this trend will make itself known quite simply: when you head to the sportsbooks to sign up, you will likely find a new menu that is dedicated entirely to local sporting events. Anything that requires more than perhaps two people to play, and that can be viably played professionally or semi-professionally, will be fair game for gambling and sports betting in the year to come. This may even become a primary way to leverage traffic to the major sports, as people look more and more to connect with other gamblers online.

12. Deposits and Withdrawals

Here at Nicabet Casino and Sportsbook, they make the deposits and withdrawals a seamless process for players. This is as it should be, of course, since it is they who depend on your patronage. Furthermore, there are a host of options for both depositing and withdrawing funds, in order to try and cover the full scope of popular payment choices for an ever-growing gambling public. It is important to read closely, as not all methods are applicable for just anyone - some countries restrict payment using web wallets, for example, whereas others may not be so keen on Bitcoin (cryptocurrency).

If you’ve got any reservations whatsoever as pertains to what payment methods are applicable in your country or jurisdiction, then use the Live Chat option on the Nicabet website for the fastest responses. Online Chat is available around the clock, no matter what part of the world you are in. If you prefer to speak to someone, then the number to Nicabet Sportsbook is 1-800-6161 and you’ll be connected directly to a qualified professional. Remember; if there are any fees associated with withdrawals, these are levied by your bank or intermediary financial institution; Nicabet, itself, does not charge you to take your money out. Any withdrawals, unless otherwise noted, are processed within a working day (24 hours, basically). For this, because it does cost money, there will be a nominal transfer fee.

Deposits at Nicabet Casino

If you live outside of Europe and are interested in playing for real money at Nicabet Sportsbook, then you can make a deposit using one of the most well known web wallets in Neteller. With very sound, encrypted transactions, you can rest assure that your money will be as safe as can be here. The minimum allowed deposit amount is $50, which means that virtually anyone can get in on the real money action. The maximum allowed deposit amount is $5000. Obviously, the amount at which you are eligible for the Welcome Bonus is set by Nicabet Casinos and must be above the $50 minimum set by Neteller.

The next form of allowed payment is listed on the Nicabet website as “@Location”. This could refer to bank accounts, in particular, the universal ACH transfer. It is instructive, wherever you are in the world, to activate the Live Chat for more information as necessary. Although it is rare and or unconventional, there are some banks that will not be approved - usually those that are in jurisdictions that do not allow online gambling or even fun money play from casinos in the first place. In any case, the lowest amount that you can deposit is a single $1 here - and as such, there are obviously no transfer fees associated with this figure. The most you can deposit using the “@Location” designation is $25,000.

The third deposit method on this list is Moneybookers’ Skrill payments.This is one of the chief web wallets out there, despite having been around for just a short time to date (inception in 2001). The architect of Skrill is the PaySafeGroup, and they have annual revenue of $331 million - which is considerable, though far less than a major vendor such as Visa and MasterCard. At Nicabet Sportsbook, the minimum allowed deposit using Skrill payments is $50; the maximum amount you can use to fund your account at one time is $5000.

After this, we now have a couple of the most common account-funding methods: credit cards. Indeed; one of the growing trends that is expected of the coming years is the use of credit cards to outstrip almost everything except perhaps Bitcoin. Visa, with annual revenues of $284 billion, and MasterCard, with annual revenues just about $2 billion higher, utterly dominate this sphere. The minimum deposit amount for either might come across as a bit surprising, given how low they are - just $10. The max deposits for credit cards is $500, and it can be done at no fee.

Lastly for the deposit section, Nicabet Casino considers itself as a safe-haven for digital currency users. This means that you can bring your Bitcoin wallet along and list your address for access to the wonderful promotions and bonuses that are often attendant with this. The minimum amount of money you can deposit (money equivalent, that is) is $100; this coincides with th min for eligibility for the Nicabet Welcome Bonus. The most you are allowed to deposit at one time using Bitcoin is a huge $25,000, which clearly shows the casino’s commitment to cryptocurrency.

Quick Run-Down of Nicabet Withdrawals

Just like in the deposits section, The PaySafeGroup’s Neteller web wallet is accepted at Nicabet Sportsbook. Additionally, it is used by the House to mete out payments to winners. The minimum amount that you can have in your casino account before you initiate a withdrawal to your Neteller account is $100. The maximum allowed is $2500, and the Nicabet House takes a small $15 fee because of the cost of transaction, which is split between the bank and Nicabet’s own processing center. Thus, it might not make a lot of sense to withdraw the minimum.

As for Moneybookers’ Skrill, the minimum withdrawal number is also $50, and the max is $2500, with the same $15 transaction fee. This shouldn’t be surprising, since both are run and operated by the same company (The PaySafeCard Group). The strange “@Location” method of payment and withdrawal, which is likely simply your loca, accepted bank account for a country with legal gambling, allows a $1 withdrawal minimum and a gigantic $25,000 withdrawal limitation. There is no fee for either one.

Finally, Bitcoin makes an appearance on this list, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 - there’s no fee involved, either. The most you can have sent to your Bitcoin wallet from Nicabet Sportsbook is $25,000, for which there’s no fee, again.

Don’t Have a Bitcoin Wallet? Here’s How to Get One

Getting a proper Bitcoin wallet is essential for both security purposes and utility; especially given how frequently new users lapse into pitfalls when going for the many free wallets that are on the web these days. There are, of course, great, secure free wallets; you should always go directly to the source website to get them and avoid any mirrors. Both your desktop computer and mobile devices can install these wallets, and thus allow you to make the online payments that have become an essential part of the internet business and entertainment sphere. Once you’ve done this, you can then obtain Bitcoin as by activating the function which says you are now accepting and using Bitcoin for services. To get started, you can buy Bitcoin from any of the major exchanges, or even from a website such as eBay - there are reputable Bitcoin vendors on there; but make sure to double-check the address of your wallet to make sure you send the correct one so you can get your digital currency.

When it comes to payment processing, the Nicabet Sportsbook handles this when you use Bitcoin at their casino. For other merchants, you can either do the invoices yourself, or use one of the plethora of merchant services that are already out there. It’s important to know that in some jurisdictions, Bitcoin functions and is treated as a foreign currency. To help with your own visibility if you’ve got a website, consider placing a Bitcoin banner on the landing page so that incoming traffic knows that you accept this is as a form of payment.

Uses of Bitcoin at Nicabet Sportsbook and Casino

As before, we’ve already mentioned that Nicabet is more than just a Sportsbook - you can play a multitude of online casino games here, too - including video slots, table games, specialty games and a host of video poker variations. Indeed; if you like the action to be present, front and center, then give the Live Dealer a chance. It provides a certified Vegas feel, according to numerous other gamblers that have visited the site.

If you use Apple or Android (Windows support is still on the way), then you’ve got plenty of options from which to choose once you’re inside the Lobby. If football, soccer, handball, baseball or basketball betting is your thing, then you can raise the stakes and put down some coin on any or all of these in the Nicabet Sportsbook section. There are hundreds and hundreds of games to play if you want a break from sports betting; just switch on over to the main casino and try your good fortune at Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Len ‘Em Ride, Pai Gow Poker or Baccarat. Bitcoin goes a long as way as a currency of choice in these sections, as well.

13. Sportsbook Forum

It should come as little surprise that an activity as popular as the online sportsbook should have with it, sometimes anyway, a Sportsbook forum. This is a place where gambling aficionados can gather and detail results of various sportsbooks; whether they are legit, pay out in a reasonable fashion, or have any other issues that can be articulated. After all, money is exchanging hands, and you want to know if the one that you’re considering has a good record, and offers reasonable Welcome Bonuses when compared to others of its kind. Inside of a Sportsbook forum, you can ask these questions and others, thereby gauging at which place you can get the most bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at a handful (almost a handful, anyway) of the some of the better Sportsbooks out there and see how their forum game stacks up - or whether they even have one to begin with at the present time.

5Dimes Sportsbook Forum

First of all, it behooves you to actually open an account at 5Dimes Casino in order to get the full treatment of the robust Sportsbook betting. Bringing you the best and brightest games for over two decades now, 5Dimes opened up with a casino and quickly transitioned into horse racing and other sports venues for the gambling crowd. Today, you can bet on literally anything that human beings and certain animals - horse, dog, etc - compete in around the planet. Of course, it has to be at a professional or semi-professional level, as most countries outlaw amateur sports gambling. Because of its longevity, 5Dimes has a sportsbook forum in which you can find out information on Bingo, Live Dealers, the racebook, Poker, the Lottery and more, Also, feel free to post your own comments on these in order to edify fellow casino gamers and sports gamblers who are looking for answers. Grow your own personal audience by answering questions expertly, and talk about the latest developments in the world of online gambling.

Betonline Sportsbook Forum

Betonline Ag is another winner when it comes to the sportsbook forum; clearly, they really care about their players being able to interact and have a good time. This manifests itself in the robust community that they have allowed to flourish. As we delve into it, there’s one thing to note - Betonline does not allow players from the countries of Malta, Australia (you might have to go to Fair Go Casino for casino gaming in the Land Down Under), Panama and Malta. Although US players are generally welcome to join in on the forum fun and participate in the Sportsbook, residents of the Great State of New Jersey are restricted from doing so as of late 2019 - although you should check back, as the state legislature might finally wake up and actually serve the public for once. As for the sportsbook forum at Betonline AG, itself, you can trust what they have here, as they are very highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, sporting a lofty A Rating for their above-board dealings with players. On forums all over the web, gamers have nothing but positive things to say about Betonline AG.

MyBookie Sportsbook Forum News

Making a big splash in the sportsbook forum world is none other than MyBookie. They transitioned to the online space in 2014, which only makes them about half a decade old. The only countries that restrict gambling at this sportsbook are China, Russia and France. For the countries that are on the safe list, Bovada is a much better alternative than your local bookie, in that all the transactions can take place online - without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home or office. The reputation that Bovada has for its forums stems from the fact that, as a casino, it is one of the top 10 biggest ones out there, and thus has the funds to ensure that players are not defrauded. Indeed; Bovada is ten times more popular in the US than its closest competition. Slide on over to the sportsbook section if you want to gamble on real money sports and competitive events; create a username and password so that you can learn about the promotions, VIP Programs, library of games and rules from various experts on the forums.

Bovada Sportsbook Forum Information

Bovada, sporting a 50% Welcome Bonus that’s good for up to $500, is well-known and highly-respected throughout the online casino gaming and sportsbook space. With almost a decade of operation under its belt, this gaming spot is actually overseen by Bodog, and has the most traffic of any major online casino gaming spot in the US - by far. On the sportsbook forums throughout cyberspace, you can find information on the particular casino games selection they’ve got, the video poker selections, the VIP Programs, the sportsbook and much more. Since it’s such a well-traveled website, you’re bound to find loads of information on the forums. One of the most frequently-asked questions involve the competitive sports selections, as well as the poker games; once you join the VIP Rewards Club, everything changes because all of the associated payouts and bonuses climb a tiered system.

By itself, Bovada does not have a sportsbook on-site. However, if you want the most up to date and robust information from other gamers, you can visit for info on everything from Bitcoin deposits to promotions and bonuses. By reading the comments, it is clear that Bovada is known for its low rollover bonuses and elite customer service.

Top Sportsbook For Information

Although each one of the above casinos and sportsbook hybrid stations have robust enough online presences to be talked about in a multitude of sportsbooks; there’s a one-stop shop from which to get all your information from players: The SBR Forum.This is the Sports Betting & Sportsbook Forum, and is #1 on the web for certain choice keywords, according to Google. Here, you can create an account and interact with casino gamers from all over the world, talking about sporting events, the casinos that host any gambling associated with them, and exchanging tips that you might have discerned.

In fact, continuing from the above, you can learn the latest info on traditionally male topics such as sportscars, fitness and life topics from the forum subtopic named The Saloon; just visit that menu after you create a username and password for full access to SBR. As a current example of the kinds of subjects being bandied about, consider this topic “Buy all the Flavored Vape products possible”; which is trending; perhaps because the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is trying to ban vape products because of the recent issues with e-cigs.

Lastly, for the examples that we will go through, there’s the Bitcoin forum sub-topic. In here, you will get the very latest information on which casinos and sportsbooks use Bitcoin, how the payment form works there, and any issues that other gamers have experienced. Sports betting enthusiasts from all over the planet congregate here to help each other out and deliver information on things to look for, as well as recommendations on new sportsbooks to try. The SBR Forum, itself, even has games and betting events set up on its website that players can enter if you put your payment information in when you set up your newly created account. When you toss the Handicapping Contests into the mix, you get all you want and more from the SBR Sportsbook Forums. Join today to unlock more info than you ever thought possible from your favorite online casinos and sportsbooks.

14. Customer Service

The Sportsbook world is well-known for its customer service; after all, if a lot of gambling is going on there, you simply cannot afford to have professionals be unavailable for inquiries and general information. Just like any other merchant endeavor, however; not all customer service platforms are created equally. Generally and across the board, a good sportsbook or casino allows you to be able to reach them consistently. Consider the customer service details of the following top digital sports betting platforms.

Betonline Customer Service

The customer service at Betonline AG is top of the line - which should be expected due to their longevity in the online casino gaming space, and the relative novelty of their sportsbook. The first line of inquiry is already handled on the website with the robust FAQ section; any important and common question that you can think of has probably already been asked before, and thus preserved for posterity on the website. Betonline also has an around the clock Live Chat option that’s accessible on most pages of the site, and actually follows you around as you jump from page to page. . Every single one of their telephone reps, should you choose to contact them via this most conventional of methods, is knowledgeable about the workings of the casino games - so you won’t be placed on hold as she calls on a higher-up administrator. With a full decade of customer support and service under their collective belts, you can expect help to be rendered expeditiously.

Some of the most common questions for customer service revolve around banking options and details; it’s a good thing that Bovada has an entire section dedicated to this already. Check this first, and see the FAQ for any follow ups that the devoted crowd of loyal patrons have asked and had answered by Support. Drop the official customer service a line if you’ve got questions regarding any payment methods that you have but aren’t listed on the site - you’d be surprised to learn that they are working on adding some of these.

Bovada Sportsbook and Casino Customer Service

It should come as no surprise that Bovada Casino has one of the best customer service programs on the web; after all, it is the biggest online casino in America, beating out its nearest competitor by an order of magnitude. If you’ve been playing online casino games for some time, then you probably know Bovada by its former name of Bodog Casino. The customer service setup is the same as it has always been, and is still known for its prompt and accurate service, along with the fact that they keep all interactions above-board and on transcript. The customer service department actually receives quite a few calls because of the many bonuses and promotions that are always running for members; quite understandably, people want to be certain of the details.

Because of the successful port to the mobile device world, Bovada Sportsbook has a subsection that is dedicated exclusively to mobile support. Thus, whether you use Android or Apple, you can find expert technicians that can walk you through any issues you may have with getting the software to run smoothly on your tablet or smartphone. So far, there have been no technical complaints, as the software has been perfected to run on the smaller handheld computers of the modern age. All you need is a stable internet or wifi connection, and you’re on the way to gaming well into the night with 24/7 access to and elite customer service team at Bovada Sportsbook and Casino!

5Dimes Sportsbook Customer Service Details

At the very reputable 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino, professional assistance is absolutely guaranteed. Whether you call, use Live Chat, or opt for the email style of communication, you will find the members of the Support team to be cordial, astute and attentive with high social intelligence. The telephone number provided by 5Dimes (check the website on your mobile device; it’s located in the lower portion of the page) is toll free anywhere in the world. The most common types of payment and withdrawal are MasterCard and Visa, with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) coming on strong in the last few years - so much so, in fact, that they have special bonuses and promotions available just for using it.

Some of the more popular inquiries at 5Dimes, just like at other online sportsbooks, are concerning the banking options - three of which we mentioned above. Person to person banking options are available, as are Cashier’s checks and bank wire. As a full service gaming stop, 5Dimes prides itself on their ability to render excellent customer service and gamer support. They have experts on virtually every sport that you can think of and bet on inside the casino; from professional NBA basketball and FIFA soccer, to American football and European rugby. .

If you have any questions regarding the changing Welcome Bonuses, then customer service is the place from which to obtain answers; the FAQ may not be updated as regularly as at other sportsbooks - but that could change after the time of this writing. 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino has a commitment to excellence that far exceeds any other online gaming spot not on this curated list. Pick the method of contact that works best for you, and you will be speaking or chatting with an operator shortly.

MyBookie Customer Service for Gamers

Last but not least, we have MyBookie Sportsbook. Their telephone number is toll free at 844-866-BETS, and they can be contacted at any time of the day - being an online outfit, after all. If you do not feel the need to speak to an operator, then the MyBookie Support Center is in effect; it provides a robust FAQ section that provides answer to hundreds of questions of the casino that have been asked over the years; so many that you may need to use the Search function on the website to find your question (or a similar one). Chances are, it exists and has been answered - but you could always take the opportunity, if you conjure something that has not yet been answered, to ask Customer Support and have it added to that section after you receive your answer.

To get directly to MyBookie Customer Service, type the url into your Android or Apple iOS web browser. From there, you’ll be presented with several options: info on account creation, bonuses and promotions (questions revolving around these, that is), the loyalty rewards program and even a section dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. MyBookie is well-known for making it very easy and pain-free for winners to withdraw their cash, and the support section is here for any unexpected problems that may arise. You can also contact support via Instagram, Twitter and the MyBookie YouTube channel if you leave a comment on one of their videos.